Google announces Voice Actions and Chrome to Phone for Android

13 August, 2010
Google announced the new Voice Actions service for the Android smartphones today. Along with that the Google dev team has just released the Chrome to Phone extension which is quite similar to the...

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  • ilostmyjob2amachine

Voice search is crap. It needs to be connected to the network to analyse the voice sample. The google presentation gives the impression it instantly performs there functions which it does not.
Picture this, i use my nexus one for navigation and i'm in a 2G area. Using voice commands is useless as it takes forever.

Why can't voice search analyse the audio on the phone? If it's because it would make the program to large a file size, then i want to know, how big? I'm sure an SD card can hold that program data. Thoughts please.

  • Anonymous

I think some people must just sit at home waiting for anything new to come up so they can whine about it.

If you don't like the idea of voice actions or chrome to phone then don't download them - it's simple.

Apps are there to give people choice. My favourite app is kindle so I can read my books, it doesn't mean I expect everyone else to like it. In just the same way I have no need to twit (or tweeter) so I don't use that app..

Different horses for different courses etc.

If you don't like an app then just don't download it & certainly don't bother wasting life whining about an app you don't want to use...

  • Eddie Android

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2010This is what frustrates me most about the droid software. G... moreYou must mean "Android software" not "Droid software".

  • Anonymous

This is what frustrates me most about the droid software. Google develop everything for the latest version, yet none of the phone run on it yet because the manufacturers (Samsung with my Galaxy)take forever to offer the support. Fortunately these features don't interest me but the support aspect of droid really gets on my nervs.

  • Anonymous

D79_, 13 Aug 2010Here we go again another voice activation command device, c... moreactually it does work quite well compared to past attempts... Even knows contractions which most speech engines don't... I wrote an email, text message, and asked it for directions and it worked like a charm for me...

  • Waxx

honestly this is useful. both applications make doing simple tasks faster and easier. which is probably why they developed it.

Think about it: your on your computer and all of a sudden you need quick directions because you need to get somewhere in a rush. just look it up on the computer first then chrome to phone.

or your about to go to a meeting and someone keeps calling and you want to tell them wait just say send msg to (such and such) in meeting call you later. it just makes things simple.

  • James

D79_, 13 Aug 2010Here we go again another voice activation command device, c... moreThe voice activation may not be perfect, but don't forget that Android didn't have any form of voice activation beforehand. This should increase their sales quite significantly.

  • Anonymous

uselss if youve got an irish accent! :)

  • D79_

to all the dopes who replied to my comment then u also didnt read properly, i said "or even just on a main rd", and if ur in ur car ull have to have ur windows shut in order for the voice commands to work and in the summer its not worth closin ur windows just to talk to ya stupid fone, and if ur havin a massage then ur not gonna have ya fone on to disturb u while u relax.
u all know for a fact voice activation has never worked on any device in the past unless ur in a quiet place and never will so stop get all excited about this voice activation.

  • D79_

[deleted post]if u read what i put properly then ull also see i put "or even just on a main rd", so read before u reply to what i put. the only way u can use the voice command is if u r in a quiet place, as we all know any noice makes the voice command loose the plot and have always been that way since i can remember

  • brynn

Not interested!, 13 Aug 2010OMG, Another useless idea: CHROME TO PHONE Who needs th... moreI am going to 3rd that ,,even background noise interferes with voice activated solutions..

  • Anonymous

Not interested!, 13 Aug 2010OMG, Another useless idea: CHROME TO PHONE Who needs th... morei 2nd that dude!

  • Not interested!


Another useless idea: CHROME TO PHONE
Who needs that? You simply can sent yourself an email to your phone, containing the link, phone# or whatever you want to send without having to login to Google, download and app, install it on your Android and register your phone ... ! Well, but then, if you forward those items via email, Google can't keep track of it and collect your data ... :-)

About the voice actions:
Almost as useless! Others pointed out the drawbacks already, so, scroll down and read.

  • Review

Wow... this is pretty amazing if it works half as smoothly as they demoed it. iPhone had a DragonNaturallySpeaking app but that was a joke because it had absolutely no way of functioning outside the app, nevertheless having full integration into the OS like this feature coming to Android... I honestly have to say I'm impressed Google!

  • Jaeec

no big deal, google. I been doing the opera web (on my windows desktop) to opera mini all along. And it works fine with all mobile OS with opera mobile/opera mini.

  • iDroid

D79_, 13 Aug 2010Here we go again another voice activation command device, c... moreDuhh.. Of course it has limitations.. but think of situations like when you're driving.. Or when you're typing on the computer.. Or when you're gaming.. Or when you're enjoying a spa massage.. The list goes on.. And we have noise cancellation to assist that.. Also can improve using bluetooth headset as the microphone is nearer to the mouth.. We can't just think of the limitations.. We have to see all the possibilities.. Like spongebob says "imagination~" Cheers..

  • Ken

Voice commands don't work too well... bit painful.

  • Eduardo

I have a HTC EVO 4 G and the implementation of google is super because it is easy to use in I phone

  • kartikeya

another example showing how far android is from symbian .symbian got voice commands some 7 to 10 years before!
android too late!

  • djmisi

Android Uzer, 13 Aug 2010ChromeToPhone app not available in Market. Don't worry the ... moreTHX for the link, I know its just a pre-release, but at least it's something, rather than nothing...and at least it gives us a chance to try it out...