Blackberry working on three new devices codenamed: Neon, Argon, and Mercury

30 June, 2016
BlackBerry is reportedly working on 3 devices to be launched over the next several months into Q1 of 2017.

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  • AnonD-337787

if this phone will cost 200-370$ then at last blackberry is the winner in 2017 !!! if this phone cost 500$-600$

  • AnonD-616864

Waiting to buy!

  • londontowne

I am passionate about BB and WhataApp so am miserable about the forthcoming loss of WhatApp on the BB OS. Because I love the Querty keypad, I am desperate to purchase the Mercury as soon as possible. I've called BB, but they won't breathe a word!! If anyone has news, please contact me at Thanks!

  • leroy

Would be very interesting the split and enthusiasm if blackberry could allow any of the 2 OS to be installed on their device.

  • BB Lover

I will be selling my current device and sell the MERCURY should it be like the BB Classic in terms of shape, size and features.

  • AnonD-568100

is BB going to abandon us BB10 users????
with all these android phones coming, will passport, passport silver edtion and classic will no longer be in use? whatsapp has been warning to move to a supported device.
BB should find a way to upgrade the bb10 users to andriod

  • radically simple

I wonder if I could run either Android or QNX on it.. Will they leave the choice with buyers of their phones.. ??

  • Lalit

I am awaiting the launch of Android / BB IOS with Blackberry Phone with Physical Key board as touch phones are big nuisance in typing message or email. Blackberry is high security features.
Kindly inform the expected date of launch in India.

  • Billy Bones, Naija

When will there be a software update by Blackberry to address the fast discharging battery issue; and phone overheating issue?
We the users would like to know.

  • Z (10) & loving

RC255, 02 Jul 2016What have codenames got to do with security? Blackberry 10 ... moreSo I loved Android and just kept using my Samsung Galaxy then it broke December 2015

I had a Z10 brand spanking new UNOPENED for 18 months so forced to use it.

It is simply better than Android imo just one example on Android I had to run TWO task managers as RAM would be eaten up without you touching the phone

The problem with BB is that only in 2013 did Blackberry add a secondary camera to its phones which was way too late
(note NOT Apple who did not have camera flash until 2010, then Apple invented Camera Flash

The problem is that BB have ditched too early BB 10 and whilst the Priv was way overpriced (someones been looking in the Orchard) Giving a person Android when the need BB is going to result in failure

Blackberry should have released a BB10 version of the PRIV

Given a choice between the Andriod Priv and the Blackberry Priv I and many other would choose the Blackberry
The Priv I imagine is a excellent Android device and would attract NEW Android customers to Blackberry
To retain Blackberry you needed Blackberry device, HINT they bought Blackberry knowing Android was available

The Article is clear 3 ANDROID Devices
I accept that I jumped on the Blackberry bandwagon too late

  • AdamBoy64

Leqandada, 01 Jul 2016definitely.. from the classic to the mercury, awesome move.... morePerhaps you might be able to get the Android version of the app after that?

  • ar86

I think spec is too high, I want an android with physical keyboard at $200 price range. I will wait for Mercury, hopefully not overpriced.

  • MattiP

AnonD-188690, 02 Jul 2016Haha What? BB10 is the only mobile os capable of running cr... moreI agree. BB10 is the safest and fastest OS on the mobile market. I'm going to use my BB Passport as long as it goes.

  • moo

Looks really nice

  • AnonD-188690

AnonD-528998, 01 Jul 2016at least blackberry admitting that their os is outdated and... moreHaha What? BB10 is the only mobile os capable of running cross platform apps, it has BB Blend, Hub and the best call quality, all functions are simpler and quicker to activate and it's more stable, smoother and faster than all other mobile Os', they only using android for the app support which is all android has to offer. BB10 is light years ahead my friend, android and ios will never be able to catch up to it, which is why in cars they still need qnx as the base for android and ios infotainment systems.

  • Anonymous

Cap10, 01 Jul 2016I, too, agree that BB should NOT throw away their solid, bu... moreHow? they sacked a lot of engineers on bb os10 product.

  • Anonymous

RC255, 02 Jul 2016Nexus is a model not a brand so you're wrong even in the ba... more"There will be no BBOS 11 or further updates therefore FAILED" is your fallacy, and it's a typical sort of fallacy, not bad.
So Nexus is not a brand, emmmm, still emmmmmm, AHA … GOOGLE, I mean google

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2016failing BBOS !? by the way I forgot to add Nexus, Sharp, P... moreNexus is a model not a brand so you're wrong even in the basics. And yes, failing BBOS. There will be no BBOS 11 or further updates therefore FAILED.

  • Anonymous

RC255, 02 Jul 2016That 'Thankfully' was in reference to the failing BBOS. Bef... morefailing BBOS !?
by the way I forgot to add Nexus, Sharp, Philips + other 1000 Chinese brands.
RC255 and that avatar is definitely not anonymous, it's a globally recognized mortal

AnonD-188690, 01 Jul 2016Serious OS with codenames like kit kat and Lollipoop? Go do... moreWhat have codenames got to do with security? Blackberry 10 is oh such a serious name.
You're telling me to do some research when clearly you're the one who needs to do some reading. Grow up and accept BBOS is dead.