Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 on September 1, rumor says

19 July, 2016
This should obviously succeed the Tab S2 from 2015 as the high-end tablet offering from the Korean company.

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  • Anonymous

Hah. Two year old specs, 4:3 aspect ratio... just give up Samsung. Enough with the mid-low end tablets. I mean it's a huge market and will remain huge and you don't even try to tap it, Just give up.­l-shipments-forecast-for-tablets-laptops-and-des­ktop-pcs/

  • Too Late

Too late. It's been a Year. We want now AMK.

  • Too Late

Too late. It's been a Year. We want now AMK.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-463876, 20 Jul 2016I know tablets outsell laptops/desktops but if you just look at ... moreOf course sales go down. Like I said , tablets reached capacity, every home has one so no need to buy many more. The only reason there are still sales it's because people look to replace their old ones.

Also sales fall equally on laptops. That doesn't mean that laptop makers stopped creating high end laptops. That would be ridiculous. Of course they manufacture only a few pieces but they still offer high end laptops. So what I don't understand is why don't we have high end ARM tablets. All we get on the high end segment are Wintel offerings (Surface pro clones), but many of us hate Windows.

Why not a Snapdragon 823 equipped, 6GB Ram tablet running Remix OS? Remix OS is boss for tablets, like Windows it can do both desktop and tablet environment, but additionally it supports ARM processors (they're better for gaming and battery) + the library of android which is quite extensive at this point...

  • AnonD-39337

Just about time. My tab s 8" is getting old and sick. It often restarts itself when the battery level is under 50%. I almost get myself a tab s2 8" since there's discount and stuff, but my patience seems will get a nice reward.

  • AnonD-463876

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2016What are you talking about? It moves more pieces than the laptop... moreI know tablets outsell laptops/desktops but if you just look at tablets growth/decline rate and sales numbers/shipments w/e they're not nearly as high as they once were around the time the iPad debuted, which was piggyback riding on the iPhone's raging success. Tablets are also cheaper and probably more cost effective to produce too. And the market is already pretty small and it continues to shrink. Nice try trying to mix them together but laptops/desktops will always be around because there's a legitimate use for powerful workhorse computers, tablets are nothing more than watered down/overblown smartphones and more people have started to realize that which is why < 5.5" phablets are hot sellers.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-463876, 20 Jul 2016You know what else is dead, the tablet market lol What are you talking about? It moves more pieces than the laptop market!

People stop reading headlines, and read actual IDC reports. Yes it looks bad compared to phones, but everybody else does. Desktop PCs actually look much worse and laptops barely scratch the surface...

We *need* high end tablets, because 40 million tablets are being sold every quarter. 40 million! Very few product categories ever sold as much. If that is how to have a dead product, I want to own a company that makes them.

What happened instead is that the market reached capacity and people only buy to replace their old tablets. This is a HUGE market still but if they keep it ignoring it, they may actually turn it into a small one just to confirm their bias...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Huawei out of them all? Wow. That is the bloatiest bloatware android ever made on earth. Unless you are desperate for a cheap chinese phone, no ones buy Huawei but everyone is desperate so, everyone bought it.

AnonD-536392, 20 Jul 2016What ever happened to front facing speakers for a tablet like th... moreWhat i feel Samsung needs is to make a 7 inch or 8 inch dual sim tablet with may be snapdragon 652 chipset, 3gb ram, 6000mah battery, 1920 X 1080 display, dual sim and less touch wiz. i bet that would sell. imagine if their view tablet came with that kind of spec, it would have been a blast.

  • Fugazzi

Sounds like people making more stuff up. If it was going to be released on September, some details would have leaked by now.

  • AnonD-463876

[deleted post]Did you come up with that all by yourself or did you get someone help you lol

  • Nykill

4/3 like the S2 ? :(
I weel keep my S1 !

  • AnonD-539246

My Tab S2 has still have some raw power to make all that i need everyday, throw all you want and it will do the job done and fast and efficient,

  • AnonD-463876

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2016The specs are very low end man. Espec for this day and age. Tabl... moreYou know what else is dead, the tablet market lol

I would buy, if it was tab s7. Otherwise I may as well go for bungbungame kalos 2.

  • Anonymous

booo, next!

  • Lilian

All I want is a new model of the watch...
Everyone is full of tablets...

  • AnonD-536392

What ever happened to front facing speakers for a tablet like the N8000

  • Anonymous

LG superfan, 19 Jul 2016I want a tablet with flagship specs sd820 or.exynos8890 with 6gb... moreMe too

I supposed that Galaxy Tab S series and Gear S series will be third flagship event from now on. I have go admit Samsung tablet offering have been lacking behind in term of quality and specs. Lower specs than their own flagship phone. They need to revive the flagship tablet category. Gear S3 sounds nice. I can't imagine how Gear S2 can be more improved than it already is. It simply unbeatable with the rotating bezel design. Even competitor seems to given up with any innovation in smartwatch category. We all can just be thankful that they didn't renamed the tab and watch as Tab S7 or Gear S7 for the sake of number '7' like Note7. Too much seven-ness.