EISA awards: Huawei P9 and HTC 10 voted best smartphones in Europe

15 August, 2016
Samsung, LG and CoolPad smartphones also get awards.

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  • Mattew898

Very happy with my HTC 10. Topnotch smartphone!

  • Faylah

Love the Huawei P9 phone. Amazing camera quality and finally a great alternative to the overly hyped iPhone!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-520059, 16 Aug 2016oneplus is selling in EU...In Finland, we can go to a phone store (carrier called Elisa) and buy a OnePlus. No need to wait for delivery.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2016What kind of stupidity is this? Better than s7? Huh? Chines... moreDeluded. V10 doesn't even have a good battery life

  • timbo

I own both handsets and the HTC 10 smashes huawei in interface and userbility. Battery in huawei p9 drains quite quickly compared to HTC 10 as well. Camera app in the Huawei is also pretty bad to use but quality of photos are better.

  • AnonD-404954

camera sceen ui gpu are inferior to other flagship
and i think s7 htc10 better than p9

  • AnonD-79109

I have the p9 n it's the best phone I've ever had.. if anyone asks me which phone I would want if I broke this one, I would say I'd like the same phone again.. It's perfect n perfect size for my preference..

  • AnonD-520059

oneplus is selling in EU...

  • EriK

@Carlos Miguel

Phones which arent officially in USA/EU cant win. Why Xiaomi, OnePlus, Meizu dont sell officially phones in Europe ? Because they probably break law, patents. Their phones are cheap only in China coz they...dont respect patents, and that price is without..taxes! Wanna compare...do it right! Wanna see Oppo, Meizu, Xiaomi support in Europe ?...none xD

  • AnonD-322352

'cause who the f cares about software, right? /s

  • Reemu

Huawe #P9 it's the great phone cz it was leica sensors & Huawei kirin 955 latest cpu & also awesome design
i hope 2016/2017 Eisa award be come huawei P9..........

  • Isna

Beautifully designed phone. It's just that perfectly shaped and colored. Fell in love in the design of P9.

  • AnonD-339856

Some commenting for the winner and some against, but i am pleased to say that Huawei make great phones. Accept it or reject it.

Once you use Huawei then change to any other, you will see the difference.

  • AnonD-472910

lol im here to be amused by all the salt people are giving off that the p9 won its very funny to see people get so emotional sometimes

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2016What kind of stupidity is this? Better than s7? Huh? Chines... moreI just assumed everything's made in china now...

you're prob wearing crap, eating crap right now...

  • AnonD-572790


I can see 2 extreme polarities of audiences here, but let me contribute my opinion.

Used to have Galaxy S1, S2 and S4, didn't go for S6 because of the poor design, ie no microsd card slot and no removable battery.

When I was waiting for Samsung S6, i bought Huawei Honor 6, when S6 came out, I bought Honor 7 straight, and now I'm a proud owner of Honor 8.

The only difference between Honor 8 and P9 were, Price, one is Leica Dual Camera another one is normal Dual Camera, and Kirin 955 and Kirin 950, same UI. Pretty much identical phone.

So to speak, as a foreigner here in China, it astonishes me how well designed these Huawei phones are in terms of Hardware and Software, and cheaper price than Samsung. Honor 6 is still kicking and it serves as my secondary phone.

So before you bought both Huawei and Samsung phones, don't put up pointless comments. Benchmark alone is pointless, you gotta use the phone and come up with your own conclusion whether they are good or not.

Like it or not, it is inevitable, that Huawei is going to replace Samsung as world no.1 phone manufacturer.

History had shown us, in Household Electric and Electronic Applicances, how the Japanese displaced American, and how Korean displaced Japanese products. It is inevitable, China would replace Korean.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-510098, 15 Aug 2016Amazing CPU and Dual Cameras.What amazing Dual Camera?
See they gave the award to GS7 camera. Read!

  • Anonymous

I disagree, I rather choose SGS7 and HTC10.

  • AnonD-547142

Moto z force is the best..

  • AnonD-456472

Sean, 15 Aug 2016You honestly think it's just about specs when winners are c... moreyou're*
it's not just specs, but they should leave awards to MWC