MIUI 8 global stable ROM roll out begins

24 August, 2016
The update will be rolled out in phases, with 15 Xiaomi phones getting it in the first phase.

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  • Sonu ansari

Mi note 3 battery fast drain problem

  • Rambabu


My Redmi Note 3, is taking more time to charge.Previously it was not the case.
What to do?.

Need suggestions.

  • Eltourkey

Shan, 10 Feb 2017I have updated my mi max with new update mi 8.1.6 stable ve... morePop. Up. Massages solved by
Go to app installed
And go to messanger
And go down
Premission manager
And check display pop up window

  • Vaibhav

Same problem is arising in my note 3 . Afta upgrading it to miui 8 battery is draining very fast help it plz upgraded it 3 weeks before

  • hope

pls how many days does Ur mi max use before u charge again NCOs mine is giving me problems of charging every 12 hours

  • Mithilesh

Dpk, 26 Oct 2016Has anyone got solution for battery draining solution after... moreBattery draining issue after updating 8.2.5 OTA.

  • Ravendra

Abdul, 20 Feb 2017Battery drain very fast after upadate miui 8.1.6 .. please ... moresame problem bro... To fast draining problem my redmi note3 phone.. after new update 😮😥

  • AnonD-658289

Battery drains too soon after latest update on my Redmi note 4

  • rick

my redmi note 4 is draining very fast after da latest update....pls solve dis issue.....i think it will b solved in da future updates

  • Abdul

Battery drain very fast after upadate miui 8.1.6 .. please give some solution

  • Rhythm

Battery draining too fast after latest update 8.1.6 in redmi note 3.....give some proper updates...always has many issues.....

  • Narsingh

Same issue is also with my phone battery

  • Shan

I have updated my mi max with new update mi 8.1.6 stable version. But after update iam getting error popup messages continously how this can be resolved

  • D

BALA, 10 Dec 2016 Mi 5 Battery Drain on MIUI 8 Fix by mitch002 (f... moreThanks a lot sir 😊 .

  • yogesh

I upgrade my redmi note3 from miui7 to 8.1.0. And got btry drain issue. Again upgraded to miui marshmellow. Angain btry drain. Now should i downgrade it to miui7. Or what plz tell me.

  • Anonymous

JAGA, 15 Nov 2016hi ... my battery is drying too fast in miui8...shall i dow... moreWhich device u are using

  • BALA

Mi 5 Battery Drain on MIUI 8 Fix

by mitch002 (follow me on Twitter for my latest reviews @MI_mitch002)

Now that Mi 5 has MIUI 8 running on China Dev Rom and soon Global Dev Rom to be released, we have found out that the battery cant last us the whole day it did on MIUI 7.

Now, we set out to locate the culprit of this battery hog as we rooted our device to be able to install WAKELOCK DETECTOR App.

On top of our list was Find Device, and second is Mi Cloud

So all of this time it was these two who are eating a big chunk of my battery without me noticing it.Now lets make a temporary fix for it until developers will finally be able to kick this bug out.

Go to Settings
Then select Mi Account
Then go into Mi Cloud
scroll all the way down
and turn of FIND DEVICE

This will save you a lot of battery and its almost the battery life that I have been enjoying on MIUI 7 again.

  • bhavna

wow im waiting

  • Vaishu

How could o solve video calling problem tell. Me

  • Vaishu

Iam facing video calling problem after updation of miui8.pls give me a solution.