Samsung dragged to court over exploding Galaxy phone, and no it's not Note7

12 September, 2016
A Samsung Galaxy S7 edge unit had caught fire in the owner's pocket, "causing him second and third degree burns."

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2016How stupid of samsung that they launched the phone which ex... moreAn app for warning of explosion???? Wow u r a genius man .. Einstein reborn

  • ikke

Happened ofcourse in the usa..... again.....

  • sanjay

all these rumours of samsung mobile burning exploding i feel is just trying to get samsung a bad name.may be one or two sets of note 7 had battery problem but that does not mean samsung is bad or note 7 is bad.i have a note 7 and its working very good,please don't give any brand a bad name unless u have seen a blast or house or car burning with your own eyes that too due to a mobile.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2016How stupid of samsung that they launched the phone which ex... moreInstead of including vr headsets they should include a fire extinguisher when a customer purchases the note 7.

  • Anonymous

How stupid of samsung that they launched the phone which explodes without any warnings. At least they could pre-bundle it with an app which would ring the explosion warning melody before the explosion itself..

Glad i got a Note5

  • Jarret

Good news to Apple - the Samsung top rival - iPhone7 would take-on Note7 sales.

  • AnonD-553989

AnonD-60230, 13 Sep 2016So you probably haven't used a Sony!why? it sucks. crazy overprice bad design plastic.

  • AnonD-60230

So you probably haven't used a Sony!

  • AnonD-553989

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2016Stay away from Samsung people.yes. probably it happens to all devices prior to note 7 too.

  • meh

samsung.. that's what you get from bullying your workers.

  • AnonD-259152

KABOOM, 13 Sep 2016Glad Samsung ain't dominating in the US Market and I hope i... more.. .. or htc

  • AnonD-259152

AnonD-154867, 13 Sep 2016I feel sorry for Samsung but I strongly think much of it's ... moreIn addition to to this bro, Sammy has so many types phones to manufacture so their efforts are diluted and produce half baked phones. I was a galaxy phone line fan until I tried to use HTC one m8, and I will never go back to Samsung phones. I last used s5 which suddenly stopped to read cards and touch id. Samsung sacks

  • Jesus christ

I think whoever afraid their battery will explode should stop using any phones with battery. Im not defending anyone. Do you how dangerous it is to puncture a lithium ion battery cell? Use at your own risk people. People willing to buy but not blame a bit for their willingness purchase.

  • AnonD-102007

Happens to all manufacturers, just depends of there is a cause



Happens to all phones, and there are loads of cases out there for various phones. Just could be a defect in each battery. People are just gonna jump on the hating train!

  • Anonymous

Ha. I'd rather buy Zenfone, HTC10, Xperia XZ , Aquos Zeta or Arrows NX.
Thsse are much safer than Samsung's products.

  • AnonD-584405

It's not just note the way..
The apples have been exploding but they were successful in keeping media silent..

  • AnonD-584405

Note 7... pakistan's national flag carrier stops people from carrying the great phone aboard...
The official message reads as under
Dear Customer, In view of recent reports and international warnings about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, you are strongly advised not to carry these devices in the aircraft cabin and carriage in checked-in baggage, as it may compromise aircraft and passenger safety. Thank you for your choice of the National carrier. PIA Contact Center 111-786-786.

  • Anonymous

Why am I not surprised...
There's a big ocean of phone company brands out there...why Samsung...Why not go back to the Authentic Apple or Zero to Hero HTC or Money for Quality Sony...instead of time bomb Samsung

  • Anonymous

Stay away from Samsung people.