Samsung dragged to court over exploding Galaxy phone, and no it's not Note7

12 September, 2016
A Samsung Galaxy S7 edge unit had caught fire in the owner's pocket, "causing him second and third degree burns."

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  • ALI3n

Samsung is not enjoying 2016

  • AnonD-576629

AnonD-404954, 12 Sep 2016sponser by AppleTime to take the tin foil hat off.

  • AnonD-525706

To all the people saying that this is fake or staged:
It might be viable to burn down one's car for a fake insurance claim, or just to jump on the Note 7 fiasco bandwagon. But do you really, in all your sober senses, feel that one would inflict second to third degree burns on themselves, just to make a news out of it? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SMOKE!

  • gringo

samsung must learn that non removable battery with big capacity will explod sooner or later... this is why wise companies uses small batteries (oneplus, lg, apple ...). good luck in the court !

  • dasGalaxyAusEU

Mine hasn't exploded yet (for reference SGS7Edge) :D

  • AnonD-481725

Fake fake fake, People you sounds like you own this company, or you need to live that moment of burning skin to believe it, come on, thanks to god, no body lost his family because of flamy crap, Samsung keeps injecting their devices with craps, and this is the results.

  • kiloh3rtz

right apple is trying to screw samsung now...they need it when they cover with 12 phone(without 7) like 40% of the market...they do need the advertising...btw even bad advertising is still advertising...1st rule of ppl who claim apple is behind it are not very smart...sorry with no offence

  • gringo

wtf ???

  • AnonD-576629

Sooner or later it's going to happen. Good luck 2016 Samsung Galaxy owners. I hope your nuts don't explode. ;)

  • AnonD-404954

sponser by Apple

  • Anonymous

The timing of this is very convenient, you have to wonder with these reports whether they are actually genuine.

  • AnonD-54819

Timing makes it look fake, feels like other manufacturers answer to users that its not only note 7

  • toche

this is really awful for Samsung
though am not a fan..but, pain
this could jeopardise business for them
Samsung has always had battery crises why didn't dey fix it?

  • AnonD-573944

this one is absolutely fake