Samsung dragged to court over exploding Galaxy phone, and no it's not Note7

12 September, 2016
A Samsung Galaxy S7 edge unit had caught fire in the owner's pocket, "causing him second and third degree burns."

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  • Punisher

Even if it was remotely chance that I would buy Samsung in distance future this will never happen. More and more cases will come to light

  • AnonD-584384

I am honestly not surprised by this whole Samsung exploding battery fiasco. Their batteries were always rubbish and I knew this even before all this happened that's why I changed brands. My S2 had 3 swollen batteries within 2 years, my cousin's S3 battery gave up within a year of ownership and the replacement one became swollen!! She then got an S4 and that battery became swollen too within a year and pushed the screen outward! Another friend's S4 was melted at the port using the OEM charger and the battery became, guess what....swollen! Same with friends' S5s and S6s. All these people no longer have Samsungs and now either have LG or Apple because the Samsungs were always a complete let down. Terrible batteries from Samsung and not to mention the annoying highly irritating lag after a few months of use and random reboots and "unfortunately this app has stopped" error messages. I will never go back to Samsung because of this. My LG G2 which a friend of mine is now using is 2 years 6 months old and is still on its original battery which hasn't swollen and still has good battery life. Same goes for my cousin's G3 now....just shy of 2 years old and no swollen battery and she doesn't even look after it. It charges throughout the night, charges it at random times etc etc and no issues. I suspected Samsung's batteries were rubbish long before this fiasco

  • AnonD-154867

I feel sorry for Samsung but I strongly think much of it's technology is not yet well developed. The problem with Android OEMs except Motorolla I think - mainly the Asian Companies is they offer the market half backed products. The Chinese are popular in this field. I would not mind fast charging but its not a necessity to me. I hardly want to charge my phone so fast that I can't wait (I use an iPhone 6s Plus and I charge it only once per day in the morning between 5 and 7.30 while preparing to go to work). Fast charging yes, but the tech isn't yet stable. Problem with Android is they sell specs instead of the product. It is like when you are selling a car you emphasise the wheels, the engine, tyres, transmission, lights, radio, interior/exterior without relating to the synergy those individual specs have to give you a smooth ride. You put 10 geniuses in an office and you don't coordinate them well, you will only get an EXPLOSION.


Glad Samsung ain't dominating in the US Market and I hope it won't. Hope this will be a nail in the coffin and let it spiral down like a dropped bomb.

If you guys want an android phone then go for Google Nexus instead or Sony(I own PS4 and you can remote/sync with it).

  • ratGT

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2016This one and the Jeep one sound and look like fraud. I'd c... moreGo over to the samfan forums fanboy! No need to defend your lover-company as shamelessly as you do, it only makes you look worse!

  • AnonD-248589

AnonD-85415, 12 Sep 2016My dear friend.. We have many emp[employees in our office w... moreThe two I own have swollen batteries in less than a year.

  • Abdullah

Another blow to samsung. Oh well, better buy other products for time being

  • Anonymous

This one and the Jeep one sound and look like fraud. I'd carefully investigate those two while the others are more believable and have similar damage pattern.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2016Is this any kind of funneling with the "just google it" rig... moreSorry, I don't think I'm hair for headache

  • Android 8.0

Don't believe in this propaganda. Samsung is still the king. Like a boss.

  • AnonD-580885

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2016And here is another American machinery propaganda against c... moreHow is this propaganda? the guy got badly burned by a Samsung product. If you got burned you would be the first person hauling Samsung in front of a judge to extract your pound of flesh. If Samsung is at fault they need to pay. If not, the accuser will be charged with the crime of making false accusations which is serious in the US.

  • AnonD-580885

How is this extortion? if they make a defective product that injures someone badly they need to pay, end of story. Samsung will also need to pay loss of wages in addition to medical bills.

  • SamPLODE

I think I'm gonna urge my sister who just bought an S7 to return and swap/get it refunded before this happens to her....

This is some serious shiit that should not be forsaken as nothing if human life is at risk!!!!

  • Anonymous

Holy Moly that is some SERIOUS INJURY!!! Glad I never bought Samsung if my life is at risk!!! Happy Sony & Apple User.

  • Anonymous

I knew their news Samsung phones are TICKING TIMEBOMBS!!!! Glad I never opted to ever purchasing Samsung Junks Phones much like Chinese.

A 6 year old boy got injured after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in his hands, the boy now is in recovery... this note 7 is nothing than trouble for samsung.

  • AnonD-376965

LOL.. i dont see what phone can have inside to make it look like that.. whatever happen.. put petrol on it and fire it.. it will still not look like that.. flames cant get out of the phone.. in special with all glass around.. anyway for me that pic is more then fake..

Seriously, all of the reported Note7 whose happened to have caught on fire was while on charging, but this, The galaxy S7 edge explode for no reason at all? And just have been reported when the Note7 fiasco fire spread??? It's pretty obvious that this is nothing but a bad propaganda or the person just wants attention. wants an insurance or paid by Apple!

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2016Nice try. The S4 was never recalled at all but they had use... moreNo idea what actually happened, I called a few shops, all were suddenly "out of stock" and manager in one of the shops said the whole batch was recalled. When returning the phone (we don't return phones to shops, we return them to service centers) I asked about battery, manager didn't know weather this is a popular problem. Maybe they had their batteries replaced, I don't know, but these phones never hit the shops again. At least, not those shops I was subscribed to (major retailers).

And I don't live in USA, in our country recalls are a wildly rare thing. Its possible that devices were removed from sales completely - S6 was on sale by that time, S5 had decent price (but a little too high for me).

  • g6 user

Linas, 12 Sep 2016I found it amazing that 35 cases reached such worldwide pub... morehas nothing to do with that because other wise no body could get quick chargers approved by qualcomm ...... we have to accept that these are defective units like with many companies iphone 4 issues with anthena .... lg g4 issues with bootloop ... many people said a lot of things about it .... and now note 7 and you know why people care a lot and why people talk about these issues a lot because these are the flaghship devices that a company offer to their customers .... if u get issues like this on low end or mid range no body cares by much but with latest and greatest is something unacceptable because the company charges you a lot for 1 piece and you expect the best of it not the worst of it .... and this is only the result of rush looking for who wis and who is the best ,,,, instead of being careful with their products specially flagships.