Weekly poll results: 3.5mm jack, gone, but not forgotten

25 September 2016
It appears most Apple fans already miss the long-standing analog standard, making the removal kind of forced.

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  • AnonD-564674

in early 2000, because of the lack of storage, most manufacturer added "external storage slot", then came iPhone who NEVER equipped their devices with external storage slot, instead "offers" Cloud service, and can get away with that, therefore OTHER MANUFACTURERS followed suit, creating an intentional "insufficient storage" which made people buy the HIGH STORAGE variants that costs pretty considerable.

In 2014, USB type-C introduced, making the old micro USB devices that we owned (USB drive with dual head, old data cable used in powerbank) USELESS, therefore people FORCED to buy the NEW devices & data cables that have USB type-C head, which is pretty expensive at that time.

In 2015, in order for the phone to get SLIMMER & SLIMMER, many manufacturers opted to introduced IRREMOVABLE BATTERIES, which is VERY ILLOGICAL as new battery technologies has not been commercialized, therefore making the phone SLIMMER & SLIMMER means equipped the phone with SLIMMER battery capacity too. Moreover, if the battery get damaged, we must send it to service center, which take so time for the phone to recover, instead of buying new battery which is WAY MORE TIME-EFFICIENT & COST-EFFICIENT.
Along with IRREMOVABLE BATTERY which mostly comes with IRREMOVABLE BACK CASING, now we cannot change the case of our phone. Moreover, since we can't open the back case, the SIM CARD slot now placed on the side of ur phone, which needs ADDITIONAL NEEDLE to open the tray, VERY ANNOYING.

In 2015 too, manufacturer start introducing Hybrid SIM/microSD slot, using pretense of "efficient slot use", while actually their goal is to made people abandon the external storage, because nowadays people use Dual-SIM for different needs, making Cloud-based storage the only choice available.

And NOW, in 2016, manufacturer start introducing "no-3.5mm-jack" policy, following Apple's way of "doing things" which ultimately benefited the manufacturer, as they also sold their own WIRELESS headset for anyone who don't want to use their only remaining port for Audio-listening purpose. So, when manufacturer said "the phone will be cheaper this way", it is TRUE (for them) or when they said "the phone will be more waterproofing this way", it is FALSE, as the only port remaining will become the way for water to damage ur phone, therefore made u BUY another phone from them, and hoping u are as DUMB as before...

So, after:
-) No external storage slot
-) No removable battery
-) No removable back cover
-) No dedicated external storage slot
-) No easy way to insert ur SIM card
-) No possible to use the old microUSB 2.0 devices & cables on USB type-C
-) No 3.5mm jack audio
-) ???

What's next?
In 2017, NO USB/Lighning port, therefore making the claim "so the phone will be waterproof" become reality, and made ALL-WIRELESS dream become reality?

In 2020, NO speakerphone, so there will be no more "hole" for water & dust to come in, becoming "the FULLY waterproof & dustproof phone" ever released?

In 2025, NO SIM slot, therefore making the device "more tougher" become reality, as the phone now practically become a piece of HARD BRICK with display in it?

Come on Apple, I wait for ur next RIDICULOUS step, as other will only follow after U did.

  • AnonD-564674

Far, 26 Sep 2016I remember the day long ago when apple was the first one wh... moredumb statement from dumb die-hard fanboy...

using ur logic, then i have 1 question:

why people, albeit near 2017, still use paper & lead pencil to write/print something when they can write or print it on a digital media?

the thing about technology is, older technology will never be "old fashion" as long as new technology does not offer the same/better value & practicality the way the old one did.

using examples above, when u write/print things on paper, the thing written/printed on paper will forever remained. as long as the paper doesn't decayed.
in other hand, when u write/print things on digital media, it can easily deleted, changed, or manipulated as long as it is a data, save on digital.

about stylus, no one forget about it. even after iphone's "innovative" capasitive touchscreen, stylus still being used in windows mobile devices, palm devices, even symbian devices, because of its "hard-to-beat" productivity feature.
heck, even in the android world nowadays, stylus still widely used as another input for productivity use.

as a side note: u might don't know, but military used outdated technologies to keep & store confidential data, such as engraving the data in a platinum plate, the same way ancient people keep their information, except in stones, leathers, woods, or papers. the reason for this? obviously because older technologies provides "time-proven, hard-to-beat" advantages, such as durability, data originality, data safety, and many more.

in short, everyone who said something similar like u don't understand the history of humanity, that is, no matter how advanced technologies have evolved, at some point, we will use "old-fashioned" technology back.
and everyone who still defend "apple's way" of doing things is no more than isheep...

  • AnonD-19330

Anon, 30 Sep 2016Materialistic, aren't we? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.... moreDont get you point sorry.
Sure you must know what your talking about

  • Anon

AnonD-19330, 28 Sep 2016lol That's fair. Fortunately never fell into that trap. Ye... moreMaterialistic, aren't we?
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Not everyone cares for updating.

  • AnonD-19330

AnonD-425563, 27 Sep 2016can't go back apple owns me now :/ but i dont miss local mu... morelol That's fair. Fortunately never fell into that trap.
Yeah Wifi is good, although I have all my music as I share from my own systems. The cloud is just not quite ready for me, I want 100% cloud cover, never want to see the sun again, and until that is the case the cloud can jog on.

  • AnonD-27813

People like to complain when adapting change and at some point audio and charging is going to be wireless any way. Personally I stopped using audio jack since I was using iPhone 6. Lets get real, in all aspects of today's life you don't really need audio jack, cars, home audio system, headsets are already wireless for over three years now and if you still feel like you need audio jack maybe you're living in past and not catching up to the modern day life standards.

  • DU30

AnonD-126854, 26 Sep 2016How could it be the best comment, when is not true at all. ... moreSarcasm Bruh.. chill

  • valek

instead of removing...why dont we came with a new smaller port in order to slimmer on the upcoming smartphone.. it should be a new accepted smaller jack instead 3.5 mm which quite accepted on many phone nowadays..its a win win for everyone....

  • AnonD-425563

AnonD-19330, 27 Sep 2016itunes is very controlling. you can set your library locati... morecan't go back apple owns me now :/ but i dont miss local music that much now cause i use wifi all the time......

  • AnonD-19330

AnonD-425563, 27 Sep 2016why !! cant u use iTunes... ?? u can also share everything ... moreitunes is very controlling. you can set your library location and it will then alter the names and rearrange everything to its own requirements. Also on a windows machine it does run heavy.
As an x field support person i did have to do director installs at their home and itunes/ any apple device/software was always the painful bit. It just always messed everything up.
I guess you just let Itunes do its thing, which is all good if thats what you want but some of us like to have their music organised in our way rather than "apple way". its a personal thing but when I need to access my music no one company is in control. its my music and under my control. I dont owe anything to any one company for the rights to listen to what I have paid for.
As an interesting test maybe you should try moving away from Itunes and apple for one week. see how easy it is. How much of your music will you loose? probably most of it. Just try it and see how much Apple has you by the apples.

  • AnonD-19330

frbk, 26 Sep 2016What companies have to do is to create more headphone with ... moreYes you are correct. The further issue is that 3.5mm is pretty sturdy and deep so most of the attachment is in the phone. Just a flex bit of cable sticking out. USB c is not deep so when the phone is in your pocket this will take alot of strain from movement.
as one port for all if the usb c get damaged it is bad news.
Does not matter whether it is lighting or USB-c, Ok i agree Apple are being cheeky by using lightning but the port is really not the main concern as like you said, just buy a headphone with Lighting rather then 3.5mm or USB-c. If you are an apple user then sorry deal with it. My issue is why we should have to buy anything for no practical reason than companies ripping us off, to get a lower quality, more unstable and far less proven solution.
There is no user benefit for this change at all.

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2016You need to get someone to check your grammar.easy way to win argument

  • Anonymous

Dot-WiFi, 25 Sep 2016then people will said apple copy android if using type c ..... moreYou need to get someone to check your grammar.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-278667, 27 Sep 2016How can removing the 3.5 mm jack be something innovative wh... moreLighting/usb C are wired connections too. All you need is an adapter (with which all headphones would come with), problem solved.

  • AnonD-278667

How can removing the 3.5 mm jack be something innovative when all android phons can connect wirelessly though bluetooth for years now but still have retained the 3.5mm jack?the best auido quility can only be obtained through wire earphones. Why pay more in order to get less??? LG v20 is my option since LG has focused on dilivering the best audio though the 3.5mm jack or the best through bluetooth with qualcomm aptc HD 24bit wireless audio(bluetooth).

  • AnonD-425563

AnonD-46008, 26 Sep 2016i used symbian, iOS and android, when i used the iphone, i ... morewhy !! cant u use iTunes... ?? u can also share everything with shareIT....

  • AnonD-425563

AnonD-126854, 26 Sep 2016It matters , because Samsung already replaced most of them.... moreit depends on your preference...i,ve been using wireless for about 2 years i don't need the headphone jack...if u are happy with your note 7 than good (y) i'm more than happy with my iPhone.. ps-and samsung is going to remove the 3.5mm jack next year just wait and see...

  • Anonymous

Should bundled a innovative bluetooth or NFC reciever as small as pen cap for 3.5 jack.

  • AnonD-46008

AnonD-404798, 26 Sep 2016hhahahhahahahah OMG most stupid thing I've read today... ha... morelike you said, "imagine", thats not the most expensive, actually you dont know how people think, thats your problem, then, according to you, why apple fanboys purchase apple products (like macs) for 2 thousand buck and tell you its the best?, having a intel HD graphics hahaha, omg, with a PC you can get a 3 times faster computer with a gtx 1070 and 500 bucks less..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2016Yeah, the jack is great. There are also other available wir... moreWhy I said the lightning earpods is a premature invention, because the connector's plug is not durable for frequently plug and play, just like insert a sim and pull out, the sim lastly will get scratches on the pins, in a course of time it will get loose.