Despite second recall, Galaxy Note7 usage numbers continue to rise

14 October 2016
People are defying the recall order and holding on to their potentially hazardous phones.

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  • AnonD-59657

Samsung would not accountable for any potential explosion in Note7. Use your own risk.

  • sonu

samsung Mobile has always a good experience to use so Note 7 is also of the same brand.

  • LonelgyGuy

GSMArena´s comment section gave me cancer :(. Too many apple-Samsung haters around

  • AnonD-256194

What I find funny is that 95% of the exploding note 7s are reported in America the land of the iphone and the I wanna sue you mentality. Its just like aliens only land their ufos on american soil ummm yeah oohhh Kay lol. I'm gonna keep my note 7 because nothing on the market comes close and no I'm not a samboy fan! I prefer sony or htc but even their current flagships don't come close to the note 7, if my note blows up before the end of my 12 month contract shame on me but if it doesn't and I'm confident it wont I will get the last laugh on the samboy haters aka crapple fans

  • Anonymous

The gene pool is automatically cleansing itself. Lol

  • Anonymous

cuz its so nice lol

  • Lu

For those worried about future updates: It's a common Exynos platform... there will always be ported ROMs that support new versions of android. If you want to keep it, keep it. I'm buying one as soon as I find a chicken who bought it on black market and it's now selling it for cheap money because he has nowhere to return it.

  • Anonymous

This is really a scheme that samsuck pulled off successfully. They tried so hard to brainwash people, and when they got you, that's it! They have now their army of samsheeps.

Samsuck is now the laughing stock in the business world. Note7 is a JOKE! They already lost their credibility. And their sheeps is now going suicidal. Pathetic!

and they say humanity has a chance. You tell them don't use it, it's dangerous and they do. stupidity on it's glory

  • Razvan

I got my Note 7 charged 24 hours, no heat , no problems detected when used, so is stupid that Samsung made such a bad call, to slash the brand, i hope that we will make them to change their minds.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2016Or more likely sensible people turned them off. Unlike all ... moreSensible people? Didnt you read the news. The number of active users are increasing instead of dropping since the phone discontinued. No one turning them off.

  • Gilda

AnonD-256194, 14 Oct 2016So true dude and what is even funnier is that 95% of the ex... moreAt least those so called "Crapple" fans don't have to worry about an exploding POS. But hey feel free to keep using a defective product. Its your skin after all.

  • AnonD-174463

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2016I am already fed up with samsung device and their update po... moregood for you.
i have had Galaxy S i9000, Galaxy S2 i9100, Galaxy S4 i9500/i9505, Galaxy S6 G9200, Galaxy S7 edge g935f, Note 2 n7100, Note 3 n9000, Note 4 n910c, Note 5 n920i
All international versions, factory unlocked.
And I have had no problems.
So i will continue with samsung

  • Chill

Guys chill out! Even smokers know they'll die sooner because of every cigarette they smoke but that doesn't stop them from smoking. To each his own so leave them be if they want to keep their N7s and stop discriminating them and calling them idiots. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all

  • Anonymous

AsusTech, 15 Oct 2016barely able to reach 40 reported cases and they discontinue... more40 cases made the news.

there are reported cases that we don't hear, or don't know about it, or maybe they just stopped reporting all together. For all I know, I might have an exploded phone and not make the news. What am I suppose to do? Contact my local news and tell them my note 7 exploded?

There were reports of exploding phones in korea before we heard the news that it was being recalled. I'm sure there are alot more problems going on. Why do you sammy's keep denying this? Samsung is a garbage company.

  • AnonD-79180

AnonD-316697, 14 Oct 2016Isn't this strange that after the Note 7 has been cancelled... moreThat is just wishful thinking . There was a severe quality issue with the battery's circuitry , which was not resolved even after Samsung changed their Note 7 units. Samsung being such a huge company , would not have issued a recall and faced huge operating losses just because of a hoax.

It's not that easy to return the phone outside the US.If 30 days have passed, the carriers that ppl purchased their devices off are denying the return.There are many many angry ppl over this matter, but who cares, Samsung took their money xD

  • Anonymous

AnonD-597780, 14 Oct 2016If you like a giant device that weighs more than a gallon o... moreDo you know Ip7 plus is heavier than v20? XD

  • Sonofa

Because Samsung in other countries don't accept returns without complete package and receipt

  • Jose

First the Note was the best Android device, there is nothing like it in comparison, Secondly Samsung always made good devices and a few mishaps should not deter their growth