Nokia announces L'Amour and Sirocco

04 Sep, 2006
Today Nokia announced two new L'Amour phones - 7390 and 7373, two new colors for the 7360 model and the long expected Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition. Nokia 7390 is the first 3G phone of the famous...

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  • Nurudeen

I think the 8800 sirocco is a very nice looking fone. I should get it if i have the money, but i don't. Go nokia, u r the best.

  • cece.

stop complaining about da phone.its a really good cant have it all.choose sumtin that matches yr day2day lifestyle.GO Nokia!!

  • Isis Natasha

Hi peeps. well, it seem that nokia had being producing a lot of phone in pink lately. it look kinda sweet tho.

i was just wondering if NOKIA is gonna reproduced all brand in sweet pinka nd label it as limited edition phones?

  • Sy

Hi, has anyone seen the Nokia 8800 in pink? How much do you think it costs?

  • Anonymous

Hi one of you just mentioned that there are going to new phones 6290 and 6288, and also razr-thin clamshell the N75. I'm really liking the 7390 and have been wanting a good clamshell with a good memory and camera for a long time and I don't mind waiting. Could u probably tell me when they're expected to be out and if u kno some more bout them. Cuz as u mentioned they are more executive looking and I'd like that over the too stylish 7390.

  • aj

i love the new n8800 sirocco... the design is better n so are the features... well, no one ever said to buy this phone... its entirely up to u if u wana buy it... if u are so function-conscious, then dont get this phone... but as for people who can afford it, well, its up to them cos they can afford it...

the new lamour collection is so much better than the current one... the current one is a very god collection, but the new one improves on the current one... cant wait to get n7373...

for sure, im saving up for the nokia 8800 sirocco... cos its worth my money... n it looks so mcuh better than the n-series for sure...cos n-series phones dont look good at all... very bulky n awful looking... those who love the n-series must be technologic freaks as they have no taste for phone designs and are more concerned about the features... if u want the features to be damn good, like mp3 player or camera, then buy an mp3 player and camera then cos its stupid to have them so well packed in a phone, witness the laggy n91 n the fat n93... so u guys who are technologic freaks are losers cos u dont know how to appreciate design n dont appreciate somthing for what it is...

  • Anonymous

Strange that not so many people interested in the 7390. It is really flagship nokia series40 phone and it is better than SE k800 for example. Plus to that it is so much nicer and materials used are very good.
Soon the business version of this phone will be announced, the 6290 and 6288, and also razr-thin clamshell the N75.
No one manufacturer has something to compete with this, especially moto and SE!

  • Patrick

I have read so many comments about 8800 and 8*** series of Nokia. I totally agree with you guys about the 8*** series of Nokia base on my first hand experience as I used to own 8800 myself. I was very dissapointed with what I had paid for. However, I got a chance to look at 8800 Sirocco Edition myself yesterday (10th Sep '06) in Bangkok-Thailand. The phone is well designed as usual as others of 8*** series, the case is very stylish. I then designed to buy one for myself,....just because of the design and I personally think that it feels right in your hand.Talking about the function and capacity of itself. Indeed, Nokia 8800 Sirecco Edition 's function and capacity are much less than many other made of phones. The phone is the phone!!! Lots of people pay lots of money because of the additional functions on itself, and others might want to pay lots of money just because of the dedign. I just hope that 8800 Sirecco Edition will at least function properly as what it has to offer itself. I just hope that Nokia has done some good work on this edition in term of software because there have been so many negative comments on 8800, and certainly lots of people have lots of problem with its software and function. I have invested and taken a risk one more time with Nokia 8*** series, and I hope I will not be dissapointed again.

  • lotion in the basket

"*Soon after the announcement, Nokia removed the information about the microSD card slot from their website."

lol. too good to be true. anyway, if microSd would be a capability, and this can take the latest opera browser, i'm game. this black will go hand and hand with the new alloy nano.

  • gta_fanatik

what is wrong with u ppl?persons that buy the 8800 dont care for an 3 mp camera or a 1gb memory card...the 8*** series are luxury phones!!!!and the people that own a 8800 dont carea about its price when they can buy ten n93 so whats ur problem??nobody tells u to buy one

  • Jumpman23

Must have, because nokia 8xxx is the masterpiece series.
I have all the Nokia 8xxx seies.

  • mani

i bought 8800 about 6 months ago n it was definitely a mistake i made coz this phone aint worthed for wat they seling it for i pay freking $700 for this piece of crap n now i bought n70 which is 10 times better than this garbage 8800 n ofcourse cheaper than that too but with tons of better features,best camera,large wide display and music,video player so wat would u go for?

  • Fukoomama

Hey Hey Hey,
This 8800 is no very good. I do NOT own one but my friend he does. He is a knob. To busy driving around like the knob he is in his Ferarri while talking on this piece of crap. If you buy dis fone you have no idea what things are worth. If you buy this phone cos you wanna look even richer than you really are then you are even more of a knob.

  • Anonymous

8800 looks an awesome phone who needs features when ur phone looks like that

  • vaibhav narang

DONT GET THIS PHONE. I HAVE A 8800 and have had a ton of problems with it. Nokia doesnt know what they have made and their service is non existant!!!!

  • Anonymous

this phone says "luxury" rich peeps only..i ment what else would match with their ferrari or bentleys right?? im not rich i had the 8800 no features considering how much it cost so yes this phone is only to show off how good you got it..and for pink its so in.

  • dc

wow....this phone just looks good....but the spec sux and the batt life is still probably the same as the old 8800...sigh...
way better phones out there

  • burt robinson

wow!!!! 7390 looks so beautiful!!!

  • RYL

I just got the BLACK 8800 sirocco. It,s great just like my 8800. It has a bigger memory and the battery life is longer.

  • Anonymous

im lovin wot nokia r doin and wish i waz richer just to show off if i had a sirroco