BlackBerry CEO confirms a device with a physical keyboard is in the works

11 November 2016
This has so far been referred to in the rumors as being codenamed Mercury.

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  • AnonD-286078

Honestly BB please make this phone! And put some quality specs in it as well! I hate using on screen keyboards and I loved my BB10 phones but I also need apps! Since BB10 won't get apps I'd love it if you could bring the QWERTY keyboard back in the game! Diehard users need it!

  • AnonD-9680

RAM should be atleast 4GB and dual sim.

yep, it really is a pitty to pull the plug on it. If only it could have had 1-2 more years to run. With each newer android i'm less inclined to stay with it. Despite evolving in many ways i just don't like the direction the whole os's development is heading. I'm looking for a way out, but none of the alternatives are of any more advanced like an infant trying to learn to walk with tied together shoes..

thats why it's even more disturbing that it's not continued

it was immature but still, ahead of it's time

  • AnonD-457355

I nearly jumped out of my seat in joy then realised it's probably going to be a plus phone and nothing like the Bold :(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2016"Blackberry 10 OS receives no updates as Stagefright could ... moreA considerable amount of misinformation in your comment, starting with your comment about QNX, which is well off the mark. There is no relationship between the QNX that Blackberry released for their Playbook and BOS 10. OS 10 had significantly completely different micro-kernel architecture services at the OS level and to the application layers. These were redesigned, which in part explains why BOS 10 devices were delayed so long and why Blackberry made an about face on it's promise to make BOS 10 available on Playbook.

Simply put, saying BOS 10.x is in essence QNX is akin to saying MacOS and iOS are in essence NXT.

The reason that there hasn't been any BOS 10.x updates this year:

When Chen came in he completely went a different direction with the company's phone business which had zero to do with the quality or security of BOS 10.x. It had everything to do with cost cutting - implementing Android on a phone is a factor of x times cheaper than custom development of of an OS inhouse. Over the past couple years he has sacked nearly all the BOS 10.x developers (earlier this year, many were reportedly to have been picked up by Apple - google it).

Your statement concerning heartbleed is also incorrect. Blackberry rolled out a patch long ago to address it:

If you wanted the update, it wasn't *required* that you wait for the carriers to get it, as you could download the firmware and update from your PC through Blackberry's software suite.

The remaining comments are your opinion and you're entitled, however, I don't agree based upon my experiences with the Z10 and Z30.

  • Zuma

Black berry 10 is the best. As I use black berry Q5 & IPhone 7.

  • Anonymous

you dont have to codename your phones BB, nobody gives a continental!

  • Lhan

Stupid with physical keyboard.

  • john

wow !! very nice.. i like that.. i will buy this phone..

  • Squirrel

I would bet the plan is to have a qwerty phone every 5 years for nostalgic purposes. The phone are good but most people like to have phones they can glue themselves to....update social media, take pictures, trim and edit videos. If you think about the time you spend using your phone on entertainment you'd be surprised how much time you take away from life! From family, from friends! Perhaps Blackberry is unknowingly shifting the market by emphasizing "hey, put your phone down and look somebody in the eye!, say hi to a stranger, communicate with them instead of alienating civilization. People DESERVE your full attention." I've had a couple androids and used an iPhone but I'm always thinking about how much more practical, battery efficient, and pleasing the Blackberry is. It's a great phone if you don't use a phone to entertain yourself while you shy away from human contact.

Another great Blackberry phone that i won't buy -_-

  • Anonymous

How did those other physical keyboard phone sales go Chen?

Another losing proposition by the CEO.

  • Jojo

I live in LA, and I don't know a single person, that owns a BB! Not even one...that company refuse to learn their lesson one wants a Qwerty phone! Hello, you there B.B.?thats why they went out of Business the first time! Hard headed ppl

  • Nate650

LostInTheSorrow, 12 Nov 2016I prefer physical keyboard as you're able to write much fas... moreThe problem with the slider design is it puts restrictions on the physical keyboard design. I have a Priv and the physical keyboard is pretty good but it's not as good as the Bold 9930 or Classic's. One thing I miss is the silver frets between the rows which the Priv doesn't have.

  • S7 Edge Yay

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2016"Blackberry 10 OS receives no updates as Stagefright could ... moreIt's not that this person is can't even remember his own name, it's he is posting in this forum, so the information is there

The point is Blackberry have moved to Android, and so have to wait in line for Google to plug any leak.

So I accept that it has been months since the 10.3 update was seeded, here is the thing, no security updates on BB 10, despite Stagefright et, you would think that BB 10 is a sitting duck and all those malware developers could at least e.g.have one success

Oh I forget BB 10 can't be infected.

Eg Samsung after the exploding Note fiasco, if one malware did get through, could say enough is enough

I don't normally respond to year 5 poster this is on the same page the next article

4 Operating Systems offers choice!
The implication of the above is despite all the patches ...

  • AnonD-135230

LOL, 12 Nov 2016U Serious ?? Not worth it, they are new to android market ... moreYou had a defective PRIV then, the only time my PRIV overheated was when I first got it and was downloading all my apps on my device. That same issue has happened with all of my android phones, even my iPhones.

I would get a day of usage on my PRIV, and I would use it to play games and music as well.

I've had PRIVs multiple times since it's release, and I've never had an issue with it.

  • Cosmickid

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2016"Blackberry 10 OS receives no updates as Stagefright could ... moreBB 10 for me is THE superior OS to any ever created. The snapiness, the sheer customization of having the whole OS serve your exact needs is by far the best I have ever used. Pinch to show unread in the hub? C'mon!!

  • Anonymous

LOL, 12 Nov 2016U Serious ?? Not worth it, they are new to android market ... moreLooks like u have a defective phone, most probably. I am a medium user. I use 1 hr GPS + multimedia and mobile data. Comes solidly for 11 Hrs..

  • anky

blackberry passport was/is an iconic phone because it stands out of the boring crowd of glass slabs. it was an innovative phone but then the classic came and that had a better keyboard but passport had additional functionality. looking forward to buy a passport because im bored of my android

  • Anonymous

S7 Edge Yay, 12 Nov 2016Here is the thing Flagships rule. So apart and intentional... more"Blackberry 10 OS receives no updates as Stagefright could not infect Blackberry, even if a Blackberry 10 version was created to run on it.

Blackberry 10 v Android, Blackberry is the better operating system by far. Android applications could easily be modified to run on BB 10 as many of the Android Apps I use are on BB 10

A hypothetical is that Samsung could easily manufacture a BB 10 version of the S7 Edge.
BB 10 is virus free so it doesn't require the monthly updates"


BB10 doesn't receive updates because it has been abandoned by BlackBerry. Not because it's superior to anything. There are still BB10 devices that are vulnerable to HeartBleed because BlackBerry decided to let carriers be the middleman for updates with BB10, and those carriers dropped BB10 support when it didn't sell. BB10 is still using antiquated technologies like Qt4 which has been abandoned for three years now.

There is nothing superior about BB10 at this point. The virus-free thing is an absolute joke, as most BB10 users were careless people who would download autoloaders from shady hosting websites just to get the newest version of the OS that their own carrier wouldn't do. They would also download shady .APK files from third party hosts because Amazon Appstore was/is terrible. There's no telling at this point *what* is on those BB10 devices now. BB10 users brought their 1990's Windows-user culture of download anything from the internet and see what works, and it poisoned the resale market for these devices.

BlackBerry saw the writing on the wall. QNX is great for cars and great for medical devices, two markets where BlackBerry owns the world. But it had its flaws as a consumer-oriented smartphone OS, and that is why the final 10.3.3 release has now taken two years to be released, and is still pending.

Its time to move on. Your BB10 device is a vulnerability waiting to happen. BlackBerry had some problems with the initial Android roll-out (for example, they let the carriers like Verizon and ATT get in the way of updates again, bad move), but if you buy an unlocked BlackBerry Android phone (DTEK50, DTEK60, maybe Priv), you will get the most secure Android device with the fastest updates possible. Newer devices are not being sold through carriers because BlackBerry doesn't have the leverage to tell them to piss off when it comes to vetting updates. But a factory unlocked Android phone will get security patches as fast as Nexus/Pixel, and sometimes faster (see quadrooter).

Stop talking about BB10 as being secure. It's not, and hasn't been for a long time.

BlackBerry is one of the only companies that does Android right though, and they are top-tier when it comes to Android security.