BlackBerry CEO confirms a device with a physical keyboard is in the works

11 November 2016
This has so far been referred to in the rumors as being codenamed Mercury.

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  • AnonD-598677

alcatel-blackberry? i like the idea of qwerty keyboard its my favourite design since blackberry bold era.what it would like if they do flip classic style qwerty keypad with 5.0inch screen?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2016There is little demand for anything not named Apple in this... morePixel is a middling phone at high end price(s). Just compare it to a true high end like Mi Mix and you understand why/how it did not impress anyone. Its camera is excellent in everything else it leaves much to be desired (low support compared to Xiaomis and iphones, giant bezels which leads to a small screen given the footprint, 4GB instead of 6GB of ram, SD821 is half the speed of a true high end like A10, unimpressibe battery life ... and so many others; it's not a bad phone, it was insanely priced for what it gives).

  • Scherk

Let it be Priv 2 with a reasonable price tag and I'll give a good bye to my iPhone 6s Plus. The Priv was the best looking phone i've seen in a long time. Period. Shame about the cameras and processor

  • Anonymous

Still no send/end buttons and 5 way joypad.

  • Anonymous

Actually physical keyboard phone are the best, so bad people do not realize of that and are just slaves of one brand.

  • AnonD-135230

Give me DTEK60 specs with a physical keyboard, running Android 7.1 and has a good quality DAC. I'll pay $700-800 for it.

  • Anonymous

L-Kd, 11 Nov 2016My advice to blackberry is don't produce or release it in v... moreThere is little demand for anything not named Apple in this market, let's be honest.

Pixel phone is already selling at half-off the original price because nobody wants them.

My advice to blackberry is don't produce or release it in vast quantities rather in small quantities because their is little demand for this kind of phone in the market.

  • Anonymous

chat phone...

The world of phones is kinda of 'copy and paste' in the terms of specs of all devices.
I would like to see some differences in devices and obviously blackberry to bring out its A game of design with a qwerty keyboard will do just that.

  • Anonymous

Looks nice....I quite like the physical keyboard.

  • Anonymous

utterly ugly. too big. is this some sort of business suicide?

  • AnonD-70078

Looks nice

  • AnonD-51738

Another epic fail from BlackBerry

  • AnonD-221755

I don't mean to rain on blackberry's parade but I doubt that a significant amount of people care about a physical keyboard or blackberry for that matter.

This device will change the market, for sure.

  • ernessy

I am waiting. Always a fan of the physical keyboard

  • AnonD-584437

Please release it in dual sim version also...

  • AnonD-584437

I love it, gonna buy for sure!