BlackBerry CEO confirms a device with a physical keyboard is in the works

11 November 2016
This has so far been referred to in the rumors as being codenamed Mercury.

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  • Anonymous

LOL, 12 Nov 2016U Serious ?? Not worth it, they are new to android market ... moreLol do you use one? or go by secondary info, after marshmallow update none of these exists in Priv, I use one.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully this Blackberry-Alcatel phone improves the long term quality/reliability of the keyboard. From understanding, native blackberries had keyboard issues where some buttons didnt work at all or some buttons became too sensitive.
Im new customer to blackberry, I never had blackberry phone before. But because blackberry still continues producing phones with hardware keyboard(one of the most important features in any phone), thats the main reason my next phone most likely will be blackberry. I just cant stand any full touch screen phones at all.

Only official info im waiting to see on this new "Mercury" phone about is the battery, is the battery removable or not? Looks like battery is not removable.

  • SJM32

Still, hands down, the best physical keyboard on any handset was the Bold 9700. If this handset has a similar physical keyboard to that then it might be on to a winner.

  • The Artist

Sad to see there are no slide out QWERTY keyboard landscape phones these days. Priv is definitely good phone but I wish the keyboard was in landscape mode like the Nokia E7.

  • Anonymous

Rather than physical keyboard... I prefer a flip phone.

LostInTheSorrow, 12 Nov 2016I prefer physical keyboard as you're able to write much fas... moreThe BB prive is exactly a much bigger and better version of the Mercury+ its really affordable now.

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2016what device with a physical keyboard !!?? ... come on, get ... moreClassics don't without doubt mean bad. Some of them can be refreshed bringing more convenience to smartphone using.

I prefer physical keyboard as you're able to write much faster than when using on-screen keyboard. You even have an ability to type not even looking at the keyboard which is even more exciting. Although in this rumor Blackberry with 4.5-inch display, 3 GB RAM and 3,400 mAh battery looks kind of old school already. I'd prefer sliding phone with a bigger screen and improved specs.

  • Anonymous

what device with a physical keyboard !!?? ... come on, get over it ... because everyone else did

  • LOL

AnonD-135230, 12 Nov 2016Give me DTEK60 specs with a physical keyboard, running Andr... moreU Serious ??
Not worth it, they are new to android market so don't risk. I know you are so confident having used the Blackberry on other platforms before, but on Android they are not so good. Regretting my decision of going for BlackBerry ® Priv now which has heating issue and battery doesn't last even 6 Hours for minimal usage.

  • AnonD-62471

Anonymous, 12 Nov 20163:2 4.5 inch fhd display... horizontal or vertical?It is obvious that 3:2 raio indicates 3 vertical 2 horizontal

  • Anonymous

Another overpriced BB phone is on the way

  • AJ_74

When the market says no...

Blackberry says "Ooohhh Yeaaahhh..."

  • Z

Can't wait for this phone to come out. Looks like the spacebar may end up being a fingerprint sensor. I know that the keyboard should definitely be touch sensitive, and that bb is working on giving us a use of the touch sensitive ability to create pattern locks.

  • AnonD-605106

AnonD-51738, 11 Nov 2016Another epic fail from BlackBerry Another attempt in desperation and John still gets a big fat pay

  • AnonD-605106

Note7 owner, 11 Nov 2016This device will change the market, for sure. It will change the market by putting the last nail to the keyboard coffin.

  • AnonD-609134

Blackberry is my favorite many mobiles in bb but only android .

  • AnonD-391889

i really waiting for it blackberry, i really hope the quality material will better than sucks priv

  • S7 Edge Yay

Hotkolbas, 11 Nov 2016The world of phones is kinda of 'copy and paste' in the ter... moreHere is the thing Flagships rule.
So apart and intentionally I have used THREE O/S

Alcatel do not make phones with physical keypads which is odd as blackberry could have continued to support Blackberry 10 OS and not migrate to Android.

In doing so Blackberry are still vulnerable to Android weakness's.
The mobilization for the monthly security updates is was Stagefright

Blackberry 10 OS receives no updates as Stagefright could not infect Blackberry, even if a Blackberry 10 version was created to run on it.

Blackberry 10 v Android, Blackberry is the better operating system by far. Android applications could easily be modified to run on BB 10 as many of the Android Apps I use are on BB 10

A hypothetical is that Samsung could easily manufacture a BB 10 version of the S7 Edge.
BB 10 is virus free so it doesn't require the monthly updates

Second Ram management on BB 10 is far superior, you don't have ram increasing on a phone idling, that is why you see Android phones now with 6Gb, so BB 10 does not need a task killer running in the background.

  • Anonymous

3:2 4.5 inch fhd display... horizontal or vertical?