Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands-on pictures and video

07 January, 2011
We got our hands on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and we hurry to give you some live shots, video demos and quick screen comparison with two of the most popular mobile screens out there. The Arc is full of...

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  • star

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2011not upto the mark at Amoled screen? no protection f... moreI understand the regional settings of the country

  • reddy

yes the main thing may be the front camera i agree with u and becoz everything in the phone is modern and bravia engine is amazing but except the front camera they should have thought about that in smartphone how would they ignore such a imp feauture and made a big mistake but overall apart from this feauture everything is perfect to match the phone

  • Anonymous

not upto the mark at Amoled screen? no protection for the camera lens, no dual led flash, tell me if there is any change other than changing the processor & putting in the Bravia engine?

  • guru

the main thing se missing is front camera in all devices
wt to do with features w/o front cam? the fone is incomplete without front cam
and provide atleast 1 or 2 mp cam in front cos evry one strtd giving 5mp main cam,so front cam is imp

  • Aim insect oil

Avoid. Look at how SE is treating current x10 customers.

Go HTC or Dell instead.
Look at the update frequency of the streak. and they are getting 2.3
Xperia x10i isn't even getting 2.2

  • Anonymous

i LOVE this phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2011most commented phone ever , but gsmarena delete about 700 c... moreSE = copy.paste

  • Anonymous

most commented phone ever , but gsmarena delete about 700 comments . SE make.believe

  • Megalord

[deleted post]Look at your phone and acknowledge that it is also an effort of copy and paste. So are ALL mass produced phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2011nobody beats nokia in form factor.This se arc dnt even have... morebecause you use secondary video camera all the time... I had secondary camera since the old k810 and didnt used it once. Then go play with your nokia and theyr "new age" symbian.. Because symbian is a lost cause and will die soon. Primitive interface (just like windows 3.0) and no fun and USEFUL apps. Buy a N8 and stick it somewhere, because i will go with Android all the way.

  • Against Globalisatio

This link for Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc camera lens.
And I expecting that this camera phone by photo quality becomes second after best camera phone Nokia N8.

  • madni

i m using xperia x 10.i m really happy and stateside with users know this is android 2.1 phone ,and now the arc is comparatively i hope it really would b a combination of seven colors of ARC. i welcome it from the core of my heart.i know that Sony Ericsson is the company who from the very day giving the whole thing fetchers and applications to its customers and users not hiding and keeping with it for the next time. rather they just provide to the customers and then start exploring more for them ,so thank you Sony Ericsson.

  • make.believe

Sony Exmor R sensor, for brilliant still shots and HD recording in low light conditions and night time! Be sure that this is something you will never find in any other mobile, because Sony simply borrowed this sensor from their digital camera department.

Enjoy the best Android camera with the best stylish phone combined together!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]u admit you are jealous and say symbian is the best ?? that seems like contradiction. why will you be jealous if u think symbian is the best......

  • Nokijus

It was based on phone functions, photo and video camera quality, screen quality, CPU (processor) and handset build quality factors and HERE BELLOW DEVICES ONLY FOR GLOBAL OR EUROPEAN MARKET:

01___01. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S 2
02___01. Motorola ATRIX
03___01. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
04___01. LG Optimus 2X
05___01. LG Optimus Black
06___01. Samsung Google Nexus S
07___01. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc
08___02. HTC Desire HD
09___02. Dell Venue
10___02. Acer Android phone
11___03. Acer Stream
12___04. Samsung I9010 Galaxy S Giorgio Armani
13___05. Motorola MILESTONE 2
14___05. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
15___05. Huawei U9000 IDEOS X6
16___05. HTC Desire Z
17___05. HTC Desire
18___05. HTC Google Nexus One
19___05. Huawei IDEOS X6
20___06. Motorola DEFY
21___06. Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play

In this list was included all phones even still not released but exp. very soon release, and excluded all phones models, if:
1. Released for single (exc. Europe) but not for a whole global market
2. if is not a GSM phone
3. screen, resolution bigger than 5.0 inches);
[Last time was updated on 2011.01.10]

  • adkane

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2011No. There is nothing wrong with the Android UI you troll. T... more"Trolls like you, deep space bar, got nothing good to say about Android but will sing praises on whatever product will come out from Nokia. I guess there's not enough Nokia news for you and that's why you always post on Android news and plug your beloved Symbian and N8.'

The statement works both ways :)

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]yeah right you praise Sony and say Samsung has bad service ??? haha I didn't know Sony was churning out new updates for your x10 every week. so whats next 2.4 update or direct 3.0 for your x10 .....

  • Megalord

[deleted post]Nokia demanded that you return to worshipping your phone. Hell terms for those that continue to preach Nokia in this thread.

  • Megalord

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2011haha , this sony erricson xperia arc is manufactured by htc... moreThat makes the phone as rubbish as the ones any earthlings are using. We will take it anytime. :) You left out LG in the equation though.

Its alarming how much awe the brands have over their worshippers these days. We even have got worshippers preaching their brand of worship these days. Soon we will see people praising their brand the moment their phone rings. Yeah, when the phone rings, the brand demands worship.

  • Megalord

[deleted post]Its plain simple. There are two reasons from what i see to date in such bashing threads.

1. Brand Worshipping. The "supreme one(being)" tells the followers, bash SE/Android threads, and here they come. Can be the CEO of the company, or someone representative of the company. If they don't preach words of the company, they are deemed fit for hell. Thus they are hardworking at work here, hoping to please the "supreme one". They are simply "godfinger" characters at play.

2. They can't admit all phone manufacturers suck, including theirs. Phone manufacturers are out there to suck money, not do good. You name it, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, HTC and the list goes on and on...