Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc hands-on pictures and video

07 January, 2011
We got our hands on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc and we hurry to give you some live shots, video demos and quick screen comparison with two of the most popular mobile screens out there. The Arc is full of...

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  • Anand

Resolution and screen color wise I think galaxy takes the prize :)

  • Stavros

SGS looks cheap, like an iPhone clone. SE's design are way better

  • ap

it's actually better than the SUPER AMOLED display and has the best viewing angles amongst all 3.....great achievement!! Actual display of colors, no over did something right this time...

  • Stavros


  • Information

Enhanced contrast. Richer colours. Less image noise. The Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine makes the super-wide, 4.2", LED back-lit screen sharp and crisp. And through reduced light reflection, the picture stays clear when you're outdoors, too............actually to be more precise its an LED screen not LCD........go check the official page of this phone....

  • Matt

SonyEricsson's first good move in many many years!!

  • tomtom

It looks super smooth experience for a start!

  • smire

Very nice phone... bravo SE!

  • CDeex

looks great :)
what is doing "MOTOBLUR" on SE phone?

  • Anonymous

Still Super AMPOLED is the best .

@ MWC Super AMOLED Plus on GS2 .

  • Anonymous

why did they remove the mediascape? it was nice attractive ui.. pretty good phone though..

  • jerome jackson

wonderful piece of art i am waiting to get my hands on this phone

  • Anonymous

good screen quality

  • xXx

Wonderful Job SE

  • Anonymous

not bad , firstly time Sony Ericsson did something good ,