Report says Samsung aiming to sell 60 million Galaxy S8 units this year

09 January 2017
The report also notes that the Galaxy S8 will be launched sometime in April (which is inline with what we've been hearing recently).

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  • AnonD-625621

Samsung, hope u properly sort out the battery issue before aiming for 60million unit sales !

  • Anonymous

AnonD-247648, 09 Jan 2017imagine 60millions mini boom surround us. I guess that will be end of the, earth..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2017Turns out plastic is fantastic and touchwizz is a lag.Lol. People still talking bout touchwiz. That had been long gone buddy. There is no touchwiz anymore.

  • Anonymous

Turns out plastic is fantastic and touchwizz is a lag.

  • No Matter

Stop asking samsung what S8 should be like - they are not listening to you.

  • AnonD-594761

so s4 was the best for Samsung

That means the S8x will be truly different from the older Sx. Ok Samsung, I hope you will meet our demands and be unique once again.

  • AnonD-247648

imagine 60millions mini boom surround us.

Then make the phone correctly.

  • D9

Make it 60 millions and 1