Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still coming, mobile chief confirms

23 January 2017
DJ Koh said he can’t let down the loyal Galaxy Note fans.

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  • 23 Jan 2017

how about make a note 6 first. then afterwards, they can resurrect and revamp an all new note 7.

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    • 23 Jan 2017

    EugeneOnTheEdge, 23 Jan 2017While there's obviously one reason to kill the Note line, t... moreI hope Samsung will pull something spectacular out of the bag for the Note 8, Over here in the UK there hasn't been an official Note phone since Note 4!

    I'm expecting latest Cpu and at least 8gig of ram, Bigger more efficient battery, Screen wise 4K isn't that important as the battery drain will be horrendous! Faster wireless charging would be a plus. Keep the 3.5mm jack as well with micro SD or newer faster memory card support as I have always said I don't trust online storage!

    Speaker wise I don't really care if thee stereo or not after all if i want music I listen to my stereo or musicplayer. Streamlined UI and less bloatware would be cool as well.

      Those who were saying the note line is dead should be feeling pretty stupid by now.

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        • 23 Jan 2017

        Ironic considering how you iPhonized the Note line with dumbass iphone features like sealed batteries.

          While there's obviously one reason to kill the Note line, there's also one reason to keep it:

          The Note lineup now symbolizes Samsung's higher quality control and safety check.