Even more LG G6 images leak, showing it from all angles for the first time

03 February 2017
At this rate, there will be no mysteries regarding this phone when its official unveiling takes place.

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  • AnonD-641532

looking good. although hope they release a black face version. exposed sensors on front make it similar to Samsung. also why on earth do they keep shuffling the 3.5mm over the phone. the whole point to is to connect charger and headphone from bottom to have less dangling while using. big mistake

the g4 which I use is a perfect design when it came to symmetry and volume keys on the back. if only they bring back that design again

  • Ayda

I'em The first customer is me, and we are looking forward to this nice favorite model impatiently.

  • siraj

waiting for the beast...

If not using S835 but S821, it could be great to compete if right price.

  • MorganFailTech

Nathan, 04 Feb 2017Yesterday Ibought V20. Phones look super. But camera performance... moreThe V20 is known for its good low light photography, but not with the default settings. The whole point about the v10 and the v20 was the ability to manually control every aspect of the camera, such as aperture, exposure time, and others. If you want to take good low light pictures, play around until you find the right combination of the variables. It won't come easy or fast, but when you find it, it'll be worth it.

  • Anonymous

greebas, 04 Feb 2017Phone with non removable battery is a huge mistake from LG.The G2 was't such a mistake... and it had a non removable battery...

  • veer

No 2.5D glass phone looks outdated nowadays.

  • AnonD-481508

ohh that rounded edge to edge screen is so gorgeous can wait to have this phone

  • greebas

Phone with non removable battery is a huge mistake from LG.

  • AnonD-304329

AnonD-234961, 03 Feb 2017Actually, there is a difference between SD821 and SD835: the SD8... moreIn real life use, you will not notice the difference between SD821 and SD835, except maybe in battetylife. But the chip will make your phone much more expensive...

The SD821 itself is a good improvement tot the SD820

  • AnonD-641286

AnonD-523334, 04 Feb 2017LG never had a design which it maintained for two successive yea... moreYou are definitely right. This leaked images shows they have begin to think about the Design of the handset. Their design team need a reboot. We want a fresh design

  • Anonymous

AnonD-641471, 04 Feb 20173.5 jack on the top. :( Better than none.

  • AnonD-641471

3.5 jack on the top. :(

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017without the cams and fingerprint sensor, this would definitely l... moreShut up!! Is the S8 out yet. Nonsense

  • Anonymous

SamsungS8, 03 Feb 2017Nice phone, but why am i looking at phone that resembles a s6 an... morewhat are you talking about ! they are totally different

  • ZloiYuri

The phone is ugly

  • AnonD-568493

The phone is pretty.

  • Anonymous

LG PLEASE bring back the chocolate concept, now that you have gone black...please please please.

  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017since there are other two versions of G6 (G6 compact and G6 lite... moreThe 1440 by 2880 panel for G6 has a pixel density of 565. Since it is taller than usual display panels, diagonal is also larger. It is equal to 5.2" display in width and taller. In hight, it is equal to a 5.85" 16:9 display.

  • AnonD-523334

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017since there are other two versions of G6 (G6 compact and G6 lite... moreI wrote it in detail now. Check my last post.