LG G6 confirmed to sport the Snapdragon 821 chipset because otherwise it would have launched in May-June

10 February 2017
A new report comes to back up past rumors saying Samsung is using the entire initial production run of the SD835 for itself.

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  • LG fail

The only faults is LG fault, every respectful smartphone manufacturer has their own chipset, so things like that did not happen. HTC, Sony and LG is a joke, no wonder no one bymuys their phones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2017I prefer the IPS LCD. OLEDs get a strange hue after extens... moreI know what you mean... My tablet has IPS LCD and it is still as white as it can get but my S6 has a yellow hue and stuff is starting to burn into the screen. If I put a full screen white image on my phone you can see remnants of all the icons at the top and theres a square at the bottom thats a different hue from where the keyboard pops up. Great phone but the screen hasn't lasted 24 months completely unscathed. Ah well I'll have my new S8 in April!

  • Anonymous

xgman, 13 Feb 2017I think the bigger problem here is that LG is insisting on ... moreI prefer the IPS LCD. OLEDs get a strange hue after extensive use. Go into any store that's got an OLED model coming up on a year on display and you'll know what I mean.

  • xgman

I think the bigger problem here is that LG is insisting on LCD technology rather than the OLED that Samsung and Apple would be using. I prefer OLED about a million times over the LCD screens for a variety of reasons. The lack of OLED and the old CPU might be enough to kill this for me regardless. Pricing could mitigate this somewhat but I don't expect to see any significant pricing differences. I guess we'll see how it pays out at the end of the month.

  • AnonD-9680

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2017Samsung has exclusivity with SD835 production as they contr... moreYes. Now a days, the gate length of the transistors are a bit longer than the technology node.

  • yuri

Hope the SD835 doesn't feature "explosive" performance... if you know what I mean.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-9680, 12 Feb 2017If QCOM really wanted to sell the customers, its SD835 asap... moreSamsung has exclusivity with SD835 production as they contributed to the design. With that said, there's theoretically nothing stopping Qual from taking the core components of the design (Kryo CPU, Adreno GPU, Hexagon DSP - all their IP) and retooling it for TSMC's 16mm process and call it something like SD830.

With that said, all of the mobile chipset manufacturers lie somewhat about 'die size', as they base it on the minimum feature size instead of the traditional average. TSMC 16nm is basically the same average size and efficiency as Samsung's 14nm, and Intel's 14mm is smaller on average than Samsung's 10nm.

  • AnonD-584384

That's pretty crappy for Samsung to hobble competition like that. Are they scared? Anyway, the S8 will probably still end up lagging more than the G6 anyway like all Samsung phones eventually do.

  • AnonD-9680

If QCOM really wanted to sell the customers, its SD835 asap, they should have also gone for TSMC. Half the chips taped out from Samsung and remaining half of the chipsets from TSMC. Even though it requires almost double the work and human resources, it would have been a good idea. They coud have used TSMC fabricated chips to satisfy customers other than Samsung.

  • Anonymous

LG is yesterday phone,forget it! 👎

  • AnonD-79751

I don't think is bad idea using SD821 for G6, I see a good advantage using a more mature hardware, LG can re-use many of the work they did in V20 and G5 with similar SD820

  • Anonymous

Why are people so obsessed with having the bleeding edge tech? SD 821 is still a top-notch chipset; it will be fine for a few years. I mean, a OnePlus One will still perform well today - why change whst ain't broke?

AnonD-114814, 12 Feb 2017In this case, Samsung may drink a lawsuit for monopoly beha... moreyeah but the suit may not stick..sammy is not hoarding each and every sd835, they are taking the first servings..eventually everyone will get it...thats probably the loophole they are counting on..plus with no news of an exynos flagship sd835 has to be made in double the volume just for samsung

  • Anonymous

Nobody buys a phone just on chipset only - The G4 sold better than G3 and G5 despite its SD808 not being top of the line.

Furthermore, nobody buys the Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe despite rocking a SD821 + 6GB of RAM for a decent cost and was one of the first SD821 devices.

  • AnonD-558099

Seems to me that Samsung is just scared that the G6 will outshine the S8

  • AnonD-114814

viveksubhash, 11 Feb 2017so snapdragon is the only chipset worth getting??? seems li... moreIn this case, Samsung may drink a lawsuit for monopoly behavior,. mobile division and one for the manufacture of chips obviously work together,. which is prohibited by the laws of monopoly.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-278667, 11 Feb 2017What happened with LG nuclun? I know LG will have a better ... moreThey performed bad. It took many years too until kirin950 for huawei to have decent chips. It's not easy to do. Also tsmc is late with 10nm too(delayed new ipad) so wouldn't really help lg to have their own chip, iirc rumours say p10 launching with the 16nm kirin960. bottom line only samsung getting 10nm chips for early this year.

  • John

JackTheIPhoneKiller, 11 Feb 2017That's what I call "failure before launch". My dear friend, Hans Moghangab thinks the same.

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

That's what I call "failure before launch".

  • Anonymous

Many strange comments on here. Samsung can only manufacture so many chips, so are people really that stupid that they think they will give them to others first? The 10nm is probably proving to have low yields. Also, we haven't seen much about an Exynos SoC, maybe there won't be one.