Weekly poll: have you switched to a phone with USB-C yet?

19 February 2017
Some are serving two masters, Lord Micro and Count C. Are you one of them?

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regs, 19 Feb 2017There is no Surface Book 2. There is an upgraded Surface Book 1.... moreOops!
I goofed!🙈🙊

  • Anonymous

I have one USB-C device and lots of micro USB cables and devices which means I'm relying on adapters at the moment.

  • AnonD-625786

USB Type-C is the future! I wish all of my electronics used it..

Someone Else, 19 Feb 2017I don't have a problem with USB-C replacing Micro USB. But I WIL... moreI like this new usb c. Faster charging and all. Though I dread about the otg function. As for the laptops, I seen a lot of new laptop these day that able to receive charge from powerbanks using usb c. It is amusing in a way. Great for travellers.

  • Anonymous

Jimbob, 20 Feb 2017I remember there was a story on here about sony not using USB Ty... moreYes there is... But they went with usb c earlier than expected...
Happy with new usb c as standard micro usb always ended up twisted cause the port are not the same side(you know the blunder when connecting phone to laptop)

My Xiaomi mi5s plus has usb-C and my previous phone (oneplus one) had micro usb.

  • Anonymous

Not yet, but hopefully upgrading to one soon with the S8 :-)

UDB Type C port is a fine port but, there are too many protocols that needs to be streamlined first. Even when you look at the changing cable from different manufacturers, still one cable seems to be incompatible with the other. How they implement it matters. Also, some USB C ports only support all the goodies like higher wattage and display port. These things need to be on a common ground for it to fly. I hope thats sooner than later.....

  • AnonD-463101

My P9 is USB-C but my powerbank is still micro...

  • AnonD-39937

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2017there are already different standards for wireless, like WLAN fo... moreaccesories are only WLAN and BT...WLAN for keyboard/mouse/monitor...BT for keyboard/mouse/speakers/headphones

  • Anonymous

My Mi5 is USB-C. The cheapo Maxwest phone I got for travel is Micro-USB.

  • Anonymous

I only have one device (phone) with USB-C but I always carry my microUSB adapter.

  • AnonD-422821

I just want to say that whether you want to change to it or not in near future you will have to because with the launch of Oneplus 3 and its trademark dash charging technology using a type C port is the new innovation. So, the competition is set for the next 2-3 years in the field of ports...!!!

  • Adeh

happy BlackBerry Priv user with it's micro usb support...just waiting for BlackBerry to release android 7.0 for priv users...anybody knows if they're going to release android 7.0 for their devices???

I own a LG G2, OnePlus One and NVIDIA Shield K1. At my house, there is also a Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Mi4. All micro-USB devices. I have two USB docks, with 5 ports each, to charge my devices, being one at each side of my bed. Meaning, all are ready to switch cables from micro-USB to USB-Type-C, maintaining even both at the same time.
My main device is my 3-years- and three-months-old LG G2, which the only sign of age is the micro-USB port, which is becoming a little loose on the plug. I am looking forward to the new USB-Type-C stadanrd for two reasons: durability (more plug-in-plug-out times rating) and more flexibility, being plugged in my computer and then in my phone, while being smaller.

  • Anonymous

Bought 2 packets of 3 adaptors from amazon. one packet was Micro usb to C and the other was usb to C. The trasition to C is painless. The adaptors work great both on the end of a micro usb charger (samsung) and the data cable into the pc. Win Win

  • AnonD-646142

no problem for me with micro usb in the note 4, until samsung release the new note.

I already did. Then Samsung took my Note7 away. :(

I just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) with USB-C. So far, that's my only USB-C device and cable so I mainly use it for charging.

I also still have my trusty Note 4 with micro-USB, and also my GoPro Hero 4 Session with the same port.

  • Ffosse66

Yes - tablet phone and PC are all USB-C; it's the way things are nowadays.

I still have a powerbank with a microUSB connection, but that is all.