JD.com lists Nokia 8, with price and questionable images

21 February 2017
The price seems reasonable, the image seems 'shopped. Update: yep, it's a concept image.

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  • HHH

My only Big request to nokia is that, PLSSSS Do NOT make sad & dumb looking phones that you all did it with Windows phone.

  • AnonD-643350

I hereby that HMD is producing Nokia 3310 again with a few changes,Poor Nokia one time Microsoft plays with the Name like a toy and toss it up and down then pass it to HMD and HMD shoots it like a soccer ball,Nokia 3310 was great but how about Sony reproduce something with the same design as K710? Or motorala reproduce the the V? And Siemens SL45? Are we paying for our memories? At least I'm not rich enough to do so

  • AnonD-472839

Qwerty2017, 22 Feb 20171. Are u talking about Nokia 3310 or Nokia smartphones? I... moreHey now listen
I have nokia c6 ,2690,215,n8,808, 720 they are all superb
(1)My mom has nokia 2690(as a 2nd phone for calls and msgs) from last 7years no prob no lossing of signals no bettery problem even original battery is thier which comes with it

(2) my nokia c6 camera is best then todays phones which are under 8k
I broke its lcd pannel so its display is not working

(3)you know 808 and n8 and lumia 720 no need to explain that people who own them are fully satisfactory even these phones tiped charts at their time

(4) i have 215 as my 3 rd phone so that if battery is not thaier i can use it in that disaster condition for calls msgs

And in last if your family dont know how to care mobiles than if they have cat branded phones than they will be also useless so blaming nokia is not the solution blame yourself only

I am not huge phobe but criticise on its durability functionility and performance at their time is can't be bear by their users

Nokia is """"""MIGHTY""""

  • Anonymous

Qwerty2017, 21 Feb 2017LOL, US$460 Nokia high-end is IMPOSSIBLE. If HMD can sel... moreApple can do better than that(overpricing) I bet.

  • Anonymous

Loepoes, 21 Feb 2017I feel the same for people buying Samsung because it carrie... moreI feel the same for people buying Apple because it carries the name Apple.

  • Qwerty2017

Simply Nokia, 22 Feb 2017Nokia means : 1.durability because of best build quality-N... more1. Are u talking about Nokia 3310 or Nokia smartphones?
If u talk about the former, then yes, it was durable enough even if u used it to scare a dog.
If u talk about the later, then it's BULLSHIT. My mom & dad had had several Nokia phones (7650, 3650, 6600, 6260, E63, E65, N73, 5610 XM, Asha 200, 2600), and ALL of them are BROKEN a year later (camera error, no signal, can't read mmc, can't read SIM, flexible, restarting, etc), and FIXING THEM at Nokia care cost as EXPENSIVE as buying new phones!

2. Best camera? Many manufacturers (especially SE, at that time) was BETTER at offering camera phone, with BETTER build quality, better screen (TFD vs. TFT), BETTER loudspeaker & music player, and so on.
Nokia camera advantages is ONLY Carl Zeiss lens, that ONLY available in selected OVERPRICED smatphones, unlike SE / Sony, Samsung, Asus, Meizu, Xiaomi, Oneplus, which equipped their device with decent to excellent camera at any price range

3. Reliability is just UR ILLUSION. My family (mom & dad), who was Nokia fanboy, have proven that "recent" Nokia phones is just as UNRELIABLE as other phone, very much like Samsung now, OVERPRICED, cheap-specs devices

4. Best design? Design is an ABSTRACT thing. My value of "best design" will differ from ur value of "best design". Don't MISLEAD people like Asus or iphone with their "self-proclaimed" best design

5. Excellent performance? In Symbian era, I own SE's & Samsung's Symbian-powered smartphone, and they are as good as ANY OVERPRICED Nokia smartphones that my schoolmates owned, if not even better, at cheaper price nonetheless.

6. Innovations? Lol, Nokia is very much like Apple now, they used to "claim" many things as their "innovations", while the facts says otherwise
BTW, the first smartphone was IBM Simon, launched in 1994, long before the word "smartphone" known.

7. Best qwerty device? oh come on, the word "best" is REALLY subjective. If u want to argue which one is the best, MANY Palm-powered & Win Mobile OS equipped with pleasant qwerty keyboard too, and I have tried some of them (2nd hand Kyocera's PalmOS & Toshiba's WinMobile OS) which are more pleasant & durable than my dad's E63

For ALL the above FACTS, I wanted to ask:
What makes people BUY Nokia phones even though they know it is OVERPRICED?

BRAND POWER + ILLUSION OF DURABLE phone that Nokia did with 3310 back in 2000

  • AnonD-34062

Ha Ha....that might become the fastest selling Nokia ever.

  • Nokia 69

IronHeart8, 21 Feb 2017Ridiculous naming convention, what will they name the succe... moreReally?
Nokia 69 will be the sexiest ''named''phone ever...

  • Simply Nokia

Nokia means :
1.durability because of best build quality-Nokia phones are the long lasting ones
2.phones with best camera(808,1020),41mp
3.reliability(no issues because of battery-like overheat & explosion for example)
4.best design-most beautiful phones
5.excellent performance,
6.innovations(even the first phone that was named ''smartphone" is considered to be by the most Nokia N95)
7.Best Qwerty devices (E-series) together with Blackberry.
And many many other reasons...

For all the above reasons Nokia became legendary.
So many years so many proofs...

I dedicate the song ''if you don't know me by know''(Simply Red)
to all those who asks what is so unique about Nokia or what extra features Nokia phones have...



  • AnonD-643013

Yeah you are right now one ever can take the place of being legendary or change specially when it's com to CAMERA QUALITY DURABILITY SOFTWARE UNIQUE. even the flagship have processor lower but it's till the performance it's an believable. for me I try almost brand But 2 brand the I always want. 1 NOKIA 2 Symetium 3 SONY if NOKIA never came back I will but number 2// check this link for the 2 option made in sweden correc me if I am wrong https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/symetium-the-no-compromise-smartphone-pc/#/

  • AnonD-544340

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2017What makes Nokia different than the existing brands like sa... moreYes a Nokia can crack wallnuts

  • ProudSerbian

"Very true. They sell crap phones for high prices in the past before they fall lol." - are you talking about apple?

  • AnonD-34062

Qwerty2017, 22 Feb 2017LOL, u mad, Nokia fanboy? I already DISLIKE Nokia ever s... moreMore immaturity. I guess I'll just skip over your baseless subjective rantings. You really know how to stink up a decent thread.

So much whining about how people spend their money. And to label those people as "dumb", just incredible. Rant on little boy. I won't stop you.

  • Qwerty2017

AnonD-34062, 21 Feb 2017The number of haters that emerge after a little, tiny bit o... moreLOL, u mad, Nokia fanboy?

I already DISLIKE Nokia ever since their Symbian era.
The reason: they NEVER sold good device at reasonable price. The only good things about the old Nokia is the HYPE, the after service, & the 2nd hand selling prize.

This is proven by NOKIA when they made CRAP android phones like Nokia X & Nokia X2 in the past & selling them as mid-range phone, the same strategy they used in selling Nokia 6 and AGAIN, people are DUMB ENOUGH to buy it, like they did with Nokia X & X2

"get over it and quit you whining. Leave the comments section"
Who are whining now? I just stated FACTS as u can see that Nokia NEVER make a decent smartphone at affordable price IN THE PAST, and they still do it FROM NOW ON albeit "made by Foxconn".
It's my RIGHT to tell people FACTS about Nokia in ANY articles as EVERYONE does.
From ur cooments, now everyone knows that U are TOO CHILDISH to even understand "free speech rights"

BTW, I DISLIKE Samsung, Oppo, Vivo & HATE Apple. In short, any company that sells OVERPRICED devices, fanboy DUDE...

  • Anonymous

Haters unhappy with their blow up phones.

  • Gauron

IronHeart8, 21 Feb 2017Ridiculous naming convention, what will they name the succe... moreClearly you have never heard of Galaxy A and J series with their 2015/2016/2017 naming. Maybe BMW should stop using 3/5/7 series and Audi stop using A4/6/8 as well.

  • AnonD-34062

Qwerty2017, 21 Feb 2017LOL, US$460 Nokia high-end is IMPOSSIBLE. If HMD can sel... moreThe number of haters that emerge after a little, tiny bit of Nokia news surfaces is hilarious. If you don't like Nokia, then just read another article. I've never posted one negative comment about a Galaxy or IPhone device. It's childish. People will buy what they want to buy.... get over it and quit you whining. Leave the comments section yup those who have constructive things to contribute. Cheers.

  • Arian Adler

IronHeart8, 21 Feb 2017Ridiculous naming convention, what will they name the succe... moreProbably: 3/5/6/8(2018) or 3s/5s/6s/8s

  • AngryBird

First models were 6110, 8210.... than 610, 920... now 6, 8.... in future 0.6, 0.8 lol

Ridiculous naming convention, what will they name the successor of these models next year 16, 18?