JD.com lists Nokia 8, with price and questionable images

21 February 2017
The price seems reasonable, the image seems 'shopped. Update: yep, it's a concept image.

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  • Anonymous

Concepts are really amazing. I like it more than the original..

  • Qwerty2017

LOL, US$460 Nokia high-end is IMPOSSIBLE.

If HMD can sell CRAP like Nokia 6 at Mid-end price,WHY the hell they sell high-end device at REASONABLE price?
Remember, it is NOKIA, a brand that WAS selling REFURBISHED Nokia 6600, labeled them as "Music Edition", & sell them at the same priced as BRAND-NEW Symbian smartphone at that time...

My hunch is, this device will be equipped with SD652/653 with 4gb ram at best, if they REALLY equipped the device with QHD display & 24MP camera.

No matter what, HMD, as most of the execs there are from the old Nokia, will NEVER sell good-specs device with REASONABLE price, they will ALWAYS OVERPRICED them like rotten bitten fruit do their business

  • AnonD-625786

The specifications sound promising, but the image is obviously a concept...

  • AnonD-626076

AnonD-626076, 21 Feb 2017"Concept creator" on yt, video from around a week ago2* weeks ago

  • AnonD-626076

AnonD-626076, 21 Feb 2017It's a concept from youtube"Concept creator" on yt, video from around a week ago

  • AnonD-632062

Okay, that's a promising start. 24MP does sound like a lot like NOKIA. Slap in some Carl-Zeiss lens & a Xenon flash and you can almost feel tears swelling up in the eyes of Nokia fans.

  • AnonD-626076

It's a concept from youtube