Nokia 3310 will run S30+ and have Nokia 150 design cues

24 February 2017
Here are a few juicy bits about new-old Nokia 3310 - it will run Series 30+ and share some design elements with the Nokia 150.

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  • AnonD-648682

Nokia should bring back 6300 as smartphone with touchscreen. Just small enough to fit perfectly in any pocket and in any hand:-)

6300 is the best one they ever made.

  • AnonD-648682

Is this a smartphone? Apps? Whick OS? Android?

  • S30+

Are there apps for the OS?

  • AnonD-647948

And must bee a Waterproof,, I love It,,,

  • AnonD-647889

am I the only one who think that it's better if they don't bring it back?

3310 is a legendary, so let it be that.

  • Erl

Make it runs on 3g/4g, tethering enable, and also a big battery. People will buy it as a secondary gadget. Its also would be wonderful if its can connect to android phones, and able to reads any messages (sms, wa, bbm, line etc) just a thought anyway .. cheers! :)

  • Anonymous

chrwl007, 25 Feb 2017Two reasons: 1) It's a feature phone 2) Wi-Fi use is not ubi... moreThere are feature phones with wifi too. My old Nokia C3 had it.

Well, design leak didn't get me excited either. It's hard to make the same design with more keyboard keys and bigger display, especially bigger display that IMO ruined perfectly balanced curves of old 3310 .They should definitely add 3G support to make the phone more usable. And a revival of E-series running Android would be great. I really love my E71 which is still fully working.

  • Ish

Thought, it was coming back as a smart phone

  • AnonD-308477

I guess Nokia is not for generation isheep.
I remeber my N95. I was so satisfied with it that when it broke down i had to have the same again :)

  • Anonymous

don bring it back , let 3310 be a legendary

  • KMB877

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2017Nokia 515 was the last real Nokia dumbphone. 5megapixel camera a... moreI would say the dumbest was 1011, Nokia's first GSM. Just 2G @ 900 MHz, nothing else. Obvious, no 3G, no camera, nothing than phone. Extremely durable, excellent reception.

  • hurm

no whatsapp no use of releasing such phone. i can see nokia still couldnt understand what market really demanding for. try 3310 with android and see.

  • E series

KMB877, 25 Feb 2017Oh, E7! This is a device I hope I'll see reloaded!One of the best phones ever released by Nokia!

Im really excited to see what's new with everyone, especially Nokia.
My mother got really happy when I told her Nokia is back :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-428442, 25 Feb 2017This is a marketing gimmick, playing on memes and nostalgia. If... moreNokia 515 was the last real Nokia dumbphone. 5megapixel camera at a time when that was pretty much standard for smartphones, dual sim, and 3G on certain providers.

k0l9, 25 Feb 2017Nowadays phones without WiFi capabilities are totally useless it... moreTwo reasons:

1) It's a feature phone
2) Wi-Fi use is not ubiquitous - I virtually never use my phone's Wi-Fi capabilities (only when updating software), and it's considering a high-end phone

  • KMB877

rich679, 25 Feb 2017Series E is more premium than series N and i am big fan of those... moreA had a few N and E, but my impression was opposite, N wast the premium, not the E. I'm not considering the keyboard as a premium addition.

  • Anonymous

This is a fancy idea in the minds of the people who loved the phone 15 years ago, honestly I don't think it will have any chance to succeed, remember volxwagen bringing back the beatle.

  • KMB877

E series, 25 Feb 2017Me too!Oh, E7! This is a device I hope I'll see reloaded!