Nokia 3310 will run S30+ and have Nokia 150 design cues

24 February 2017
Here are a few juicy bits about new-old Nokia 3310 - it will run Series 30+ and share some design elements with the Nokia 150.

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  • Anonymous

Heretic, 24 Feb 2017Nokia diedOnly if you don't know what you are talking about, which is half of the people who comment on these articles that cannot learn basic English to save their lives. A brand or company is more than the name.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2017People disconnecting Nokia! made my day :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-646471, 24 Feb 2017The ultimate hope when your smartphone dies middle of the day. N... morePeople disconnecting Nokia!

  • 2u2

Heretic, 24 Feb 2017Nokia diedYeah years ago

  • Anonymous

Series 30+...You gotta be kidding me that someone actually let the code set lying around and waste gigabytes of storage THEN dug that out of its grave? I give up and I hope a Nokia hardcore fanatic or a currently employed internet/social media data collector of theirs would read this because it's gonna be a TLDR one.

1st off this is 2017 and feature phones while may have its uses have to be played out smart and not completely beholden to an already cult status model denomination that should be better.

I thought this reboot was meant about holding on to the 3310 "core values" and be put onto something that can aggressively rival say Samsung's Galaxy "Sx" Active line, not a feature phone brick. Something that can/should exceed what's already available from Chinese phone makers like Blackview or AGM via better software and after sales support discipline.

And it has to be compelling if we're to take chances. Hell I'd rather see a rugged Ubuntu phone running 3310 phablet with a stylus than this thing.

  • Heretic

Eternal 3310, 24 Feb 2017The revenge of feature phones in a world dominated by smartphone... moreNokia died

  • Zog465

-DEXTER, 24 Feb 2017how to make money follow the step below 1. Buy the company of... moreYes, soon the pushbutton BlackBerrys will be re-incarnated and the sheep will flock to buy them wittering on about how fun and reliable and simple etc they were.

I think if phone companies were smart, they'd start investing in making feature phones which can be used as "bridge" phones or "link" phones. Phones you can use for when you don't want to bring your smartphone along somewhere for fear of loosing it or it being stolen. Essentially a feature phone at its core but connects to your smartphone at home giving you text messages, receiving calls and Whatsapp and Facebook updates from your number while you're out and about. When you return home to your smartphone, you can deactivate said bridge phone and continue using your smartphone as normal. It would also be good as a temp phone incase your smartphone is in repairs or you're in the process of upgrading to a new phone and need something in the meanwhile. I think that be a cashable opportunity for companies and a good alternative to dual Sim phones. Here in South Africa, it's common to see people with both a smartphone phone for Internet and a feature phone for making calls.

  • LLL

People are eager to put it to the test, the durability test especially.
Just wait for the youtube reviews after they can get hold of it.

  • AnonD-270913

I would love to see 3310 having symbian OS again... I wanted to try that SymbianOS again... I loved using that.

  • 3310 renewed

Some guys forgot the durability of Nokia phones.
Nokia phones can last for a decade & more...
Nokia phones are almost indestructible.

Most of other brands fools people with cheap build quality.


how to make money
follow the step below
1. Buy the company of the popular dying brand
2. Resurrect the famous model unit
3. Add some little upgrades
4. then sit and wait some fan to buy this kontol unit

  • Anonymous

they should re-launch it on the year 3310 where 24G LTE compatible with this phone and also can replace if you broke one of your refrigator's foot

  • Eternal 3310

The revenge of feature phones in a world dominated by smartphones!
In a few years we will easily forget most of today's smartphones-
but will never forget Nokia 3310.

Some things just don't die.
Some things just live forever...

  • AnonD-646471

The ultimate hope when your smartphone dies middle of the day. Nokia connecting people!