Ouch! Samsung Galaxy S II available on pre-order now

24 February, 2011
Galaxy S II - Samsung's most advanced phone up to date - has just popped on pre-order at a UK online retailer. The offer says it can be yours on 31 March for 650. This price will definitely empty lots of ...

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  • money maker

Now who going to say iphone expensive? Died hard fans will get it first for sure!

  • saveferris

[deleted post]Bahhh wrong answer....

The Nokia processor isn't equivalent to the dual core nor the 1 ghz,

The nokia N8 is a inferior phone compared to the Samsung S2 in almost every aspect, apart from the camera.

Face reality nokia is dying a slow and painful death.

  • Dubz

Over $1020.00 USD (I live in the US). That is crazy. Do you know how powerful of a laptop you can get for that kind of money. "It dose 1080p video recording" So dose a Canon Rebel T2i, and it's cheaper! I'm sorry but the carriers are going to have to subsidize the hell out of that thing to get it to a reasonable price. The Atrix is way cheaper than that thing, and it's pretty much a little computer. That's just insane, that's the price of a pretty well spec'd computer. I didn't read up totally on what it could do I will admit that, however I'm pretty sure it can't do anything that'll justify that kind of price. HTC, it looks like I'm gonna be sticking with you guys for a while longer.

  • dlareg

jm, 25 Feb 2011galaxy s II will not sell like hotcakes due to its bloody price!... moreHaha I like the brand 'Sample'

I believe simplicity is what makes a phone design successful and IP has been a very smart looking yet simple to the eye since IP1. Personally I feel SE phones models are too busy, too much going on, too many details. it's making me giddy, Samsung understands this and therefore make their phone design simple looking too, for adult kids like us to enjoy. And how much different simplicity can be, at the end of the day they will look alike or bear some resemblance to each other. Less button? less curve? monochrome colour? It's inevitable. I still think SGS2 still have samsung's trademark on it's design such as the camera design.

I mean how different can sedan cars be to not be accused of copying each other right?

  • AnonD-1846

Atrix is the best smartphone and the lowest priced one.

SG S2 have 2 better featurings:

* 8MP camera and record at 1080p.
* 16GB/32GB internal and 32GB on SD card

But Atrix is not limited at this point because of :

* 5MP but can record at 1080p
* 16GB internal and 32GB SD card are enough

But Atrix goes on top of SG S2:

* Battery life 1930mAh vs 1650mAh.
* 2 Atrix's Super Dock; Laptop dock and MultiMedia dock.
* Security lock phone Fingerprint.

Atrix is definitly the way to go for good price.

Expansys listed the Motorola Atrix for £474.99 SIM-free before pulling it offline


  • xXx

no guys.. I've checked this play.com site.. all products in there are beyond normal price.. they cant be serious really.. even samsung haven't announce the price yet for the galaxy S II..

  • Koniakki

[deleted post]I do not dissagree with you. N8 is a great phone. But you cannot directly compare the two. Optimize N8's OS on that phone and then we speak about performance. Or vice versa...

I shouldn't even been bothering replying after this: And I quote you: "The OS is optimized and even though its just 680 mhz its really equivalent to a dual core junkdroid" Equivalent? In which way? Application loading time? 2D/3D Performance? Hardware performance? Show us some number to prove your statement.. People just type any shit that comes to their minds this days..

Really? "even though its just 680 mhz its really equivalent to a dual core"?? I guess that "afghanistan ganja" weed is taking over more and more... Be more reasonable next time..

  • Anonymous

The price will drop. Once the "have to have it first" people have got theirs, the price should go down to something more reasonable, after all, Samsung want the phones to sell . . . don't they?

  • michael85

Here in Greece, it costs 689...It is priced 100 less than iPhone 4 (32GB), which makes it a burgain for what it's offering. LINK:


I cannot believe that there are still people mentioning the Sony Ericsson as competitive while its latest phone (Arc) is as powerful as Samsung's -last year- Galaxy S.

There are currently 4 companies that are making mobile phones evolve and everybody should thank them (while not necessarily buying their products): Apple, Samsung, LG and recently Motorola. Sony Ericsson (and unfortunately HTC) should be placed in the category of ZTE, Huawei etc. -companies that use pre-existing technologies (often 2 years old).

  • Anonymous

Never, ever purchase a phone from the UK. The right price for this phone should be £310, not £650!

  • jm

galaxy s II will not sell like hotcakes due to its bloody price! ill rather go for the xperia line up. Good quality, nice design, latest OS and enough processor for mobile use and ofcourse not an IPHONE copycat! SAMSUNG or SAMPLE?(combination of SAMSUNG and APPLE) hahaha

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2011Clove Technology priced it at roughly £440 which is roughl... moreThe price is without VAT, with tax cost £528. I agree, it's bloody expensive.

  • Anonymous

Ouch! I can see that samsung is trying to get rid of 'king of mid-range' off their name. Good work, a good way to tackle the problem, but i won't be buying.

  • Anonymous

Goodness! 650 sterling? For real? It doesn't even come with a sink!

  • Anonymous

In Iceland iphone 4 costs 960 euros in a basic phonestore, with VAT then ofc. But yes please, bring this phone home to papa.

  • This is Stupidity!!

No one would even think of buying at this crazy prices. How come TAB 10.1 is cheaper then Galaxy 2.

  • Zak

Phones cheaper than notebooks?..... Those were the days....

  • Zan

In Italy now Samsung Galaxy S1 it's about 550-600, HTC Desire HD is 600, Iphone4 32GB is 750, so............

  • Chin2

What is its expected price in India? I am surely gonna buy one as soon as its available for purchase in India. Keeping my fingers crossed for now.

  • TMach

My eyes are still watering...this is a plastic phone that feels cheap and plastic. Not even dual core could justify this price for this phone!

By the time the real benefits of dual core are realised, the tech would be common place....

Something comes to mind about fools and money.....

Good luck Sammy, you'll need it!