Ouch! Samsung Galaxy S II available on pre-order now

24 February, 2011
Galaxy S II - Samsung's most advanced phone up to date - has just popped on pre-order at a UK online retailer. The offer says it can be yours on 31 March for £650. This price will definitely empty lots of ...

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  • AnonD-58

Samsung should seriously ban its employees from smoking pots and weeds while at work especially when they are in process of pricing their new gadgets......... The price of samsung galaxy s2 is simply ridiculous...... I dnt knw hw people will buy it; samsung shud also start its banking business with launch of galaxy s2 and provide loan to every potential buyer of galaxy s2 and galaxy tab 10.1 .......

  • kifvl210

440 sterling is $710 USD not $850, it is $850 with TAX, which if you buy online you do not pay...

  • AnonD-1544

Wake up samsung you are not apple to put such prices!! The galaxy s was a big success but with this price your going down hills.

There are a lot of fantastic phones with better prices such as the Atrix, LG and S/E arc.

Thanks but I'll pass

  • AnonD-37

AnonD-151, 24 Feb 2011Woho!!!!!!Now that's some hot price....maybe to hot....I do... moreCarrier subsidies should put this thing at $199.99 USD just like the Atrix.


You guys are looking at an unsubsidized price.

  • AnonD-151

Woho!!!!!!Now that's some hot price....maybe to hot....I don't think that people will give away this kind of money...on the other hand,if the device is not selling because of the price then there will be people to buy SII because it will be special...why? Cause someone has way to much money and want's to be special....
And as one of the readers mentioned,it will all come down to the carriers.If they priced it good then this can be the best choice for you!Remember that this is from a store,a unlocked device

  • JFJ

Im not sure why smartphones (or electronics) in general are getting sooo expensive in the UK and Europe. Here in Canada, the price for this phone is $699.98, (£435) the LG 3D Optimus is the same price as a pre-order (same in the U.S.).

Here is only one example:


These prices usually go down $90.00 or so after the first 3 months. These phones are less then $150.00 with contracts. I would suggest that if the price of this phone equals $1200.00 then buy it elsewhere from another suppler online.

I remember paying this much for my old Nokia n95 way back in the day.


Very expensive

  • Anonymous

Clove Technology priced it at roughly £440 which is roughly $850. Cheaper than most places but still too bloody expensive.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone remember the times when phones were cheaper than notebooks?

  • Sun

Probably the final price will be around 600€.....

  • Aries.phills

Sorry sammy, I'd rather mail my $1000+ to some refugee camp in Somalia and make some peeps happy than spend it on this breakeable candy.
Guess I'll wait for nokiawindow7 phones. Who knows, they might produce an extreme tech and spec phone with some killer qualities, in the bid to retake the market.
We might be surprise!!!

  • Anonymous

techfanatic, 24 Feb 2011too damn expensive. samsung is ripping us off.....you all know it's going to drop before it starts to sell. This is just for people that want to pre-order. Remember when the first one came out it was going for almost 700 locked and 900 unlocked on mobileplanet.com

  • Anonymous

So you nutters are buying a great phone, and do not even know whether it will run out of battery before lunch??? I have only two reason why..

- you just want to use it as a minicomputer to play and developstuff on, so will not ever be away from a power-source..

- you have way more money than sense, and just want to play with it.. you of course have loads of others phones for the real purpose... :/

GSM, please hurry up with the REAL review!!! n:)

  • Mj 600

What!!!!!!!! are these guys out of their god given minds,thats the price of a well equiped laptop or a HD Tv.........i hope lg,motorola and sony price their handsets correctly,sorry but no matter what these people need to remember that its still just a cellphone that we use to make and receive our calls,i mean come on people a 1000+ for a phone even if there is a price break it still going to cost a s@#t load of money.

  • AnonD-1915

WTF!!! D: they must be crazy; I'd rather buy a new laptop or change my Nvidia VGA card and buy a new HDD and more ram to my desktop instead of buying a phone like this!! and I bet the materiales use for this phone are not even metal!!!

Hope they fixed the price otherwise its not gonna become a best-seller.

  • Anonymous

Sorry, Sammy... too expensive for me

  • Anonymous

If this phone can clean my house, wash my car and cook me a meal whenever I need it then I'll pay this senselessly outrageous price they are asking........... Sam... please think about it if you really want to do business..

  • Waz

What most if not all of you seem to have missed is that this is an unlocked phone, so you're not tied to a specific network.

So for people like me who're on 30 day roller contracts I can take one SIM card out & use another at will and the phone will still work, which it won't if you have a phone that's locked to a specific network.

By buying a contract locked phone you're getting a subsidised phone so therefore it appears cheaper, however you're actually paying more because you're tied into the contract & you have to pay a hefty fee to get released from it; And in this day & age where people are losing their jobs easily, a contract is the last thing you actually want.

Anyway if you look at an unlocked Iphone 4, they currently retail for around the £699 mark, less on Ebay, but with Ebay you don't know the history of the phone.

Yes, £650 is expensive, so what do you do about it? Simple don't buy it!

Remember the consumer is king, if they don't sell, then they'll have to drop the price, until it does sell.

  • AnonD-2162

Don`t judge until you see the real deal... this here is just talk

  • MischeLL

Well, consedering that here in Czech Republic iPhone 4 cost around 800€, that's no that bad for such phone. But I'm afraid that on our "specific" market we will either get rumored version with Tegra 2 and S-LCD screen for this price, or the true Galaxy S II but it will be more expenisve :-(