Ouch! Samsung Galaxy S II available on pre-order now

24 February, 2011
Galaxy S II - Samsung's most advanced phone up to date - has just popped on pre-order at a UK online retailer. The offer says it can be yours on 31 March for £650. This price will definitely empty lots of ...

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  • brynn

I may have an idea on why its priced high..Apparently the guys over at ifixit.com have revealed they are using magnesium instead of aluminium in the dsign.There has to be a way they can create 4.3 inches of screen at that thinness so i suppose the magnesium(magnesium alloy)is creating the strength,at a cost tho.

  • Anonymous

dont see how or why this phone worth anywhere close to even 550 pound

  • neo

This is called stupidity. Expecting so much from the people they raised the prices by almost 1.6 times the SGS which is not justifiable. Well again samsung proved itself to be the biggest fool among its competitors. Such an high price i guess they have got their mind into some kind of ****.

  • brynn

Bloody hell fire ,makes me wonder what all these other superfones on way such as atrix,arc etc will cost .

  • spiderman

I decided to buy it but with this price I think I have to change my mind!!!
really expensive let's wait for the arc or atrix

  • Adithya

what is happening.......we can get a well configured lappy for that price.....is it samsung smart phone or samsung alien ware phone......have they used any rocket science in it....!!

Seeing the price I can really c the galaxy(of stars) in front of my eyes....

  • Anonymous

damn expensive , m happy wid my sansung wave

  • Anonymous

1000 + dollars for a smart phone? Ha! Just when I thought these guys were actually starting to get things right.. You can suck it Samsung.

  • Kasparaitis

I say you stay with Nokia N8 if don't wanna pay this huge amount of money. Thanks Samsung, i no dreaming about you!

  • Anonymous

For me its too expensive,,, Im disappointed that i can not buy that,,,

  • Zuikis

My dream phone now stay in my dreams, i will never gonna to spend £650 for that phone. Samsung fail with unreasonable price.

I just browse in internet and find for same money excellent laptop brand Toshiba with £649.

Here you can see:

BTW Toshiba laptop RAM expandable up to 8,192 MB!

or buy

Sony Vaio VPCS13L9E/B 13'3 W7P 4GB 500GB for £709:

  • Anonymous

what is going on with the pricings of all smartphones?It`s getting higher and higher.I could justify this if the phone was made out of gold or something but they are not.They are all made in china with average material (plastic covers, etc) giving minimum wages to the workers.It all comes down to the global meltdown or maybe the greed of the company making maximum profit.

  • AnonD-1544

I would never pay this price for a phone in general so imagine paying it for samsung no way!!

If it was Apple or Sony I may have over looked it but samsung ???!! A lot of insane things are happening nowadays.

Paying all this money for a product that is referred to as cheap and a clone of iphone is not worth it, so just imagine if it's with this price tag.

  • AnonD-1544

say what !!!

  • chris

People, chill! When Galaxy S I was released, the price was announced between 550-650 euros, but now the SGS is selling for 350-400 euros ...

I'm sure that the price will drop after 1-2 months

  • techlover

hell with this....i'll change my mind, i'll buy other cheaper smartphone. Im not going to spend more than a thousand bucks for this phone!!!

  • Anonymous

2009 camera and you want that much? sorry!!
but not me!

  • techfanatic

too damn expensive. samsung is ripping us off.....

  • Adrian 68

People seem to forget about Nokia's 8800 series phones which soon after release cost £800 upwards on ebay....

Still it does seem rather expensive (compared to the Nexus S), considering it's just a dual core handset. By the time my contract is due for renewal in 13months time. I expect dual core will be the norm

  • lapax

The price of smartphones are starting to get ridiculously high. Smartphone and laptops are starting go cost same.