Ouch! Samsung Galaxy S II available on pre-order now

24 February, 2011
Galaxy S II - Samsung's most advanced phone up to date - has just popped on pre-order at a UK online retailer. The offer says it can be yours on 31 March for £650. This price will definitely empty lots of ...

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  • AnonD-1082

Yet Another Android, 24 Feb 2011WHOA!!!! You're joking. What, has Samsung joined the rank... moreIt's running on the latest Android and the next one (Ice cream) isn't even announced yet. This will get Ice cream before the end of the year and at least it's not outdated like the S^3 on the N8.

  • Anonymous

Guys, this isn't the actual price... remember when the original Galaxy S was supposed to cost $1000?

  • AnonD-1453

Dear GSMarena, I was sure that people at MWC Barcelona said that it'll be available by the end of the month in Europe!! (that's late February or early March)

  • Anonymous

In performance: Optimus 3D > Galaxy S 2 > Atrix

The question left is will the prices match?

  • Yet Another Android

WHOA!!!! You're joking. What, has Samsung joined the ranks of Vertu (Owned by Nokia)? Vertu has the most expensive basic phone out there. There's NO WAY I'm spending that kind of money on a Samsung Phone that will get delayed updates.

  • pep

wow, its about 9,5 million indonesia rupiah :(

  • Anonymous

Hasan, 24 Feb 2011It is cheaper than the others on clove.co.ukIn fact it's cheaper. I don't know why so much speculation about the price in that store.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-583, 24 Feb 2011iphone 5 will kill this for sureHahahaha what?! I didn't know a kid's toy could kill a monster

  • AnonD-1082

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2011badge and brand snobbery at its best...I bet he never heard of the Genesis.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-739, 24 Feb 2011Thats like spending 80,000$ for a Hyundai!!! LOL 8mg pix a... morebadge and brand snobbery at its best...

  • Anonymous

The price is a little too high! I hope the price won't be that high when it's officially released... Or at least a reasonable price with a 2 year mobile contract.. Like the price of iPhone 4 with contract

  • A2

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2011WOW! 650,000 thousand Pakistani rupees !!!It's 65,000 Pakistani rupees

  • usux

AnonD-583, 24 Feb 2011iphone 5 will kill this for sureshow me ur iphone5 then show me what u got

  • Anonymous

wow just cos nokis joint windows!...
You know that nokia fans will now Move over and choose samsung

... sad...

  • Hasan

It is cheaper than the others on clove.co.uk

  • Anonymous

Early adopters will pay my cut. I'm not in a rush to buy it. Its not gonna be cheap, but a lot cheapper than that.

  • Anonymous

Handtec has the 16GB GS2 pre order for £515


  • shopwise

hahaha price is to high for i* design wannabe, i just wait for iphone 5 or the cool SE Arc at least its original... by the way SG SII battery drain fasts so our wallets lol

  • Anonymous

detalla121, 24 Feb 2011ok i had an idea to buy that phone but WHOA! the price is w... morei guess it will be release in the Philippines late this year LOL

  • wedjat

I am from Croatia and here Apple 4 without contract is 1000 euros... how much will this cost hahahahahah
i think i will go with the arc