iOS 4.3 is ready for next week launch, iPhone 5 might have NFC

24 February, 2011
According to people close to Apple, the iOS 4.3 has reached Gold status and should become available rather soon. Meanwhile an Apple patent sketch reveals unknown iPhone with an eWallet icon that can mean only...

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  • Anonymous

george, 24 Feb 2011Near Field Communication allready present in Galaxy S II!Ev... moreIf that is a copy one, it's not from Samsung. Nokia 6131 NFC have this feature since Jan 2007.

  • stretch

who ares at the end of the day its just an iphone.Old tech made to look new.And all the isheep like to believe its cutting edge.What next itll make calls?

  • to george

It's means nothing... Galaxy S have it- yes, but still SW not ready to use it.
Nokia add NFC first time 4 years ago, but it has no success at all.
Success will be after phone vendors will produce NFC ready phones according NFC standards.

  • AnonD-2458

iphone 4 the best of the best.galaxy s is only a copy


will 4.3 have the option to make your own message tones, thats the only feature im missing

  • carlos

iphone girly????? take it uve not cn the ipone4 than lol

  • Anonymous

Omg omf omg o ma feckin gee!!! Err anyway woteva nfc is i dun care.. Woys the difrens of blutut and wifi.

  • Anonymous

hayato, 25 Feb 2011you sound as if touchscreens back then can't be used withou... moreof course they can... but do they respond well with fingers? no.
because they are meant to be used with a stylus. yes they will work without a stylus, but not designed that way.

no one dars to market a touchscreen phone without a stylus but apple. then the rest follows because they realized its a good idea.

remember steve balmer of microsoft when the 1st gen iphone was launched? he laughed about the first iphone having no physical keyboard and just using fingers. look at them now, they developed a mobile OS without the use of physical keyboard.

  • Anonymous

george, 24 Feb 2011Near Field Communication allready present in Galaxy S II!Ev... moreIf that is a copy one, it's not from Samsung. Nokia 6131 NFC have this feature since Jan 2007.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1082, 25 Feb 2011You're gonna get flamed for that. The geeks here will say t... morethats the thought of my post dude.
thats what i meant. apple is good executing ideas.

  • iphonelover

george, 24 Feb 2011Near Field Communication allready present in Galaxy S II!Ev... morethe samsung is a try hard copy of the iphone - icons, layout & looks etc - having a feature such as NFC is not a copy feature...perhaps some people are better informed than others...

  • therealramr

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2011Im still waiting for a male version of the Iphone, its so g... morehaha! funny! :)

Japan uses NFC technology like a decade ago. Even the non-smartphone ones has it.

  • Jteve Sobs

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2011The Nokia C7 has NFC its rumored that even the N8 has one b... moreN8 is not NFC-capable. As of now, I see NFC technology as pretty much useless. Sure, it might be the next big thing in the future with cashless payment and whatnot, but to cause such a big hoo-hah about it, is not going to get me to go out and purchase some expensive device for something that's not even established yet.

For NFC to be fully implemented into every major society and be part of eveyone's life is going to take years, if not, even decades! You could buy a Nexus S, use it until the end of it's operational life, go buy another Nexus S and use it until the end of it's operational life and guess what? NFC would STILL NOT be an established technology.

  • nk

doesn't matter who copy whom. what really matters is who can provide the best right now. apple started many thing but its microsoft's windows that really reach to people no matter how. iphone is really a very good phone but its android which covers the world form mere $150(unlocked) to all the way up to $1050. only problem with android is fragmentation(no matter how much they deny it my defy is still running on 2.1 when others on 2.3). it kill the excitement of having a smartphone when u are 2 gen back

  • Anonymous

The Nokia C7 has NFC its rumored that even the N8 has one but the C7 has it 4 sure!

  • The Magnificent.

I guess giving the new iPhone NFC abilities is kind of neat. Even though I don't think it's hardly worth jumping on board to get the latest model. I've never really cared much for the iPhone though. I'm not some rabid fanboy of a certain maker, even though I've owned more Samsung devices than anything, I don't really hate a particular device. I guess it'll be cool so see what they come up with, I'm pretty happy with my Desire-Z personally, but I think Apple will have to pull out all the stops to bring something that's going be packing the same kind of heat as what was announced at CES this year. Dual Cores are the next big thing, even though I think those are kind of over rated as well, but I would hope at least to see a slight change in the form factor (I like that curved looked that GalaxyS and especially that Xperia Arc have), and probably a more potent camera. Considering my 3 year old Innov8 packs a better camera, than again I think it puts a lot a phones to shame still. None the less, it'll be fun to count how many time they use the words "Magical", "Fantastic", "Beautiful", "Amazing". Subliminal messages FTW!!

  • Anonymous

i have an N8 and an Iphone 4.. N8 wins hands down

  • iphone hater

and where is the FREE GPS like nokia offer.??

for less money, you can have a phone with GPS and free map.

IPhone sucks!

  • Pravi

[deleted post]Hey , do u know what r u saying actually if every mobile manufacturer is copying apple .then why apple is not a market leader in mobile is selling high end phone in US and earning huge amount of $ will not make him a market wasn't the company who drew the attention towards mobile phone it was nokia who done it first years ago and there r lots of small innovative company who r doing innovative not apple.
so never comment like this if u don't know anything.