iOS 4.3 is ready for next week launch, iPhone 5 might have NFC

24 February, 2011
According to people close to Apple, the iOS 4.3 has reached Gold status and should become available rather soon. Meanwhile an Apple patent sketch reveals unknown iPhone with an eWallet icon that can mean only...

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  • AnonD-619

Anonymous, 24 Feb 20112nd of march. i don't think iPhone 5 will be announced.yeah man i also think that cuz apple always releases new iphones on june and also not even the white iphone 4 isn't officially available....also it is said that a new iphone may be coming on september which seems it will be so called iphone nano...smaller version of iphone...

  • Pravi

nothing new , galaxy II has everything earlier than iphone 5 will have.

  • Anonymous

For a second there I thought Apple is coming out with a 4.3 inch iPhone..

  • Anonymous

same design??

  • hayato

AnonD-1082, 25 Feb 2011You're gonna get flamed for that. The geeks here will say t... moreOf course those who are receiving flames are claming iphone as the first touch screen phone and that it was original and the first of all things blah blah.

Of course they will begin sounding as if they've been done wrong by saying iphone only make touchscreen popular and geeks can't accept that fact.

Before posting, try to make it clear first what are you trying to defend.

  • FuelTrollers

[deleted post]Seriously get your facts right before posting.

How are you so sure Apple doesn't use technology from others? ;)

If you tare out all the add ons metal and shit, it's the same as others.

Only real thing u can really compare is the Super AMOLED and IPS TFT and the OS. Rest is hi there can I has this? 5% of phone completed.

Sigh obvious fanboys are obvious.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I dont want to be part of this arguement but to be fair to every phone manufacturer you have to know this... Apple is the 1st 1 to apply multitouch to the mobile phones but thet are not the 1 who invented multi touch. And multi toch is a piece of tech that can also be applied not only to cellphones but also to other digital gagets... And im not a samsung or neither apple fan. But samsung is the major hardware manufacturer of phone screens chipsets and processors... Apple is even 1 of samsungs biggest customers.

  • nokiaz

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2011Yep and i sell my Iphone for a N8 because it doesnt drop ca... moreyour right.well said.

  • 5ushi

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2011*yawn* japan since then has been using those kind of techno... moreIndeed. Japan's NTT Docomo and Softbank carriers have been using them via Felica induction pads. Heck you see them on Japanese laptops as well. Just give your phone a swipe on the palmrest (or wherever the pad is) and your payment is complete. Nothing to type, all you need is a swipe.

And too bad some individuals will claim Apple's at the forefront of mobile payments. They're not full stop. Japan's been at it since around 2000 and I know Korea's been at a mobile solution (via the mobile band and not a close-range RFID implementation) since around then as well.

  • Anonymous

*yawn* japan since then has been using those kind of technology just swiping their phones for payments...

  • Jteve Sobs

AnonD-1082, 25 Feb 2011You're gonna get flamed for that. The geeks here will say t... moreApple was the first manufacturer to come up with the concept for touchscreen-enabled telecommunications device way back in 1983. This was 9 years before the first iPaq devices from IBM with touchscreens ever came to surface!

And just for the record, Galaxy S DOES NOT have an NFC chip! It just offers NFC support. A redundancy IMO.

  • AnonD-1082

[deleted post]You're gonna get flamed for that. The geeks here will say that touchscree phones has been around for a while but what they don't realize and fail to accept is that the iPhone is the first touch screen phone to gain mass appeal to the public.

  • hayato

[deleted post]you sound as if touchscreens back then can't be used without stylus.

  • rokr

i think nokia pioneered this nfc hullabaloo. its one of the specs for 6212 classic. i have no idea though how well this phone sold.

  • AnonD-1825

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2011You can also Drag and drop to my N8 a movie no matter how b... more"05-01-2011 15:40
i am wondering how to play HD video files that are bigger than 4 GB. There is a limitation on the file system currently used on the N8, FAT 32 to support only files smaller than 4 GB.

Now that the N8 is advertised as beeing able to play HD video content, what is the recommended solution to play video files that are bigger than 4 GB? I think this would be files longer than one hour or so."

"Sadly currently only splitting the files to a smaller pieces is the only working solution."

Like i said, so stop lying!, by the way, nice time spending with splitting movies :D

  • Anonymous

george, 24 Feb 2011Near Field Communication allready present in Galaxy S II!Ev... moreDoes it work?!

  • Anonymous

The question is, can you actually make phonecalls? Or is it still an obese iPod?

  • Bricked

By the way, I'm not a Apple Fanboy. I wanted a better media device, and camera, but in my first days of using the N8, im disappointed with it's apps.

  • Anonymous

Bricked, 24 Feb 2011I own an iphone and an N8, and the iphone wins hands down f... moreYou should try android... and let me know!

  • Bricked

bricked, 24 Feb 2011I get your (seemingly) fanboy point, but I own both the iph... moreAnd there's not forgetting the superior browsing experience. Come on, even Opera's browser isnt as fluid or responsive as Safari. That's why Apple allowed it on the App store. Then there's the email. The N8 is great for photos though, and video. Hopefully the pr 2.0 release can improve on things.