BlackBerry Mercury now officially called KEYone

25 February 2017
TCL officially unveiled the device that lurked around with the codename Mercury DTEK70.

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  • AnonD-523334

paintbuckets, 25 Feb 2017Seriously? Who the hell is in charge for naming the devices? The... moreCooler? Mercury was the coolest name.

  • AnonD-523334

AnonD-70078, 25 Feb 2017Is the 625 chipset good enough to run this flawlessly. I doubt itIt has almost half(49.2%) no of pixels than S7 or G5 or HTC 10 or pixel xl which all are butter smooth. Anyway, u can read Gsmarena preview of key one to confirm

  • AnonD-640202

For a daily driver in small business is excellent.

If it want to be compared enterprise level HP Elite x3, there must be at least SD652/653 inside.

Video Conference in Skype is the task that is familiar with business users. Handling multiple users and switching between them simultaneously in some occasion which involve demonstration and presentations is the aim of obtaining business phone, these days.

Lumia 950XL as a semi private (pretend to be business) phone, Thanks to the QHD and SD810 is way behind Elite x3 with QHD and SD820.

DTEK60 is a solid business handset.
KEYone is a privacy and security focused try. Next One (Maybe KEYone 2018 or KEYtwo) would be able to combat Elite x3.

Seriously? Who the hell is in charge for naming the devices? The development stage names sounds cooler than the released one. As far as the chipset is concerned, SD625 isn't that bad and I don't think people who *will* buy this phone will ever use it for gaming or heavy activities, Riiight? But hey, Atleast there's 3000+ mAh batteries and a power efficient chipset that will last you enough a day.

  • AnonD-388312

So many of you think only inefficient chipsets with poor battery life should qualify as a flagship.

You don't make any sense. Battery life is important. Integrating up to a dozen communication related apps into one, navigation and hotkey shortcuts make a device fast.

The most powerful chipsets just drain batteries.

  • Jovan

Blackberry just never learned. They keep selling midrange devices with flagship prices thinking that their brand is a premium. BB brand stopped being a premium brand like five years ago. lol They're kinda moronic. Should just remain dead.

  • AnonD-506570

Way overpriced BlackBerry still is pursuing broken dreams with this device.

  • AnonD-70078

Is the 625 chipset good enough to run this flawlessly. I doubt it

  • AnonD-505842

€600??? that's overpriced!!
€500 is perfect!

AnonD-248589, 25 Feb 2017$550 for that? They must be in crack.Indeed I expected it to be less then 400.

  • AnonD-234961

With this 14nm chipset and 3500mAh battery, it should be a battery beast. But the price is 100$/100EUR higher than it should be, given the midrange chipset.

  • AnonD-599619

when they introduced its pricing they called it as a "Flagship" product and their flagship product has SD 625 ...!
A big face palm for your pricing BB!!! i had tremendous hopes but i have to accept that my one of the favorite phone is DEAD

What's up with BB and their fetish for keyboards on phones?

  • AnonD-523334

Mercury was wayyyyyy better.....

  • AnonD-248589

$550 for that? They must be in crack.

  • Anonymous

It's good!

  • Anonymous

still expensive, just sell it for $350-$400 and people might want to give it a try

  • AnonD-645188

Gpu is adreno 506 not 605
Camera (imx378) is the same found in the pixel (xl)
It should have been under 450 $