Samsung Galaxy S8 to be unveiled on March 29th

26 February 2017
The next Samsung flagship will be revealed on March 29, the company revealed after the MWC keynote.

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  • Chopsticks

Really looking forward to the Galaxy S8 official drop. Love my GS6edge but ready for the latest from Samsung to convince me to go with their latest and greatest.

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 26 Feb 2017Who cares LG G6 is the phone for 2017!!!LOL!!!!

  • Bailey

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2017I'm disappointed with this phone spec's. Samsung could've d... moreA better screen for what purpose?

  • Anonymous

I'm disappointed with this phone spec's. Samsung could've done much better, Iris scanner, bigger screen but same resolution as last years flagships, 4gb of ram and same camera as last year models. Time to see what nokia flagship phone would bring to the table this year and as of now the best option will be Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

  • Anonymous

I am so excited for this Samsung phone!!

  • AnonD-392652

AnonD-270570, 27 Feb 2017I also want to wait for Note 8 as I take a year gap between... moreI really feel ur pain coz I am having the same problem. and yes, if I have any phone rather than the iPhone, I could wait for the Note 8. But having the iPhone is really pain in the a**. now I can't even wait a single day after it starts selling in stores. actually, I want to compare between the G6, OnePlus 3T, and the S8, but I am closer to the S8 honestly. Good luck

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2017Im waiting for Xiaomi SD835 device that will be sold super ... moredude it's true but Xiaomi lacks in camera performance ... Android version ... lacks in global markets ... some phones don't have a global rom at all... MIUI and MIUI forum are great but Xiaomi lacks some major things.. but it worth always if you are not an camera freak like me

  • AnonD-632062

Cool Ad. But now we must go through another barrage of leaks until March 29. If only we could hibernate for a month...

  • zahor

nothing special s8

  • Nokia

I will be on the way to see Brian Wilson in Durant, OK that day.

  • AnonD-548804

Does anyone think the note 8 will have 3.5mm jack?

  • consumersmartphone

Dr.iNov, 27 Feb 2017Prediction, Nokia's flagship will catch more attention than... moreWhatever, S8 alongside with iPhone 8 will dominate the market and top in sell!

  • FaceGle

Cant wait to see the S8. I really like Samsung S series works. From S2, S6 Edge and S7 edge. Love it.

  • AnonD-625786

Yawn. All the hype is gone. Specifications and designs have been leaked, plus the phone is ugly as hell. lol

  • AnonD-270570

AnonD-392652, 27 Feb 2017same here, I spent years with android and I decided to chan... moreI also want to wait for Note 8 as I take a year gap between phones but the iPhone is really a pain and it reminds me how I lost money for something like this, I'm sure everyone who moved to iphone after using a galaxy S or note or any other good android phone knows how it's a charity phone forced to them at much higher price than its actual worth, the only difference is unlike charities who ask you to buy cheap products at high prices to help poors, Apple won't help any poor with that money. My s6 edge was much superior than this iPhone 7 plus brick. I think I won't be able to resist and get the Galaxy S8.

hoping that the exynos will remain as the international variant..this year is a fight between lg and samsung..not counting apple because of different OS..noone using android will go iOS or the other way around unless something like the note 7 happens

  • Guest

It will be identical to LG G6 but only on a curved display

  • AnonD-547142

Lol after you Lunch the S8 Nokia 8 will Launc too also iPhone 8.

  • Dr.iNov

Prediction, Nokia's flagship will catch more attention than this s8 and iPhone8 will dominate the mobile arena in 2017 leaving the s8,s8+, and nokia.

IPHONE 8 we are waiting for you

Come on sammy just go for the kill now