Samsung Galaxy S8 to be unveiled on March 29th

26 February 2017
The next Samsung flagship will be revealed on March 29, the company revealed after the MWC keynote.

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  • AnonD-392652

[deleted post]same here, I spent years with android and I decided to change for some time. I got me the iPhone 7 plus and I keep regretting the moment I bought it. I am now waiting for the S8 to decide on what to buy. I got (LG G6, Sammy S8, OnePlus 3T) as candidates. if I can wait more, I may wait for the Note 8

  • Anonymous

Hudinited, 27 Feb 2017when s8 comes out it will be best and first with sd835 but ... moreIm waiting for Xiaomi SD835 device that will be sold super cheap just like their Mi5 that have SD820. You cant compete with cheapness when all the flagship are expensive like buying a box of gold.

when s8 comes out it will be best and first with sd835 but guys ... dont forget about V30 that will be released after s8 ... (and ofc competitor will be new note if samsung produce it but i dont think so after fiasco with teroristic note 7 .... and thats probably why they buy all 835 and drasticly increase screen sizes ) also answers will come from google htc and oneplus for sure...(huawei dont use SD anymore,Xiaomi releases their own chipset too,apple is just prison for user,lenovo ruins motorola, asus overprices their phones after zenfone 2 (witch uses intel) Sony upgrades just a little bit inside... thats why i dont think they can be real competitors in 2k17) This is just my opinion , doesnt mean that will be as i said but im about 80% sure that we wait battle from LG and SAMSUNG this year as well at first place (keep in mind that in 2016 have over 40 820/821 High end devices but only V20 and S7 make a big sucsess... For V20 is true that was great replacement for firecracker of note 7 )

  • Libra

Year of screen only phone

  • Anonymous

Every move samsung makes is due to "the note 7 fiasco" for eternity. Its way too pathetic the things you read here

  • Slayer

The specs race is no longer the issue, functionality is now the key! Love my Pixel XL but sometimes feel like a break and it is looking like the LG G6. I liked the idea of the HTC U Ultra but the lack of headphone jack is an absolute deal breaker, I used the Moto Z and thank god my headphones are wireless but I do not like to compromise (wanted to watch a movie and charge the phone so no choice). The G6 looks like the full package and about time too as LG lost its way post G3, in my view. The one doubt I have is the release date should have been sooner, like within 2 weeks of MWC but I understand it won't be released until April in which case, I will have to take a serious look at the S8 which will be dropping around the same time, more or less.

  • Dominic

Come on Samsung..
For the style...Kill them all

  • Anonymous

I'm just hoping they put in those akg speakers in s8 and s8+.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2017And the dominator of the bests will be iPhone 8Ha. Now why did toy have to go and break the chain with a lie like that

  • Anonymous

VasiliS7, 26 Feb 2017One of the best for sure. The best will be the S8 and the b... moreAnd the dominator of the bests will be iPhone 8

  • VasiliS7

Note7 owner, 26 Feb 2017Who cares LG G6 is the phone for 2017!!!One of the best for sure. The best will be the S8 and the best of the best the Note 8.

  • AnonD-270570

Note7 owner, 26 Feb 2017Who cares LG G6 is the phone for 2017!!!Yeah for some dozen of people like you. Rest will move to the next.

Who cares LG G6 is the phone for 2017!!!

  • AnonD-270570

I wanted to see the phone so badly 😡

Guess what is also a 'your' phone. The LG G6. If Moto doesn't surprise me with the 2nd gen Moto Z's, I will be unboxing the LG G6. Gosh, LG makes 'your' phones so cool!!!