Google Pixel 2 will allegedly ditch the headphone jack

07 March 2017
This comes from a new unconfirmed rumor purportedly based on "Google documentation".

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ithehappy, 08 Mar 2017Stop trolling, simple as that. You don't know the slightest abou... moreThey're only removing the headphone jack because they can't make phones waterproof with it like Samsung can😂😂😂&#­128514;😂😂😂

  • AnonD-109585

anticipate a law suite from Apple, it'l be hilarious to see Sjob babies wine about this....

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017Haha, big talk as if you yourself know about sound quality. Real... moreYour whole point revolves around comparing USB-C audio to smartphones with WEAK DAC's, way to be fair to phones like the HTC 10, ZTE Axon 7, LG V20, LG G6, etc., which all have superior audio quality to LITERALLY ANY smartphone/headset combo that uses USB-C. (sarcasm on) Way to talk about the whole picture, bub

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017If you are still experiencing syncing and distorted audio with y... moreYou've yet to answer to my other problems with the system you're preaching, kid. Bluetooth is undeniably bugged with latency and quality issues, there's no denying it. Not to mention how you have to charge the headset in addition to all your other technology.
And to your silly little argument about the USB-C port audio, its inferior to a good DAC in a headphone jack. When listening to audio on a USB-C port, the quality of the audio is dependent on the DAC in your headset, where through a headphone jack, the built in DAC determines the quality. In a smartphone with a flagship-worthy DAC, it doesn't matter which pair of headphones you use, you'll always have at least a decent audio experience, whereas through a USB-C port, you need to spend upwards of $100 to get around the same experience. Plus, you can charge your phone while listening to whatever on a phone with a headphone jack, which is just one of the facts you've danced around in your response. Get real, ditching the headphone jack is only crippling the phone that did it, at the moment, and any alternative is littered with compromises. Don't respond until you've got an actual point, okay kid?

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017Haha, big talk as if you yourself know about sound quality. Real... moreYou came to audio output through USB-C now after failing to justify your so called advantages of BT headsets over wired one? Not every headphone needs a DAC. My iPhone 6s happily drives my Audio Technica m50x because it's frequency range is in the range of iPhone 6s output impedence but my other headphone Sennheiser HD598 SE definitely needs a DAC to be able to work properly with my iPhone 6s or any other portable music player as it is more powerful. That's why i bought FiiO E17 for that. FYI not everyone can buy and manage full audio setup. Accepted that digital output from your USB-C definitely provides little better quality but how portable is that solution to have phone and a DAC in your pocket every time you go out? Name one BT headset that has better or same audio quality as my Audio Technica m50x or the HD 598 SE? I play music for long periods of time, will that BT headsets allow me to do so? Please if you know? I will definitely check that.

  • Floppy disk!

Bring back phones with 3.5mm headphone jack and computers with floppy disk drives!!!

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017Do yourself a favor and see if you can even tell the difference.... moreStop trolling, simple as that. You don't know the slightest about audio, stop pretending that you know anything.

  • AnonD-428442

PLAYER SLAYER, 08 Mar 2017Your arguments are pointless... Bluetooth headsets cannot provi... moreIf you are still experiencing syncing and distorted audio with your bluetooth, you must be using a $1 headset with a $10 phone. Seriously, unless you live in a cave, bluetooth technology has improved a lot and those issues you mentioned are non-existant.

And please, you know about DAC? If I'm an audiophile, I rather take a digital out like USB-C and use a separate and BETTER quality DAC myself than rely on some cheap DAC on a smartphone. You don't even know what DAC on these phones are, so stop your pretense kid.

  • AnonD-428442

RaghavaZ, 08 Mar 2017Go and enjoy your cheap BT headsets nobody stopped you doing tha... moreHaha, big talk as if you yourself know about sound quality. Real people that actually know a thing about audio quality would know the advantage of digital out via USB-C vs analog out through a weak DAC in most smartphones. Real audiophiles are not listening music with smartphones anyway. Get over yourself kid, you know nothing about audio.

  • AnonD-632062

Bad decision Google. Now those wanting a Pure Android experience with a headphone jack will head for Nokia's upcoming flagship.

  • AnonD-461725

I have had all the Nexus devices and now own the Pixel XL. I always have my wired earbuds with me. If Google removes the headphone 3.5 mm jack, then i'll buy something else that does...and probably at a better price anyway... Huawei, here i come.

  • Claes de Vrieslaan

well, i told before this.
Nexus is my thing.
Pixel not.

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017Do yourself a favor and see if you can even tell the difference.... moreGo and enjoy your cheap BT headsets nobody stopped you doing that also. If removing that jack didn't improve the sound then why there is a need to do so? Other than further slimming down the phone or to add a little more juice to the battery, what's so futuristic about phone having no jack? Can you explain to all of us how that has become more advanced tech suddenly? I don't need to explain you about differences between wired and wireless headsets. Go through head-fi or what hifi or whatever website that preaches about headphones and their quality. Or if you can go and buy wired and wireless headphones in the same price range and get to know the difference yourself and talk.

  • Anonymous

Flagships were once a company's technological tour de force - unreasonable, expensive, revolting. These phones are not supposed to be safe steps - and the customers should be brave (and rich). If value for money is a thing for you, look elsewhere.

Well for better or worse, at least someone is trying to take a risk.

  • Savor

Pika2000, don't make poor excuses for these greedy companies by stating that we can live without them. We as consumers have the right to make a stand with our wallets. Don't upgrade. Don't give in or they will continue to nickel and dime us by removing basic features and raising prices.

FM radio - For years, I had a Sony PSP and iPod 5th gen. Neither had FM radio. By the time I got a Nokia N82, it was a huge convenience instead of just listening to my mp3. I hear people say who listens to FM radio when you have online radio? Blah blah blah. In the Philippines, we NEED FM radio. Our networks aren't fast enough or data can be limited to prevent streaming. American carriers disable it as it eats into their profits for data since FM radio is free. I think only Sprint has it activated.

IR blaster - The excuse is some don't miss it or rarely use it. Or they have a remote and it is so 2003-2004. But I loved when they brought it back in 2013. Now most are removing it except for Xiaomi and LG. I love this feature because there are times when the TV remote is obscured in my bed or I just can't see it. I click on the remote app and bam! TV is on or can control the volume.

Removable battery -. The battery is the first component to die inside our phones. Why have a sealed one that will swell up? This is the single most important feature to prevent planned obsolescence. I hate to think in 18-24 months, I have an imperfect battery inside my phone. I would like to manually give it another lease in life by my own choice. Not by the OEM.

MicroSD slot - Like removable battery which can future proof a phone's usage, this is future proofing storage. This is the most common here but companies like Apple, OnePlus, and Google doesn't have it.

3.5mm headphone jack - The new trend to omit and for no good reason except to force people into buying wireless headsets or make sorry excuses for courage, waterproofing, or you don't personally miss it. I wouldn't keep a iPhone 7 if they gave it to me for free. If they say to hit the road, Jack, then I won't come back nomore nomore.

I can adopt 4K display for VR. I can adopt USB-C sooner even if the transitional phase is still a bit awkward carrying around an adapter/dongle. But if they continue to remove features from above, forget it. I would hope if Nokia makes a 3310 for 3G/4G speeds in America. How is it that smartphones of today have become dumber and more fragile with glass or bendable, scuffing metal but the $50 dumb feature phones seem to be smarter by maintaining its ruggedness, removable battery, microSD slot, and FM radio?

The current trend sucks. Google is being misled. Soon Samsung will follow because they love to do what Apple does and the rest will follow like lemmings heading towards a cliff.

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017The G lineup never ditch the headphone jack to begin with. Th... moreExcept the later launched Z Play added back the headphone jack. Plus, if a company was gonna ditch the headphone jack for good, why not just go all in all at once? Doesn't that make more sense than 'these phones have a headphone jack, but these other ones don't'?

AnonD-428442, 08 Mar 2017Bluetooth is more than ready. Plenty of cheap bluetooth headsets... moreYour arguments are pointless...
Bluetooth headsets cannot provide the quality that a good flagship DAC can provide. If I'm paying upwards of $600, I want to have a something better than a poor audio experience when I buy a flagship. Plus, not to mention all the downsides of Bluetooth headsets, like dropped connections, distorted audio, latency and syncing issues, the list goes on! Plus you have to charge your headset every couple of hours, where regular headsets don't.

"Many phones have wireless charging support"
Don't make me laugh.
Besides, even if the new Pixels would support wireless charging, you'd only be able to charge it at your house, unless you carry one of those bulky things around wherever you go, and if you used the USB-C port to listen to audio, you'd be tethered to the charging pad, not being able to move your head too far away, or you'd misalign your phone's charging coil on the pad, or even knock it off! Besides,you can't even use your phone while it's on the pad, since if you pick it up, it wouldn't be charging, and if you didn't, you'd move it, misaligning the coils in your phone and the pad, keeping it from charging
I'm not here to argue that this is the next advancement in technology, but until something better comes out, we still need the headphone jack. And plus, your comment was less like 'why we need to ditch the headphone jack', and more like 'how to cope with a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack'. A big theme in your comment was having to settle without a headphone jack, which is a big reason against your claims

  • Anonymous

I won't be buying any phones without the headphone jack. Tired of these manufacturers removing features while jacking up the prices.

  • consumersmartphone

Google want to make more money same as Apple do back that day, that's why! Not because to make waterproof phone, dont lie to yourself and defend this Giant, no need it! Next pixel in my list but I will delete it if no jack! No jack. No! Thanks.

  • AnonD-501550

And Google made fun of Apple removing the headphone jack in their "Introducing Pixel, Google's Phone" advertisement/video. Now who's following the trend set by that rotten fruit?