New photo of the Nokia E6 pops up, solves the touchscreen dilema

09 March, 2011
The rumored Nokia E6 was not unveiled at the MWC 2011, but now we get a new image that answers the important question of whether it's touch-operated. This isn't the first time we see images of the E6...

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  • Arturo

I like it, but i need to know if Vbag (GBA emulator) will work, that's the only reason I bought my old E71 and I haven't changed it...

  • Voffka

NOKIA!!! You doing bad work, your reputation are going down faster than you can only imagine. I'm pretty sure that you are aware of this. Pls do something! This E6 could be much better if you added just a couple of features, bigger screen, touch screen, charger via mini usb, internal memory 16g. There is no secret, the recipe is well known.

  • A

If only it had the N8 camera, I'd be all over this. I still prefer the keyboard from my e71 over anything on a touch screen.

  • Anonymous

Touch-bad sunlight legibility, non-touch-good sunlight legibility, I would go for non-touch for a business phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011iPhone 4 make call better than your Nokia buggie software t... moreYeah of course! Like Steve Jobs said: you just have to hold it the right way so maybe... just MAYBE you can make a call.
iPhone 4 is strong? Hahaha, Yeah yeah... Just take a look:
Nothing more to say. (:

  • wtf?

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011It is not a first nokia that packs a screen ofa bigger reso... moreJackass N900 is a maemo device, the nHD was a limitation on symbian but not on maemo, thats why its a first for nokia to have one more than nHD on Symbian.

  • no no no

No more NOKIA for me guys.
Secondly, fully touch screen, or fully buttons. These hybrids are just NOT COOL. Nokia probably thinks, they've found some genuine combination, but it's just ridiculous.

  • Nick

Another hanging phone from E series?

  • rell

its fake

  • Anonymous

Above the screen it's written C0 or something, so maybe this not Eseries phone, but I'm quite sure it's using Symbian OS..(Symbian^3 or Symbian S60 3rd??)

  • Hey!

Symbian s40? OMG! Nokia, you're ruining the reputation of your own phone! E series is well known for it's position on the smart phone and the high end line.

Putting Symbian s40 on E series? Very great nokia, very great. So long nokia, I think we will never see you in the competition for the best high end smartphone for a looooooooooong time with your lovely symbian and WP 7.

  • ashu

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011S40 = java not Symbian.its a Symbian 3rd not java :D

  • AnonD-628

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011All right. Good luck trying to make a call with your iPhone 4.hahahahaha, man you're funny!!!!!
You're kidding, right????

  • AnonD-2815

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011rumour nokia a.k.a microsoft phone will sell SymbianOS :)Yes you hered right nokia is selling symbian OS to microsoft after rumoured google-samsung deal completed i.e google going to sell android to samsung..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]rumour nokia a.k.a microsoft phone will sell SymbianOS :)

  • Anonymous

Fixed focus, I cant believe it:((( Nokia WTF???!!!

  • Anonymous

samsung galaxy pro is just around the corner so nokia better hurry up and introduce this phone instead of releasing teasers like this. nokia is really in disarray especially now with their surprise merger with windows. samsung is going to be number 1 very soon if nokia keep this up.

  • phonewatcher

there's an update for ovistore! :)

  • AgniV

Software is what we are interested in- it's what gets the job done. Hardware is the language that we use to communicate the idea, which is software. Now if Nokia releases phones with excellent hardware but outdated software, what is the point of the phone then? What kind of retard will pick up a crap Symbian or even worse (gasp!) S40 phone with an 8MP camera! It's like selling a quad core PC with Windows 98 as the only installable OS... give up Nokia... Symbian was great... WAS... but not anymore... please make an Android phone... No... we won't laugh at you... we won't call you a sell out... no pride lost... you'll sell more than any other Android phone maker and you'll win your fans back...

  • ryo

Please Nokia, no more Symbian phone!