Nokia will unveil a new Symbian^3 device at CTIA

16 March, 2011
Nokia has sent invitations about a special event just a day before the CTIA Wireless starts. The Finnish manufacturer is going to present a new device to join the current Symbian army and hopefully sell...

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  • AnonD-3196

march 24th and no new phone came out from nokia...

  • Sakala

Is this going to be available for S2 customers as well.

  • N900

when symbian is concern, nothing much to anticipate. im still waiting for meego N950 if it is really there. so far N900 and maemo5 works best.

  • AnonD-695

the truth, 19 Mar 2011what do you think about the fact that it is taking so long just ... moreSlow development of symbian can be blamed by the lazyness of symbian foundation. now that nokia owns symbian, development is generally faster now.

  • orpheus

It is nice to have a variety of softwares in order to have competition! That's the power and the motive for other companies to make better and better softwares for us! What't going on with you android fans?! Why are you so obsessed with android as a ruler! That seems like a weakness to me! You prefer it! But there are millions of other people who prefer symbian or windows phone or webOS or blackberry OS or bada OS! And that's nice!

It is really sad to hear from android fans and only(!) that they don't want another software to exist apart from theirs! I want! We want! We want to have the capability to choose! Will you "let" us?

  • the truth

AnonD-695, 17 Mar 2011damn the media, trying so hard to make it seem that symbian is '... morewhat do you think about the fact that it is taking so long just to change the UI on symbian (all i know it's been years), symbian is not evolving quickly anymore, it is not flexible, it is getting too old it and it is becoming harder to work with...that's why it is so hard and taking damn long just to change the UI....what do you think about android rapid development


Nokia is a turtle and symbian is a old/dying man....both are too slow to go far

  • AnonD-491

"rather than another 8-megapixel-fixed-focus-680Mhz-nHD-screen smartphone." LMAO! :D

  • worker

UB, 18 Mar 2011Too bad there's no T-Series, it's the S-Series.You will be amazed on monday ;)

  • UB

worker, 18 Mar 2011Nokia will introduce the following models: E6-00 you have seen ... moreToo bad there's no T-Series, it's the S-Series.

  • AnonD-3535

MR A, 17 Mar 2011buy any phone becz 2012,21, the end of the worlds.Oh really? how many worlds do we have? real world?, underworld?, a whole new world? So funny huh.

  • xekrax

I think Nokia will realese nokia x7

  • worker

Nokia will introduce the following models:
E6-00 you have seen some leaked photos
X7-00 also some pictures are on net
T7-00 and this one will blow your mind ;)

  • Zico

Whatever it will take a more yr to come to market when android will start ruling market
so its better for them to bring new versions of softwares

  • Anonymous

After deciding to ditch symbian platform from high end smartphones, nokia is still releasing phones with s^3 os. Sigh! And they are expecting even greater sales? Im startled.

  • Technoadviser

Having tested Windows 7 on PC and IE 9, I have noticed that Microsoft can now bring a great user experience. I had ditched using IE for the last four three years, but now I am back to IE and Win 7. For that I will definitely give a benefit of doubt to the Nokia Microsoft partnership

  • MR A

buy any phone becz 2012,21, the end of the worlds.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-291, 17 Mar 2011rumors are just rumors. technology has moved on to dual core and... more"and no use of saying symbian is efficient and doesn't require dual core because the lack of raw processing speed is clearly being seen in current Nokia phone's web browser."

It is? In what, synthetic benchmarks? My N8 browser works just fine, including Flash content. Install Opera Mobile, and it's competitive in speed with much "faster" phones.

  • Mustafa

LaW, 17 Mar 2011Nokia good luck with america cause they will never let go of the... moreHas nothing to do with complexity. I've had Symbian phones are they were buggy and unpolished. The number of times my playlists for music would refresh, phone would freeze and reset randomly were too many to count with Symbian. At least with Android and iOS there is more stability. Plus Nokia doesn't power their phones with strong enough processors.

  • AnonD-291

AnonD-695, 17 Mar 2011how can you be so sure about that? we'll just have to wait and s... moreyeah we'll have to wait and watch.

  • A

starman, 17 Mar 2011lets face it! unless this new Nokia/Microsoft deal goes really r... moreThat may be the case for you and the average American user, but not for me and others. What's so "best" about the iphone OS? That it has shiny animations and is simple to use, as long as you don't try to do anything too advanced? Yawn... HW and SW are both important. And artificially crippled SW or HW is unacceptable, no matter the eye candy.