Nokia will unveil a new Symbian^3 device at CTIA

16 March, 2011
Nokia has sent invitations about a special event just a day before the CTIA Wireless starts. The Finnish manufacturer is going to present a new device to join the current Symbian army and hopefully sell...

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  • boldap

Good News...

  • c6

hey it is C6 not C7 :)

  • bigfish


  • AnonD-4098

seriously...who likes symbian to the power ? ... it's old and limited, too simple to compete with Android and iOS (WP7 is out of the league:P)
and still they come with more phone of the same OS while they know that android is the best out there to raise their sales ;\

  • ExpectingSumNew

i hope they just give us a big surprise and release a meego and a really decent phone to actually compete with the others... i am fricking getting annoyed that nokia has not released a decent phone that i can buy to show off with and get amazed with the features every time i watch it. COME ON NOKIA BRING OUT A MEEGO PHONE QUICK I AM GETTING INPATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!