Xiaomi Mi 6 box says 30MP camera inside

01 April 2017
A 4,000mAh battery to keep the lights on in the Snapdragon 835-powered phone.

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Happy April Fools

  • AnonD-510098

Dayum, who gives a F about the camera when the standard Mi6 is getting a beastly 4000mah battery xD

Deffo gettting the Mi 6 Plus this year.

  • Anonymous

Nokia have 41 mp camera Nokia 808

  • AnonD-653467

Wow, that is amazing! 30MP Camera, 6GB ram and other cool features too?, That sounds like a great phone to me...

  • Anonymous

Who needs 30MP. This just degrades image quality because of lower size of each individual pixel

Is this an joke of April Fool?

  • Greywall

I knew it , its april fools day Xiawmeh

  • Rayne

XtremE16, 01 Apr 2017China = 30 mp But if brand Sony,samsung,apple,htc,Google pixe... moreAgreed. Just like putting a 4000mah battery that have same battery endurance of a 3000mah battery.

  • Hoffmann

We won't get fooled from the high resolution. A camera can be 12 MP (S7, HTC 10), still be better than a 20 MP camera (HTC One M9, Z3 etc). You better come with good quality instead of just pumping the MP up

  • Greywall

what a great number indeed. I suddenly remember Sony :D

China = 30 mp
But if brand
Sony,samsung,apple,htc,Google pixel {doesn't need high resolution for brand}= 13 mp=30mp (Only china produce need lof of hardware for campare to branded)
Hop u guys understand...