Huawei has sold 5 million Mate 9 units in the first four months

12 April 2017
For the first time, the company has given an update on sales of its latest Mate-series flagship.

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  • AnonD-634681

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2017Of course, my carrier allows customers test the (unlocked) ... morenot all companies do, some mobile providers give you 14 days if you change your mind, doesn't even need to be a reason, but other companies will only let you return it in 14 days if you complain about quality of signal, and some just outright say no from the get go, but online retailers usually have a time period anyway as standard for returns

  • ccychin

AnonD-541826, 13 Apr 2017Android O stands for OREO and that is sureno noooooooooo android o stand for orange..... in order to fight with apple lmaoooo

  • Anonymous

Someone Else, 13 Apr 2017Wait, you can returned a phone just because you don't like ... moreOf course, my carrier allows customers test the (unlocked) device for 14 days and if not pleased, we're free to return it. What, isn't this how it goes everywhere when you order something from a webstore? Thought this was the standard.

And it's "return", not "returned". "You can return a phone... " And "have you returned a phone..." ;)

  • AnonD-541826

Android O stands for OREO and that is sure

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2017Oh, yeah - EMUI has really gotten better over the years. I ... moreWait, you can returned a phone just because you don't like the UI?

  • Anonymous

chester1267, 13 Apr 2017they have improved their design over the years, improved th... moreOh, yeah - EMUI has really gotten better over the years. I remember my wife's old Ascend P7 and that was completely horrible. But on my Mate 9, the UI has been polished and seems to work just fine. Really surprised, I was prepared to return the phone if the UI wasn't good enough.

  • AnonD-632062

5 million units? That's good for you Mate!

  • chester1267

they have improved their design over the years, improved their own manufactured chipsets kirin, partnership with leica, optimized UI.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2017I have heard the LCD on Mate 9 is awful. Looks okay to me, definitely not the most flawless LCD out there, though.

  • AnonD-252981

Well not very surprising, Huawei is 3rd biggest by volume seller of phone coming in just behind Apple Inc. They are the giants on the telecommunications infrastructure.

  • AnonD-454153

still happy with mate s ,gonna upgrade to mate 9 or honor 8 pro

  • AnonD-514012

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2017It has nothing to do with Leica, By far best selling hua... moreIt's all about Leica. My sis who has use iphones for 7 years and never visited any mobile phone tech sites just bought P9 because she said her friend Leica phone took good pictures. The fact is Majority of people don't know what is kirin snapdragon or A-chip are and don't know how high Dxomark which device earn. Leica or Zeiss is really make sense to them.

  • Anonymous

wow.. i never seen thin phone around me, my friend, my office, my neigborhood
i must living no where in earth

Unknown company? Lol.
One of the biggest telecom companies at a global level and holder of significant telecom patents. Their technology is used throughout the world in wired and wireless telecom networks.

If you mean just their phone business, they are not unknown either. Maybe in some western markets, but globally they are reasonably well known. They have been making phones since 2011 if I am not mistaken.
Oh, they are also one of the only 3 companies who make their own socs as well, including modems.

  • AnonD-643107

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2017Maybe we will be surprised to see that smartphone world wil... morePopulation of China - 1386 mill
Population of Europe - 743 mill
Population of North America - 579 mill

Chinese manufacturers can stay just in China and they can be very successful!

  • Anonymous

Maybe we will be surprised to see that smartphone world will soon be dominated by Chinese....

  • AnonD-113455

AnonD-1825, 12 Apr 2017I wonder what huawei did right to gain this brand name, for... moreSo that means Apple is #3 .;

I love the speed and camera performance of the Mate 9.Equal to the Samsung S7 edge performance as well and cheaper than it's starting price.Great job Huawei.

Well done to Huawei, excellent milestone

  • Bbula-c240

Ive got one of these about 2 weeks ago after some 8 years with samsung phones. And Im impressed have to say. I do miss removable battery, deep blacks of amoled screen, and s pen. I absolutly love camera, battery is a big plus and with super charge I can live without removable battery which I didnt thought was possible. build quality is great, but I miss grippy back cover of my note 4 as metal body is more slippery and I never ever used any covers on my phones in a same way Ive never put bubble wrap on my cars.

I would have stayed with samsung if it wasnt for note 7 fiasco, and thats not because of lack of trust in their products, its because there was not much alternative when it comes to phablets and I really liked note series.

right now samsung has lost all I liked about it, no removable battery, no proper buttons under the screen, no remote control, silly (but good looking) edge screens, and all glass build. So I thought, if it is pretty much as any other phone right now, why should I buy it?