Galaxy S8 red tint is no big deal, Consumer Reports says

24 April 2017
Consumer Reports put the Galaxy S8 to its tests, found an easy fix to the so-called problem.

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  • AnonD-481725

No no, don't get it wrong, it is innovation not an issue XDDD

Finally it's okay (but if we talk seriously and frankly, come on man, it's incredible that to a company big/ stable like Samsung still happens these kind of things, and after the flop of the Note 7 to seems even bigger) but let's say that at least it's not a big deal.

  • AnonD-548804

This situation sucks.I've already returned my s8 plus for the red screen. But hopefully I'll get a perfect one on Friday. I'm going to open all the stock the store has untill I get one

  • Anonymous

when white turns red itsn't a big deal

  • AnonD-93439

$1000 for issue out of box, wow.

  • AnonD-609382

Guys a phone worth 1000$ getting reddish when you open it out of the box is not a big deal!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Just about the most expensive phone available right now and it cannot display the colour white correctly by default but don't worry it's no big issue! Who says Samsung don't have a sense of humour. I expect accurate colours at the prices being charged not silly excuses like the red tint looks nice! Pathetic.

  • Anonymous

Mzma PIB, 24 Apr 2017The big deal when claim equip with LPDDR4 & USF2.1 but actua... moreActually p10 can have : emm 5.1, ufs 2.0 or ufs 2.1 as storage. Memory ram ddr3 or ddr4.

6 possibilities

  • Anonymous

AnonD-634681, 24 Apr 2017So despite GSM going above and beyond to mention THREE TIMES tha... moreMany users try to change rgb settings but did not work. Check XDA foruns.
Some ppl believe it is because new amoled.

  • AnonD-94869

It is not a big deal for a 50 $ device, not for a bloody 1000 $ rip off

  • AnonD-664385

Ppl buy expensive phones to have premium device to have all the state of the art features.. whats the point to buy such device which requires users to tinker their "best" displays to date to get fine results?

  • AnonD-634681

AnonD-483897, 24 Apr 2017I knew it. People just need a reason to bash. (Wanna fight me?)If i could sit here and correct everybody thats clearly bashing i think id be here till my death bed arrives

  • AnonD-634681

kostantinos_greece, 24 Apr 2017"its not big deal"....ladies and gentlemen this is the official ... moreSo despite GSM going above and beyond to mention THREE TIMES that "no big deal" was NOT samsungs response... you're still mad at samsung?
1. consumer reports is an 'independent company'
2. samsung instantly said they'd bring an update out to "fix" something you can do yourself AND
3. consumer reports also said a. when you have two next to eachother you notice it. b. it looks appealing(nice looking) and natural(normal) which made THEM, not samsung but CONSUMER REPORTS say its not a big deal

So chill out mr keyboard warrior before you hit a key too hard and choke on it

  • AnonD-19330

As a general phone problem it's not a big deal, but based on all Samsung's advertising on their QC process's and improvements all to reassure us that the Note 7 will not happen again it is very poor. Really goes to show how bad QC in Samsung is if this was not detected earlier.
I wonder what else they missed in their haste!

  • kostantinos_greece

"its not big deal"....ladies and gentlemen this is the official response from samsung...goodbye samsung...i had all galaxy phones but no more samsung after that childish answer

The big deal when claim equip with LPDDR4 & USF2.1 but actually came with LPDDR3 & eMMC 5.1 + premium price..

2017 Huawei "Hardware Gate"

  • AlienNextDoor

It's a big deal for the price.

Samsung should have focused on battery life and software, rather than edge screens and weird aspext ratios.

  • Anonymous

This is not a big deal, this is a HUGE deal.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2017What? No big deal? I don't trust if one happily buys a new phon... moreWhen you go to the store to buy it of course you check it first before purchasing. Dont just buy blindly and unbox it to see you got a defective unit.

  • Anonym

And this pretty much sums up the credibility of "Consumer Reports".
Let us now gather and get in line to buy the 2016 MBP that CR now also loves (they found it in they heart$$$ to re-test the machines according to Apple rules).