In case you were wondering, The Galaxy S8’s Always-on home button won’t burn-in

26 April 2017
A little investigation with some business cards confirms that the Galaxy S8 has implemented a mechanism to prevent the button from burning it into the pixels.

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  • Gman

I have had to get my S8+ replaced due to screen burn. I bought a Samsung flip cover that displayed the time when the cover was shut, this however led to screen burn of the time into the screen. They have replaced it, but not trusting the case not to do it again I had it in a 3rd party case and then my phone fell 6 inches to the floor and have a lovely crack the length of the phone. Just looking online for cost of replacement screen and I guess I'm looking at keeping the crack considering the AUD400 I've been quoted so far. I've had an S4 and S6 and now this one. Judging by the quality of this one I may well move away from Samsung from now on.

Just because it skips around doesn't mean it won't burn in since it's only skipping around the same few spots! It may take longer for the burn in to set but eventually, it will happen.

  • MobileMan

Simon , i understand your point , i am commenting since i was surprised by level of burn in on store display & Yes , 24 x 7 store display is gonna burn , i have not had slightest burn in on my s6 Edge.

  • Simon

MobileMan, 27 Apr 2017Yes , Anonomous , AMOLED have burn in issue quite sorted ou... moreStore display is reasonable as it's displaying the same thing 24/7, for months.

I find it funny how people who never had an AMOLED in this topic are concerned about burn in. I had an S4 and S6 and never had the tiniest sights of any after 2 years of usage. And those were older gen Oleds. The last time I've heard about burn in was in the Nexus One days, with old gen, low res Oleds. These days people will surely replace their phones before they see any burn in at all.

  • MobileMan

Yes , Anonomous , AMOLED have burn in issue quite sorted out , but it still there as i said S7 Edge burn - in on shop display , but my friends S5 is working fine & my S6 Edge is also fine with ALWAYS ON as i said but its only 17 months old , just want to upgrade to S8 , but doing a wait & watch as some initial issues are sorted out , like this articles or the red tint etc.

  • MobileMan

Ok , PKC , not had a chance to check that on S8 , but will check.
Anonymous , as you said the static image gave ghosting image and then it recovered , that what i am talking of - fortunately before it does permanent damage , you changed the video or changed the screen content, one thing for sure your screen colours must have changed slightly , it happens in every AMOLED , but i believe it happens quite slowly on regular usage like gmail , social media or youtube videos without static stuff . In short , for AMOLED you must still enjoying doing regular work anything apart from Static.
AMOLED Screen Colours blow out LED in Contrast , saturation , colours ( Very Artificially bright though ) any day be it PLS IPS LCD or Quantum Dot IPS LCD , like LG V20 , i just put my " always on" CLOCK in direct sunlight & the time is seen just so clearly with superb contrast.
The reason why sAMOLED or your Nokia 808 did not burn in is because Always ON , actually works on very low brightness mode ( approx. 30% more lower brightness then your phones lowest brightness ) , using less RGB leads to less chance of burn in. Thats why i said wait for 2 years we might see navigation button or home button burn in on S8 after that not before.

  • PKC

If you just want Always On Display with hidden home button then just go to the "Always On Display Settings" and then select "Content to Show" and just select "Clock or information" Only. The Home Button will be hidden and will be active with the pressure sensitive touch....

Enjoy :)

  • Anonymous

MobileMan, 26 Apr 2017.alpha & gayanga - Yes , it does not consume much ba... moreI am using my Nokia 808 with always on display every day since 2012.. Not a single pixel burned.. Once I played a music video on youtube that is 2 hours long while displaying a static image.. After that I realised a slight ghosting effect on the screen but that quickly went away after a few minutes.. LOL Amoled technology has went far beyond burn-ins

  • Anonymous

MobileMan, 26 Apr 2017Eitherway , it will definately burn faster than regular Ole... moreYou are right, the OLED burn-in will be slower and wider but sure as well. GOOD business though for Samsung, selling more phones lasting shorter.

  • AnonD-484217

-thats reminds me the home button of previous iphone hahaha still samsung proved that they are a copy cat

  • Alien

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2017Buy op 3t thenThanks but no thanks!
I was just saying to another person on a different article that the oneplus doesn't satisfy my needs :
- No SD card slot
- No waterproof
It is also very expensive. In my country I found it for 553 EURO / 602 USD. For that cash I could buy a Sony or a Sammy..

  • MobileMan

.alpha & gayanga -
Yes , it does not consume much battery , but always on display means it is "ON" - 24 x 7 and thats bad for AMOLED , but visually appealing , the OLED are meant for regular workload like whatsapp , facebook , Instagram which users checking different pages randomly etc. not for Static images / text like the home button , or too much of hard-core gaming , all of which burn faster. If you use social media or email ( even on white background ) the sAMOLED will stay much longer , my friends sAMOLED screen ( S5) is 3 years old & not much burn in as he uses it only for Social Media work.

  • Anonymous

Alien , 26 Apr 2017I don't like the fact that you cannot change the button ico... moreBuy op 3t then

  • Anonymous

AnonD-104968, 26 Apr 2017except for reduced standby battery consumption or is it in... moreIt means increase in standby battery consumption

  • MobileMan

Eitherway , it will definately burn faster than regular Oled screen like samsung s7 edge , & No , even newer sAMOLED do burn i have seen severe screen burn-in of S7 edge on a shop display , only thing the newer display last way longer than 720p old pentile matrix arrangement.
The Google navigation bar is notorious to burn in on AMOLED , since its in active position on 80% of Apps except Camera & Video ( Youtube ) , similarly S8 Navigation bar is on 80% Apps , apart from 24 x 7 home button which will burn faster ( The movement only help delay a bit ) , i think in regular use consider 2 years burn-in time.

  • .alpha

It still burn-in, just slower. After months, there will be a square in the area that's lighter than the rest due to burn-in

  • AnonD-104968

except for reduced standby battery consumption
or is it increased standby battery consumption
ha ha...

  • Anonymous

well done to samsung for thinking this through

  • Anonymous

cyber, 26 Apr 2017it will burn no matter what they try,thaths part is inevita... morebetter than using an old tech lcd though

  • AnonD-664858

This is true. I have a LG G Watch R and I see the face jump around, but because I use the same face always it has burned in. It doesn't jump around enough to make a difference.