In case you were wondering, The Galaxy S8’s Always-on home button won’t burn-in

26 April 2017
A little investigation with some business cards confirms that the Galaxy S8 has implemented a mechanism to prevent the button from burning it into the pixels.

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  • Anonymous

So, the always-on is better in G6...


everyone keeps nagging "oh the home button is not in comfortable position"

but the truth no company has made one yet because why cant they put finger print sensor on the side of the phone

  • AnonD-585282

Samsung boys before now be like New tech OLED from smasung don't burn in. The tech has been perfected, that was for old versions, Yeah right. Even the almighty from God, above all, ahead of it's time GS8 burns and the tech has been perfect, great! What else is on? I wonder how long it will for samsung to come clean about the fake colors also. Am sure thats by the time someone asks another relevent color question since the burn in has been cleared.

Carol, 26 Apr 2017They will burn in anyway, this skipping novel is blablabla!... moreIt does goes around the screen but only within the pressure sensitive area of the home button. Skipping a few pixel away do helps. It is oled not lcd. But I understand your concern. You were thinking that some pixels would overlap from its previous position. That would cause burn-in. Yes but no. You see, the square design of the home button is not a perfect square. The is a little gap at the bottom left and top right. Thats mean there is an opening where the pixel is always off. They designed it to prevent overlapping of pixel when this 'skipping' occurs. I say, that is rather smart and detailed thinking from Samsung.

  • Anonymous

I just keep mine off,I don't need an always on display,there is a BIG OL notification led on my S8.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2017So they will indeed get burned in if they don't change the ... moreThey will burn in anyway, this skipping novel is blablabla! To really avoid burning in it should go around the screen, not skipping two pixels...

I think they originally intended to use that home button as fingerprint ​reader. It would be amazing. And I think it is still possible to launch camera by double pressurized press in home button. It is the best shortcut for to launch a camera, ever.

  • Anonymous

So they will indeed get burned in if they don't change the position of icons (skip), right?