Sony Xperia XZ Premium vs iPhone 7 Plus quick camera comparison

30 April 2017
Our first hands-on with the Xperia XZ Premium at the European launch event quickly turned into an impromptu camera comparison with the iPhone 7 Plus.

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  • AnonD-450518

Strolls will be strolls......

  • AnonD-77443

Anonymous , 02 May 2017More pixels mean more details, not colors. Get your fact st... moreActually, more pixels on small mobile sensors often means more noise (less detail). Which is why most manufacturers are reducing MP, increasing sensor size and improving other camera areas.

  • Anonymous

Even moto g4 does better than iphone...
I wonder why ppl think iphone is fancy and good....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-664474, 02 May 2017With regards, most popular YouTubers actually use Sony DSLR... moreYour comments on Sony being on top of everything is a damn joke...Sony is bleeding red and soon Bankruptcy will be calling that worn out company.

  • Anonymous

IPhone is way better,Give it up,Sony..Lmao

  • Anonymous

Sony is in my heart. Very superb phones in all aspects.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2017If you prefer the sony pic that has that much noise it look... moreAt the end of the day, Sony still retain those natural colors and shading of the environment unlike Samsung and Apple.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-635604, 02 May 2017More mp mean more colour in every pixel....More pixels mean more details, not colors. Get your fact straight fanboy.

  • Anonymous

DenisXD, 02 May 2017yeah. Iphone takes dull, truer to life photos when xzp take... moreAre you sure? Check again. You are missing something, and I have already given everybody a hint.

Seems to me most here are blind to the fact XZ auto is not in hdr mode, while iphones auto includes hdr postprocessing.

  • doministry

Great. Sony looks great again. Happy to see the progress! Detail is great, all the rest is better than iPhone.

Comparing the photos side to side, it seems that
1. Noise on both cameras are comparable. Would not say that one is better than the other.
2. Details on the XZP is slightly better than iP7P maybe because of the higher pixel count.
3. Dynamic range is much better on the iP7P
4. Colours are very good on the XZP, but will need to compare to real life before any conclusion.

  • AnonD-664474

Lex79, 02 May 2017An excellent assessment and I agree with virtually all that... moreWith regards, most popular YouTubers actually use Sony DSLRs. But those in budgets are happier with Canon and Nikon, but professional Hollywood movies are mostly done by Sony cameras.

I still don't get how they can't seem to nail it. When they released the XZ with new hardware features and that 5-axis EIS, I thought they have learned a lesson, but I see that they have just done the same damn thing over and over again. Seems like they've lost interest after the Z3.
They better hire a new team or shut down the Xperia division and build a new and better mobile division with more progressive, innovative, creative, practical, and capable enough to handle a very popular brand.

Almost all Sony products like TVs, Gaming Consoles, Cameras, and Audio Systems are successful if not being at the top. Xperia mobile division is the only thing left behind. They maybe have focused on others that they forgot their mobile division's progression.
I'm looking forward to another Xperia Z1 to Z2-like upgrade from Sony in the future, but right now, I'm looking forward to what they could bring at IFA 2017

  • Yogi

Photos taken by XZP are way better than iP7 n iP7+.
I don't know much about details of photography but what my naked eyes see n feel realised me that XZP camera shots are real to life...!

  • AnonD-226698

DenisXD, 02 May 2017yeah. Iphone takes dull, truer to life photos when xzp take... moreThis is an old debate... Back a few years Sony and other OM's were taking normal looking shots and people hated them compared to the overly saturated and instagram filter looking pictures that the Galaxy phones were taking...

  • AnonD-226698

...for you not in the know:
They both have Sony sensors. (XZp and Iphone 7)
Albeit the Iphone 7s is a 13mp and the XZ has 19MP
I'm surprised that the ZXp seems to be taking the better images in this comparison. Apple always edge out sony because of better post processing algorithms using their sensors (!!??) but in this case (At least in daylight) Sony seems to have done a good job.

Anonymous , 02 May 2017Are you sure? Check again.yeah. Iphone takes dull, truer to life photos when xzp takes more saturated, contrasty photos.

  • Jonru

iPhone is clearly the winner, look at that awful dynamic range from XZ Premium..

AnonD-664474, 02 May 2017I'm a Sony fan but cameras of Xperias must be done better ... moreAn excellent assessment and I agree with virtually all that you have said (though my personal view is Sony do not compete with the best of Nikon & Canon in the DSLR market), especially with your comments on 'motion blur'.

Whilst the XZ for instance is not necessarily worse than the competition in this regards, there are certainly no benefits in blur reduction as claimed by Sony.

Maybe there has been some improvements made with the XZP in this regards, but I have my doubts.

Overall, I share your sentiments, Sony could and should be doing better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2017Well.. to each his own then. While I like the color on Sony... morePlease look at the 1st and 2nd image comparison, the deck of the ship is very detail on XZP (1st image), but when you see the iphone the deck of the ship is blur r r r r r r r r (2nd image), CAN'T YOU SEE?