New Motorola handsets leaked

24 Jan, 2007
As an unexpected information leak confirmed, Motorola has plans for releasing a handful of new handsets in 2007. Those include MOTO RIZR Z8, MOTO KRZR K3, MOTO Q2 HSDPA, MOTO Q EDGE plus...

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  • Mr In Sane

The pixels can sometimes mean it can be printed at higher size, but also if you print a smaller picture it will be more clear. Varying lenzes can pretty much determine the picture and this can boil down to how cheap it has been made from one phone to the other. I've seen some even at vga level that have been very good cameras.

  • Darren Harlow

Your right Moto haven`t produced a 3.2, however have you seen the quality of Krzr`s camera??
Correct me if I`m wrong, but I`m sure that picture quality comes from the lenses and Pixels determines how big the image can be printed at.. Handsets look stunning as per all Moto`s..

  • cesaritox09

They're still trying to exploit at maximum razor success, but it is starting to get so boring, much people are starting to get boring by their UI, icons, etc etc...and lack of options.

  • celleer

motorola hasnt any phone with 3,2 mpix camera
shame shame shame

  • Bo

I do care about how new motos will look like, but i'm more concern about its UI.

  • KORE

same ol same ol.... its liketheyre stuck on the v the interface sucks badly

  • Nigredo

The RAZR era is ending and now the SCPL will rule the world cutting every other company!

  • Anonymous

upgrade over existing platoform? motorola.....the days of RAZR is got to keep innovating instead trying to emulate past success....handphones are not PCs, where upgrade over exisitng platforms makes sense. Mobiles are personal devices, symbols, representing what you are, who you i dun wan to buy a new phone and get ppl telling me, "isn't that your old moto"? what else can 1 do with moto? what applications? what games, themes, tones? besides slim design n all....i cannot see moto going anywhere near nokia...although nokia sucks in some aspects.....

  • al

when will we hear...'motorola scrapped their horrific user interface for all of their phones and licensed Company X's (any company but motopopo) UI'? new craps are still craps...all stink the same no matter how many times you milk the same design.

  • Anonymous

Just like Porsche.....they keep improving!

The K3 is very nice looking & handy......just like the K1. The only problem with the K1 is the low resolution PLUS the low quality camera! Motorola also use cheap loud speaker!

The K3 should be a big hit once Moto improve on the above mentioned.

Look at my A1200, it's a great phone with clear, high resolution screen. Very reliable & user friendly once you learn it. The battery life for talk time & stanby time is very good too! The only complain is the hands free speaker phone, which is not clear at all(low quality speaker)!!! It is such a big contrast to my Nokia 8800's excellent speaker phone! By the way, the camera is of low quality 2MP!

  • lil noks

motorolex to be more precise,nice.but hey what about the features \are you targeting us or are you targetting our grandparent.if so,hope they buy it cos we the people for it cannot buy the same thing over and over and ova mtorola again.holla back

  • bullcrap

uhhmmmm hmmmmm.... i think critics of motorola should understand that these units are made for a different group of people. It may not be innovative but its a practical phone to use with and very2x reliable. I still have with me the razr and L6 and i always drop it a couple of times and it still works. try it on nokia and you might wanna run to the repair center to have it fixed. The buttom line is its practical... who needs a 3.2meg mp3 and document viewer and any other shenanigans on our stylish slim phones were you only use it for sms or calls with other people. Why not buy a separate device that does the job right. its common sense and being practical... so for those who needs a little knock on the head.. think people phones are for communicating not for entertainment. If you don't like the idea then knock yourself out with a symbian based phone.

  • Blaine.

This is starting to get silly, it is like a car, they just roll out with new model every year, hence the reason why i won't buy it!

  • Alfaro

beautifull mobiles.... but still lacks many innovations

  • Anonymous

since they had launched moto razer they keep
producing the same models of handset .no technology
why they afraid of doing experiments
moto try something different

  • Nirodha

Seems like the same old Motorola Razr design rehashed for the fashion conscious - nothing wrong with that, but nothing particularly innovative about it either.


nice effort moto. but still, WHERE'S TECHNOLOGY?
sorry but, its true.

someone said, moto POOR or moto CRAP, should have also added, moto ADDMORELETTERTOYOURDESIGN.

  • Anonymous

yeah, still 2.0m ...i think they have to do something on the cam.

  • ken19

motorola loves to kill the other moto model's target market i think, they still stick to their slim, heavily furnished design that is already out of date IMO. motorola should learn from samsung in making other constructions aside from slider,candybar, and clamshell. they don't look cool anymore.

  • Anonymous

I do believe that the owner of motorola must have a business of razor this is the reason why now a days only razors are launched by the motorola company.