Sony Xperia X Ultra specs leaks with tall 21:9 display

01 May 2017
A number of specs are revealed about an unannounced Sony Xperia smartphone.

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The 21:9 aspect ratio is an awesome idea. However, it should at least 7.1" big to be as wide as the Note 9.

  • andynicky89

I really want one like that. I want to hold it good in one hand without the fear to drop it. A long display will also be nice when you read blogs in widescreen mode.

  • Élie Richard

Xperia is the first phone marks

  • AnonD-755470

I need a 3 side bezel less (plastic) OLED 21:9 display. A minimum upper bezel should be allowed for cam and speakers and all.

"Dual cams" a perfect marketing scheme in my opinion. So a good single one is enough.

Cool latest processor and good signal hardwares. and a Graphene Polymer battery atleast but priority is the solid state ones.

The tech giants not cool these days.

  • Anonymous

Dante Evans, 02 May 2017Yeah i was thinking thatLG has this chocolate-bar-shape phone before. I liked it.

  • Harukaze87

Aooogah, 02 May 2017This might not be such a bad trend. There is already a compellin... moreTo the contrary, I think phones should not be that long. Even if you can get more space while browsing, it starts looking weird. The 2:1 ratio that the LG G6 has is perfect, just make the phone wider if you want a phablet

  • AnonD-647900

What a weak ass battery, it's like they intentionally don't want you to use it for a full day lol

How hard is it to make this mobile a real flagship? Cant they learn from Sami what people want? Maybe they can get more share especially a lot of us arent happy with Samsung phones but they offer the best in Android world!

Everyone who hates 21:9 ratio also hates cinemas/theaters

  • Anonymous

AnonD-597675, 03 May 201716:9 is the past and 17:9 isn't a standard. 21:9 is present stan... moreAs if 2:1 wasn't tall enough

  • AnonD-635604

I hate tall screens.Sony says it doesn't make sense

  • AnonD-635604

What is the benefits of tall screen?

  • AnonD-666047

Anonymous, 02 May 2017Who wouldn't want to fight with lightsabers?. Just change screen... moreHahahahahahahaha

  • AnonD-597675

Anonymous, 02 May 2017Correct for what exactly? It literally helps in nothing other th... more16:9 is the past and 17:9 isn't a standard. 21:9 is present standard ! Get your facts righr

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2017Much better than Galaxy S8... a big NO to Samsung. Lag and issue...'re saying you have an S8 as well??Liar

  • Anonymous

Much better than Galaxy S8... a big NO to Samsung. Lag and issues are so annoying for me. Even my 2 year old Z3 won't lag.

  • Aooogah

AnonD-632062, 02 May 2017Frankly, I don't like the push towards longer screens, especiall... moreThis might not be such a bad trend. There is already a compelling body of evidence from the last 2-3 years that ultrawide (21:9 - technically 64:27 as the third power of 4:3) monitors are a boon for productivity. Productivity on the mobile platform is more heavily impacted by vertical real estate, like with multi-app and splitscreen implementations for example. Additionally when browsing text you obviously have more text to read before having to scroll. In apps such as the camera, 16:9 shooting mode, while falling out of vogue, can exist somewhat uninterrupted by having all of the controls on the sides of the picture instead of as overlays. A small convenience, but a convenience nonetheless. Finally, as screens get ever larger with the practice of shrinking bezels, a larger aspect ratio means that that increase in screen size does not translate as quickly to an increase in phone width, which dimension is in my opinion the most important for overall usability of a device. You might not notice right away that this or that phone is slightly taller than last year's model, but a few mm of extra width are noticeable immediately.

  • AnonD-621510

AnonD-621510, 02 May 2017 moreNevermind. Not working. Look up for iphone 20 or iphone 30. You will see the old meme.

  • Goobie

Doing the math, a 6.45“ 21:9 screen is only about as wide as a 5.2" 16:9 screen.