Microsoft Surface Laptop unveiled with a 13.5" non-detachable touchscreen

02 May 2017
Unlike the Surface Book, you can't detach the screen to use as a tablet.

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  • AnonD-655832

Looks good but not for me. Surface Pro is far more portable and whenever I'm in need of something more powerful I'd go for a quad-core notebook.

  • Anonymous

Finally Microsoft got away from the distarous idea of emulating the iPad. Windows is disastrous in a tablet form. Finally a comfy keyboard + touchpad. You can add touch screen support if you wish, but the detachable keyboard was a ridiculous idea (fewer ports, lesser battery, worse keyboard quality, harder to use on lap or any non standard surface...

The return of the ultrabook I say, and the death of that ridiculous fad (2in1s)

  • Shogun

Acer Switch 3 for me. Fanless design and good price.

  • AnonD-643613

KUDOS to Panos Panay and his Surface Team! Well done.

  • Zune

AnonD-234961, 03 May 2017Actually the Apple MacBook Pro is 15-25% more expensive in... morenot true, first of all, apple uses the higher TDP version of the ultra low voltage processor, so actually, the i5 Apple uses easily matches and some cases beat any other i7s used in ultrabooks and tablets. Second, Apple uses iris graphics for the laptop. You might say that nothing significant, but it is, it makes hell of a difference in content creation and other fields. Third, considering all these, a 2100-2200 USD configured 13inch MacBook pro would easily match this. It all comes down to choice, Apple or MS. They are similarly spec'd and similarly priced

  • Levan

With that price, I better pick Dell XPS or Hp Spectre

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2017So vat if something like tea spills around the keyboardU need to clean it. Duhh

  • AnonD-234961

AnonD-658750, 02 May 2017They make apple look affordable!! What a brilliant card to ... moreActually the Apple MacBook Pro is 15-25% more expensive in the same configuration.

  • Anonymous

In the ultrabook space the entry price isn't that far out of line, and the limited time free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro makes it an actual consideration. A very small portable design is attractive to frequent travelers, or executives who consider it a status symbol.

I don't see much point of 10 S, and I hope (and think) that will die a pretty quick death (unless it is ~free for other OEMs to install on their hardware).

Alcantra finish will probably get pretty dingy and nasty with use.

  • Anonymous

galaxyS7, 02 May 2017dude.. apple is a fruit....Yep... a key ingredient for making cider...

  • AnonD-658750

They make apple look affordable!! What a brilliant card to play ;)

  • AnonD-234961

AnonD-656940, 02 May 2017I'm honestly a little confused as to who this device is for... moreIt's very easy: for 15% lower price than the MacBook Pro 13" (for the same CPU, RAM and SSD specs) you get a larger, touch and stylus-enabled screen with 3:2 aspect ratio (perfect for productivity), much better battery life and much better OS.

The reason I would choose this over a generic laptop is the 3:2 screen ratio and gorgeous screen. I'm using a Surface Pro 4 and I wouldn't use anything cheaper, these Microsoft products really stepped up the quality game.

  • Aadrian

Nice! The burgundy for me please.

  • your mama

that´s right timMy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2017Apple is not a laptop, Apple is a companyapple is fruit.

  • AnonD-656940

I'm honestly a little confused as to who this device is for. Who exactly wants to spend 1K on a laptop with specs as low as that, running what is essentially normal windows just more locked down? The 800$ core m3 Surface Pro 4 would seem much more in line with what the average student would need, but even then, that's hella expensive when you consider the alternatives. Even in the same price range, you've got the Dell XPS 13 model with 8GB of RAM, plenty of ports, and a more standard aspect ratio.

If anyone who reads this is interested in it, could you tell me what about it appeals to you exactly? Genuinely curious.

AnonD-39937, 02 May 2017"Surface Laptop" is pretty disappointing for the Surface le... moreso be it...! whats wrong with that?.... come on dude....!!!

Anonymous, 02 May 2017Apple is not a laptop, Apple is a companydude.. apple is a fruit....

  • Anonymous

I just dislike this regressive low memory on high end devices trend. I feel 512 GB is just too small.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-201951, 02 May 2017U mean Apple?Apple is not a laptop, Apple is a company