TEST: We benchmark the Snapdragon 835 inside the Xperia XZ Premium

09 May 2017
The Xperia XZ Premium is among the first S835 smartphones, see how powerful it is.

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I hope this comment section won't get crowded with fan-boys vs haters comments.

  • AlienNextDoor

Once software starts appearing that utilizes all that power???

What software??

Are you planning to run Battlefield 1 on your phone?

Phones have been overpowered since Snapdragon 805. There's nothing that you'd need more powerful cpu for...especially not for 99% of smartphone users that use their phone only for social media.

  • Anonymous

I wonder if the Mali GPU causes the Exynos S8 to drain the battery faster than the Adreno 540 in the SD S8.
But to stay on topic: I am sure the XZ Premium will work smoothly just like all Sony phones.