Google announces Android Go for devices with 1GB of RAM or less

17 May 2017
You can call it Android One 2.0, perhaps, though it may be somewhat different.

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  • AnonD-231156

It's nice that Google tries to provide services for everyone unlike Apple which wants to cater only to high end users.

  • AnonD-666047

gab, 20 May 2017when did apple have "low-end" hardware? of course their sup... moreOk so you're basically telling me there should be no iOS vs Android issue ever? Because Android is not a brand?

  • AnonD-647900

"What's more, you'll even be able to quickly top-up your data allotment inside Android's Settings - without the need to call your carrier or visit a store," wow that's pretty cool.

  • AnonD-632062

Nice. Hopefully Android Go will be more successful than Android One, while still retaining the good features of the latter, namely it's stock nature and quick updates.

  • gab

AnonD-666047, 18 May 2017Thumbs down to Android on this. Apple has consistent and un... morewhen did apple have "low-end" hardware? of course their support is consistent, they only have a few models.

and btw, android isn't a brand, and they don't have ultimate control over the phones that us their OS, unlile apple

  • gab

why not do this for ALL apps as well? it's kind of ridiculous that newer apps crave for more ram and cpu power but not really adding much functionality.
think about it, owning a high end phone, running on efficient software, now that's a dream

Another well done to Google. It's definitely a good news for all the low-end phones users, such as those of the Indian market, but globally as well. So theoretically the service/s will be available basically for everyone. Excellent.

  • Anonymous

Big Daddy, 18 May 2017New or old ? LoL. Say that to all the laggy iphone 6 users..Not even iPhone 5s is lagging, yeah btw I don't think android should follow apple. Both are good OS.

  • Vic

I would like to buy a phone with the specs of Xperia Z5 Compact rolling on Android Go.

this is a great step forward for google to dominate not only the smartphone market but the feature phone market as well.
also the big plus is for third world countries hwere data is a premium, nokia was a big player in these markets and now that they are climbing back but not developing a lot for the lesser few.

i for one wood like to see a feature phone with todays tech in software and hardware to be able to do things a phablet can do with limitations but being able to tether to a larger device for ease of use/ comfort.

  • faiz

mini, 17 May 2017Hope its support galaxy y..galaxy y has cm9 and cm11..Forget google.. Just installed telegram and uc mini..

  • faiz

Anonymous, 17 May 2017I want it on my Xperia X10 mini pro Oh no, it has too few RAMAnd i still have xperia x8.. I just installed telegram as it has many functioning bots..

  • faiz

Mini For Ages, 18 May 2017I still use the galaxy mini gt-s5570 and it has 280MB RAM a... moreOh boy.. I saw u worked hard..
Errmm,, this is my opinion only.. Since You have little problem to buy a high end phone like samsung s7 bla bla..
You can try xiaomi.. Cheaper, affordable and have great specs..

Anonymous, 18 May 2017Thanks Google.. You are full of humanity.. Not all people r... moreYes, but its a bit dumb since we rarely have seen devices with one gig of ram since android 6-7, but if it makes phones with android o on the go cheaper than im all in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope more support will come soon for it, and i wonder how facebook will get its app running on these devices?

  • AnonD-562549

Mini For Ages, 18 May 2017The internal storage might be slightly bugger because I uni... moreOkay, probably some of it is reserved

  • Mini For Ages

AnonD-562549, 18 May 2017galaxy mini gt-s5570 has 384MB ram and 160MB storageThe internal storage might be slightly bugger because I uninstalled a few system apps but the for the RAM I don't know why it has 100MB less RAM.
But what I say it's true,maybe GSMarena mixed up the information.If I remember correct the Plus model had extra RAM.
But here is the proof that what I say is true:

  • Mini For Ages

Anony, 18 May 2017If you are getting S7 around the price of One plus 3T then ... moreSadly the One Plus 3T isn't available in my country and I don't like e-shopping.

  • AnonD-666047

Big Daddy, 18 May 2017New or old ? LoL. Say that to all the laggy iphone 6 users..Oh I have passed down two of my iphone 6's to my family and they are as fast as they were since day one. And they are always updated with new software together with the new ones (just recently iOS 10.3.2 and it's amazing). Apple ecosystem is a tight family they update everything together. They don't categorize 1GB ram phones from higher GB ram phones like Android does. There's no love there. And oh, iPhone 6 is a 2014 phone but is still more currently expensive than its 2014 rivals . Why? Because it's quality. It's the Androids that crash on me. And gets really cheap after a few months. Facts and personal experiences.

  • cyber

even devices with 1gb ram will dissaper very soon

AnonD-666047, 18 May 2017Thumbs down to Android on this. Apple has consistent and un... moreNew or old ? LoL.
Say that to all the laggy iphone 6 users..