Google announces Android Go for devices with 1GB of RAM or less

17 May 2017
You can call it Android One 2.0, perhaps, though it may be somewhat different.

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  • AnonD-662913

gonna install in my legend tablet samsung tab P1000

  • Mini For Ages

I still use the galaxy mini gt-s5570 and it has 280MB RAM and 181MB internal storage(it's weird that RAM is more than the storage).
I have 4 apps(UC Mini,My Boy,ES File Manager and Pokedroid) in the SD card and on the internal storage I have the system apps(not all updated) and FB Lite and Zoner Antivirus.
I uninstalled google talk(the phone is rooted),gmail,voice search & google search are updated but the latest supported version it's a pretty old so the size isn't that big.Google maps and youtube even if I update them they probably wont work because they will get the latest supported version which it's pretty old,so I am thinking of unistalling them but I don't know if it will cause any problems to the phone if I remove google maps.
Anyway the problem is play store and play services which update automatically,they fill up the space just the 2 of them.Even if I unistall play services(which isn't a system app on my phone),it will be reinstalled automatically.Play Services takes up 37MB and Play Store 22MB.
The good news is that recently the stopped updating them and getting even bigger but on the other hand it won't get those lite versions of those apps.
*I have this phone since I was 12 years old,now I am 18 and still have it.All my friends have high end phones(even my parents).I have been working lately on a part time job and collected money to finally get a new one.So which phone do you recommend me?
I probably gonna get the S7(even if it has a smaller battery and screen,I prefer the normal model because I personally don't like the edge screen) because it's on offer for 500 euro(normally it is around 620 euros).

  • Anonymous

My device hv 512mb RAM... many of us can't afford to change phone every 3-4 years... This news is interesting..but I dunno if this is a good thing..

  • random lad

mini, 17 May 2017Hope its support galaxy y..galaxy y has cm9 and cm11..boy if you have a galaxy Y in 2017 u will have to rethink your life, that phone is shit by all standards right now

  • mini

Hope its support galaxy y..galaxy y has cm9 and cm11..

  • AnonD-39937

Let the Go come!

  • AnonD-670089

Would be nice to see a 3310 type phone running Android Go...

  • AnonD-428442

Give it to privileged hipster company to exploit the poor.
Android Go devices have Chrome data saver turned on by default. Imagine the amount of user information Google can gather.

  • Anonymous

HB, 17 May 2017I want this on my Sony Xperia Mini Pro, please.I want it on my Xperia X10 mini pro

Oh no, it has too few RAM

  • Anonymous

Why would any company release a smartphone with 1GB of RAM or less in 2018?? even for entry level smartphones, 2GB should be standard in 2018 ..

  • vai0

Nice try google. Just also make a promise to provide patches to it for next 5 years. Then we will be living in a more greener world.'s basically iOS?

  • HB

I want this on my Sony Xperia Mini Pro, please.